Hip Replacement Cost in India for African Patients

Hip replacement refers to the process of damaged part of a patient’s hip joint with similar hip parts made of metal, ceramic, and very hard plastic. Along with that, a well-skilled and trained surgeon performs hip replacement surgery. The purpose of the surgery is to improve the quality of life by reducing pain during usage of the hip joint as well as on rest and by improving the function of the hip joint.
Prosthesis basically refers to an artificial body part. Moreover, it works as an artificial body part for replacement in the body. The prosthesis can consist of:

  1. Cemented Prosthesis:

It is having a layer of bone cement, mainly of an acrylic polymer called polymethylmethacrylate. The layer lies between the patient’s natural bone and a prosthetic component of the joint. It uses fast-drying bone cement to affix the bone.

  1. Uncemented Prosthesis:

The uncemented prosthesis has surface-engineered process. Moreover, there is an encouraging bony interlock either by on-growth or in-growth.

A doctor recommends hip replacement as the last option. In addition to that, it comes into play after all your options fails. This is the last resort to provide relief to the chronic suffering of a person with hip pain. Africans prefer hip replacement surgery in India due to lower cost of hip replacement surgery in India.

Medical Tourism amongst Africans

Africa is the land of diversity and contrasts is considered. In terms of land, climate, people, and wildlife; the continent of Africa shows a wide range of variety. Moreover, it is the homeland of various tribes, ethnic and social groups. Africa offers a wide range of crafts and animal species. The area where Africa lacks in the area of medical facilities.

There is poor condition and lack of availability of skilled doctors, nurses, well-equipped hospitals, and the latest types of equipment and medical tests. This makes people from Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda search for countries for medical tourism in case of medical emergencies such as hip replacement surgery. The best option for medical tourism in India in terms of hip replacement surgery in India is due to reasons including lesser cost of hip replacement surgery in India and improved medical qualities.

Why should one choose India for Hip replacement surgery?

Medical tourism comprises the migration of people to a different place than the native or the current residential place for medical emergencies. In addition to that, the services for the best hip replacement surgery are provided in an affordable range in India. The lesser cost of hip replacement surgery in India ensures that the hip replacement cost in India does not dig a hole in the patient’s pocket. The GOI provides updated infrastructure which is valuable as per hip replacement cost in India. The main reasons include-

  1. Affordable range-

A disease or a medical emergency such as hip replacement surgery can be economically costing with the harm of emotions and the physical body. For the residents of Rwanda, Kenya, India proves to be economical where one gets the topmost surgeons, medical facilities at the least cost possible. Moreover, quality for cost is present in India.

  1. Medical Tourism-

The rich culture of India provides great hospitability to the people needing medical emergencies. The type of instruments and the skills and experience of doctors assure you the best form of a successful hip replacement treatment in India. Also, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Kenya find their people enjoy the great hospitality and rich culture in India.

  1. Great quality-

The affordable hip replacement cost in India and the quality of hip replacement surgery and the skills of surgeons remain uncompromised. India provides pocket-friendly land for people needing to visit for medical tourism. Africa finds it easier to come to India with the much-kept trust.

The procedure of Hip Replacement for international Patients carried out in India

The division of procedure for hip replacement treatment in India is as follows:

  • Pre-procedure:

Hip replacement surgery is not an immediate one mostly. Furthermore, the surgeon asks the patient to prepare two months before the replacement surgery of the hip. There has to be constant communication between the patient and the doctor. A patient can use an existing medical insurance for hip replacement surgery.

The hospitals that have quality standards maintained and provide the best of medical facilities usually accept medical insurance on presentation. This helps the patient and the family associated have the treatment easily.

The medical staff prepares patient undergoing hip replacement surgery for probable blood loss during the surgery. The staff guides the patient and his family to arrange for a blood donor with matching blood with patient’s blood.

The doctor will advise the patient about the needed precautions such as preventing the intake of certain medicines including aspirin, steroids that can have an adverse effect on the hip replacement surgery.

The patient also undergoes a pre-surgery checkup such as ECG, ECH to assess the fitness of the patient. The surgeon takes the consent of the patient before beginning the surgical process.

  • Procedure:

Among the most painful surgeries is hip replacement surgery. The need for general, as well as spinal anesthesia, thus arises. This ensures the patient remains asleep during the surgery and helps him not feel any pain. Once, the patient is not feeling any sensation, the surgeon starts the surgery. The doctor then makes an incision in the part of the hip bone.

It exposes the damaged hip part for hip replacement surgery. The next step comprises of a saw cutting the ball portion and replacing it with an artificial joint.

Artificial parts made of cement or plastic are joined to replace. Then, the surgeon removes an existing damaged cartilage. The surgeon then attaches replaceable socket part with a drain or pipe-like object. It helps in draining fluid.

The surgeon re-attaches the muscles and closes the incision to finish.

The procedure for hip replacement surgery is quite complicated. India is the best place to get hip replacement surgery.

  • Post- Procedure:

As expected, the doctor keeps the patient on bed rest for some days. Surgeon makes the arrangements for bed rest in a way that the patient’s replaced hip stays in shape. After the hip replacement surgery, there is restriction of movement of the patient. A drainage pipe for urination and excretion to the patient’s bladder.

The patient goes through physical therapies after recovery. Along with that, following physical therapy, the patient can walk with the help of a cane or crutches.

Procedure for medical visa for Ethiopian and other African patients to India

Registration for the medical visa is essential for medical tourism in India. The visa is provided only for serious cases and hip replacement surgery is one of them. One can get the visa application form by visiting the website. You need to go as follows:
Fill basic details such as contact, email, the name, and then click the submit button. Upload the family details and medical issues and then proceed further.

Save each page. Enter the name of the known person or contact details of the website in concern.

Paste or upload a recent photograph on the form or on the web. Continue further and verify the application.

Download the form and print it. Check the visa status with the Visa Status Enquiry option.

Expected Fees for visa

The fees for Rwanda to India for medical tourism for six months can be around Rfr. 4,500 to Rfr 12,400. The cost may vary according to sudden need or circumstance. Extension of the visa can be depends on doctor’s prescription and the patient’s needs.

Cost of Hip Replacement In India

Know the cost of hip replacement surgery in India for Ethiopian, Rwandan, Nigeria, and Kenyan patients!The patient knows the procedure of hip replacement surgery for 2 months before the date. Awareness is there for the risks and complications involved during the hip replacement surgery. The patient knows the complications that can develop after the surgery. The most important requirement that can creep in is the need for a blood donor. By keeping Al Afiya Medi Tour in communication, one can get help with the same as well. The hip implants done in India usually last for 15-20 years and the complete recovery occurs within 6 months.

According to the city, hospital and surgeon, cost can vary between 6000 USD to 9000 USD. Al Afiya Medi Tour can help people in gathering the exact figures and facts from various hospitals. Longer recovery tor any additional facility can increase the cost.

The type of prosthetic chosen; co-existence of any disease can affect the cost. Existing diseases can create complications, such as diabetes mellitus may delay healing. The kind of physiotherapy needed also helps in determining the cost the patient has to pay. Family history of diseases and the preventions required thereby can increase or decrease the pricing.

A glimpse of International Standard Healthcare and Medical Tourism in India for Patients from Ethiopia with the Al Afiya Medi Tour Consultants

One should not progress without listing the best hospitals in India for hip replacement surgery. Our company provides the best formal and practical guidance and care to help you through the legal and medical requirements. We make it easier for you to go through the procedure of hip replacement surgery. Keep your trust with Al-Afiya Medi Tour. The majority of cases have hip replacement surgery recommended over dialysis by exports as the former offers an enhanced survival rate and improved life quality. The lesser cost of hip replacement surgery in India may surprise you. It is much lesser than other countries without even compromising the standards of treatment.

Combinations of Medicines are available here!

India has always been a land of discoveries in the field of medical science and health standards. During the Vedic times, there were many Ayurvedic medicines interesting choices for Shelby Korea available. Just like the designs advanced, the native medical field crew is also well qualified. Moreover, the surgeons of India learn the modern surgical processes and the government sets the standards high. There are various examinations the surgeon and the hospital clear to carry out the hip replacement. We do not adjust with any skill compromise or lack of knowledge. The experience of surgeons speaks and keeps the trust of the patients intact.

Hygiene is present!

Hygiene and cleanliness are of international standards. Furthermore, infections after surgery are in very rare cases. Moreover, great facilities are given to attendant. Food and stay are of top quality. Al Afiya Medi Tour clears each aspect before a patient selects a package.

Hip Replacement in India have special packages available in Indian Hospitals 

India has the best hospitals that offer high-grade facilities and the best surgeons for hip replacement surgery. Furthermore, these hospitals include Medanta Hospital, Columbia Asia Hospital, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital. In addition to that, we are also associated with KokilabenDhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Medical Park Hospital, Max Hosptial, Jaypee Hospital, Fortis Hospital, and more.

Each hospital offers pre-designed packages. Additionally, it gives you option to get specifically customized packages for you. Afiya Medi Tour helps you get the best hospital in India for hip replacement in the most affordable package possible.

Always feel free to drop in your queries at Al Afiya Medi Tour. We can help you provide the best experience in the field of hip replacement surgery in India. Quick recovery and healthier life ahead are what we wish for people who come to us.

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