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It is no less than a serious and at times, a life-threatening condition to suffer from a brain tumor. When someone from your family is in pain, you turn everything around to fix it. Further, if you are looking for treatment for a brain tumor for someone, you are at the right place.  Additionally, Al Afiya Medi Tour is here to guide you towards quality brain tumor treatment in India. We will introduce you to the best brain tumor hospitals in India and brain tumor surgeons in India.  Besides, there is a combination of surgeons and medical staff who provide the best brain tumor treatment in India.

The brain tumor treatment in India is done according to the condition of the patient. A primary brain tumor can either be malignant or benign. It begins in the brain tissue only. Moreover, a secondary or metastatic brain tumor spreads to the brain from a tumor elsewhere in the body.  In addition, this treatment requires a multidisciplinary team and requires access to the intracranial part of the brain.  Further, brain tumor treatment in India will either help in removing the tumor partially or in complete removal of the tumor. Also, the patient may require chemotherapy or radiation therapy in brain tumor surgery.

What are the most significant and common symptoms of brain tumor?

There are so many symptoms that can indicate a brain tumor.  Some may be vague and moreover, some may be specific. These symptoms can include:

  • Issues with Vision:
    The symptoms can include blurred vision, double vision, or peripheral vision.
  • Problems with Memory or Sleep:
    Presence of brain tumor can lead to problems like insomnia, disturbances during sleep. Further, the tumor can also cause problems with memory. Moreover, your patient can forget daily routine things also.
  • Constant Headaches:
    Further, the patient can get constant headaches at times. These headaches repeatedly exist and last for many days and weeks.
  • Patterns of Headaches can Change:
    The pattern of headaches can change with time.
  • Vomiting or Nausea:
    Your patient can develop nausea or vomiting. This is because brain tumors disturb certain areas of the brain.
  • Seizures or Fits:
    Brain tumors can cause pressure on a certain area or release chemicals. The pressure or chemicals can disturb the areas of the brain and cause fits or seizures.

The extensive and attentive procedure of brain tumor surgery in India includes:

  1. First, discuss the procedure before the main procedure: Pre-Procedure:

Before your surgeon performs the actual surgery, he will prepare your patient mentally and physically. In this case, the doctor will confirm the diagnosis with a biopsy. The confirmation will come with reports.

Here, the biopsy will take an entire day’s procedure in the hospital’s day care. It will be done with complete precautions and care.

Once your surgeon will get ready with the treatment plan, your surgeon will guide you about the instructions. The precautions can be as follows- 

  • Prior Fasting: Your surgeon will advise your patient to remain on fasting for 8 to 10 hours before the biopsy.
  • Blood Thinners: The surgeon will advise you to stop blood thinning medications a minimum 10 days before the surgery.
  • Washing hair: Your surgeon will advise your patient to wash the hair. Further, this will ensure that hair is dry. This can help in proper shaving of the head.
  1. During the Procedure: The Main Procedure:

The surgeon will remove the brain tumor under general anesthesia. Neurosurgeon and the entire team will complete the procedure under proper care. The process is extensive and can take 4 to 8 hours. There can be variation in the way, but the essential procedure remains the same.

The surgical procedure or technique can be as follows:
  • Shaving of Head- The first step includes shaving of head and thorough cleansing of skin. Further, this will happen to clear the way for the operation.
  • IV Line- The nurse or the paramedical staff will insert an IV line in the arm. Moreover, the staff will also insert a urinary catheter. This is done to drain the urine during the procedure and after the procedure.
  • Incision- The surgeon will next make an incision from behind the ear to the nape of the neck. In this case, the neurosurgeon will decide the incision based on the type of procedure decided. The incision is relatively smaller in the case of endoscopic surgeries.
  • Pulling back the scalp- The neurosurgeon pulls back the scalp in order to easily access the brain. This is done with a drill or a medical saw to cut the skull.
  • Removal of bone flap- The next procedure is removal of the bone flap. There is a thick covering below the bone. The bone is separated from the bone while facilitating the fluid out of the brain.
  • Removal of tumor- Once the neurosurgeon removes the bone flap and thick covering, there is exposure of the brain tumor with specialized equipment. In a case, when the brain tumor is not fully accessible, the neurosurgeon removes only the partial tumor.
  • Reattachment- After removal of the tumor, the neurosurgeon reattaches the bone flaps. This is done using medical plates and screws.
  • Suture and Bandage- The neurosurgeon will suture and then apply bandages.
  1. After the Procedure: Post Procedure:

Once the procedure for brain surgery is complete, the medical staff will keep the patient for one or two weeks. In a case when there is removal of a partial tumor, the neurosurgeon will advise chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This is done just after the surgery to kill the cancer cells which are left in the brain.

Furthermore, in cases when there is a slight swelling in the brain after the surgery, the surgeon will closely monitor. There is a team of doctors which constantly keeps a check on the patient. This helps in maintaining coordination of the brain and body after the operation.

For instance, the doctor checks the pupils by flashing light in the eyes. The surgeon will also assess the strength of the arms and legs with regular monitoring. After the discharge of the patient, the surgeon will recommend the following-

  • Breathing Exercises- The doctor will recommend deep breathing exercises. These exercises will allow proper expansion and contraction of the lungs. It will also minimize the risk of pneumonia.
  • Prevention of Blood Clots- The neurosurgeon will recommend walking around a little. This helps in speeding up the recovery by preventing clotting in legs.
  • Regular Exercises- The patient will perform exercises under a physiotherapist.
  • Avoidance of Heavy Lifting- The surgeon will advise the patient to avoid heavy lifting after the brain tumor surgery.

Moreover, the patient may take nearly two to three months to completely recover after the brain surgery.

What are risks and possible threats associated with brain tumor surgery?

Al Afiya Medi Tour introduces you to risk and complications associated with brain tumor treatment in India:

Brain tumor treatment in India involves a complex surgery. It comes with quite a few risks and complications.

  • Repeated seizures- These can develop after the surgery.
  • Brain hemorrhage- Bleeding in the brain can develop after the surgery.
  • Brain Swelling- There may be swelling in the brain after the surgery.
  • Pneumonia- There can be pneumonia or infection in lungs after brain tumor surgery.
  • Meningitis- Inflammation and infection of the meningeal covering in the brain can cause meningitis.
  • Leakage of CSF- The leakage of CSF after the brain tumor surgery can complicate the case.
  • Blood clots- There may be formation of blood clots in the brain or other parts of the body.
  • Paralysis or Memory Loss: The patient can develop paralysis or memory loss after the surgery.

What is the cost of brain tumor treatment in India for patients from Africa?

At Al-Afiya Medi tour we believe in transparent and reliable assistance; this is why we always bring you the lists of risk and other factors ahead.

And know, let us guide you towards the cost of brain tumor treatment in India:

Highly-skilled neurosurgeons and best medical facilities for brain surgery in India make the esteemed guests from Africa to reach India.

The rate of success of treatment of glioblastoma and meningioma is high in India. Not only from Africa, patients come here from all over the world. We have some of the best hospitals in the top cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

Your patient and your family can get a stay, food, travel, and other expenses at a lower price in India. The affordable cost in India varies from USD 7000 to 10,000. There is usually a stay for 10 days post discharge.

The cost of an additional chemotherapy can vary. It can be around USD 300 to 600. The cost of radiation therapy can be from 3,800 to 5800 USD. The cyber knife surgery cost can start from 7,000 to 9,000 USD. The surgery from Gamma-Knife can start from 5,000 to 7,000 USD (1-2 fractionation).

The other costs include hotel cost near hospital that varies as per hotel services from 18 to 50 USD. The cost of food can start from 20 to 30 USD. Miscellaneous costs can include USD 20 per day.

Why should you come from Africa to India to get brain tumor treatment in India?

India has the following features which attract the patients from Africa to get treated in India-

  • Best Brain Tumor Hospitals in India-

    India has well-facilitated and completely equipped brain tumor hospitals in India. The presence of hygiene and cleanliness make them attractive and trustworthy. Further, the government of India has set rules to allow strictness of functioning of hospitals.

  • Highly-skilled brain tumor surgeons in India

    India has well-skilled brain tumor surgeons in India. These neurosurgeons perform activities under high responsibility and complete care of patients. They hold themselves responsible for each step they take. These doctors undertake years of studies and have years of experience.

  • Increased Investment for GOI-

    GOI increases investment in medical tourism every year.  Further, this increases facilities, research and international standards of treatment. Moreover, national and international research help in improvement in tests and medicines.

  • International Standards of Treatment-

    India follows international standards for treatment.  Further, there is no compromise in the way of treatment despite the low cost.

  • Easy travel-

    The countries from Africa like Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Nigeria can easily connect with India via air travel.

  • Great Welcome-

    Indians welcome their guests well. Al Afiya Medi Tour helps you find hotels and food along with hospitals for great receptivity.

Further, how will you get your medical tourist visa from Africa?

Visa process is governed by the government and legal rules.

Be sure on your behalf that the information you provide is correct.  Moreover, you shall begin with entering your name, contact details, and your email address on the website. Further, do not proceed without saving the information on each page.

Furthermore, proceed with entering your reason for medical visa and the contact details of anybody you know in India. If you do not know anyone in India, you can provide the details of the website you are contacting through.

In addition, you shall verify the information and submit the form.  Besides, your family can check the status of your visa from the visa status option.

The cost of visa from your place like Rwanda, Ethiopia can vary according to the ongoing circumstances. Basically, the cost can be around a few thousand dollars.

In case you are confused with the formalities, you can contact Al Afiya Medi Tour

 Al Afiya Medi Tour lists down the best hospitals for Brain Tumor Treatment in India:

India has multiple hospitals that can have brain tumor surgery in India. These include-

  • Artemis Hospital
  • Manipal Hospital
  • BLK Hospital
  • Apollo Hospital
  • Fortis Hospital
  • Max Hospital
  • Medanta Hospital
  • Yashodha Hospital
  • Global Hospital
  • Narayana Hospital

India also has the best neurosurgeons for brain tumors. These include-

Dr. Aditya Gupta

Dr. Sunit Mediratta

Dr. Rahul Gupta

Dr. Arun Saroha

Dr. Anandh Balasubramaniam

Moreover, let us tell you about Al Afiya Medi Tour:

Our company is completely transparent and comprehensive in its approach. We help you smoothly through the process and assure you the best treatment.

Al Afiya Medi Tour wishes you the best of health in the future.

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