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Medical tourism in India is fast-growing in the sector. According to experts, value medical tourism at 5 to 6 billion dollars. Most of the medical tourists in India were from Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle-East, and SAARC member countries. Increasingly tourists from the US, the UK, Canada, Russia, and Australia are arriving for treatment.

The Government of India has taken several proactive steps to promote medical tourism in India. The government has eased visa regulations. Getting treatment in an unknown country can be daunting. Medical tourism companies in India facilitate the process, helping you concentrate your treatment. Al Alfiya Medi Tour is regarded as one of the best medical tourism companies in India.


Main benefits of medical tourism in India are-

Cost benefits- Medical procedures in India are affordable and competitively priced and can cost less than half when compared to the costs in the US. Besides modern medicine, some tourists opt for Ayurvedic treatment or naturopathy treatment. Hospitals in India offer reasonable medical packages to treat various medical conditions.

Excellent medical infrastructure – The rising popularity of medical tourism in India, is proof of India’s excellent medical infrastructure, and healthcare services. There are over 39 JCI accredited hospitals in India. Patients are guaranteed exceptional medical care. India has several multi and super-specialty hospitals offering cutting-edge treatments. Hospitals are equipped with the latest equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis and quicker recovery.

Quality Health Services – India’s vigorous medical training has helped medical tourism in India to grow at a brisk pace. Only the best students become doctors. Several doctors opt for super specialization and have received further trained internationally. They participate in domestic and international conferences and are knowledgeable about the latest advances in their field. Paramedical staffs in India are trained to provide the best patient care. Medical staff in India has a compassionate approach.  

Communication – India is a diverse country. English is spoken widely spoken in India and almost all hospital staff. Hospitals have hired interpreters to help doctors communicate with foreign patients.

Tips to select the best medical tourism companies in India 

Traveling to another country for a medical reason can be scary. Now that you have decided to come to India for your treatment here are some tips that will help you select the best options from the top medical tourism companies.

  1. Shortlist the top medical tourism companies – Make a comparison of all the services and prices offered by different medical tourism companies. Al Alfiya Medi Tours offers competitive prices and end-to-end services. There are no hidden costs.
  2. Visa help – Ensure the medical tourism company assists with visa formalities and paperwork.
  3. Services provides – Tourists can feel lost when they go to a new country. Find out if the service provider will give support to you. Al Alifiya Medi Tours provides a range of services to their customer’s such as interpreters and communication devices.
  4. Post-treatment care – Patients need to be monitored even after they are released from the hospital. Al Alifiya Medi Tours ensures the patient can attend follow-up visits virtually.

Al Alfiya Medi Tours is a leading medical tourism company in India. The company has tie-ups with some of the best hospitals in the country. We have a team of renowned medical experts in modern and alternative medicine. This ensures the patients get excellent medical treatment in line with international standards. The company prides itself on having patients’ centric approach. We ensure you get the best medical care available.

Being a top medical tourism companies in India,Al Alfiya Medi Tour helps patients from all over the world receive quality medical care in India. We assist patients to get the best treatment for cancers, different orthopedic conditions, eye treatment, IVF, and surgeries like bariatric surgery, organ transplants, heart surgeries, etc.

Al Alfiya Tours provides end-to-end services for complete patient care. We ensure our patients get the possible care and treatment. What makes us one of the best medical companies?

  • Pre-Treatment – We confer with our network with doctors and hospitals with your case details. We will give you complete information regarding various treatment options available and estimate the cost and duration of the treatment. We provide a break up of all the costs involved.
  • Post-Treatment – We are invested in your recovery even after you are released from the hospital. Our medical experts will continue to monitor you after your treatment through live video conferences. We record the post-treatment session for future reference.
  • Travel – We provide comprehensive support with all travels to all our clients. We book your tickets; help with visa and insurance paperwork, etc.
  • Other services provided – Coming to a strange country for treatment can be daunting. Our interpreters can ease the process. They ensure there is no miscommunication during your treatment. For seamless communication, we provide you with an Indian sim card. To help you communicate with your loved ones during your stay we offer mobiles, computers, and internet packs.
  • Round-the-clock customer assistance – We provide 24/7 assistance to our customers. Our customer care executives will answer your questions and help you with any other issues during your stay.
  • Customized Packages – Al Alfiya Tours will plan your itinerary around your health conditions and treatment concerns.

Al Afiya Medi Tour is one of the best medical tourism companies in Delhi, India. Al Afiya offers medical tours from all the countries of the world to India. Some of the main countries are Bangladesh, Zambia, Namibia, Kenya, and many more. If you are search for top medical tourism company in India then Al Afiya Medi Tour is the best India medical tourism company for you.

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