Kidney Transplant in India for Ethiopia Patients

What is Kidney Transplant?

A kidney failure or an end-stage renal disease requires dialysis or a kidney transplant. These are the only options that can help one to live. A surgeon will advise for a kidney transplant over dialysis for someone going through kidney failure. A kidney transplant increases the chances of longer living and improves the quality of life.

A doctor cannot make the decision within a minute. He makes it after proper case analysis. The treatment for kidney transplant is performed when both the kidneys completely stop working. A successful kidney transplant can become life-changing for the deceased. Patient and doctor can choose kidney transplantation just when your kidneys are close to failure for better prognosis. The procedure is done before the process of dialysis starts. Furthermore, the team does prior research including the search for a donor for kidney transplantation.

Types of donors required for kidney transplant for international patients 

For kidney transplants, the donors are chosen according to the availability and acceptance of the body. A kidney may come from:

  1. A Living Donor: This type of donor must necessarily be a family member or a blood relative of the patient. Also, the donor must volunteer to donate a kidney to fulfil qualify as living donor.
  2. A Deceased Donor: A kidney can also be arranged from a person who has suffered from brain death recently or has suffered death due to any other reason in recent time. The family of the donor shall permit in such a case, if the family is available, before proceeding further. After getting the permission, the surgeon takes out kidneys from the dead body and stores them properly for donation. The team keeps the donor’s kidney till the time they find a receiver.

Al Afiya Medi Tour helps in getting to know the necessity and permissions involved in kidney transplantation. It helps in locating  the best surgeon. Al-Afiya Medi tour provides the options among the best kidney transplant surgeons in India. We make it easier for you to connect with them. At Al Afiya Medi Tour, we know as well as truly understand the need to get clear documents for medical and legal aspects for kidney transplant treatment in India.  We make it a hassle-free process for all of you.

Medical Tourism amongst patients from countries like Ethiopian, Rwandan, Nigeria and Kenyan

The availability of the upgraded medical facilities and the best of the field doctors provides patients from countries like Ethiopian, Rwandan, Nigeria and Kenyan an opportunity to seize in India for medical tourism. With the best kidney transplant hospital in India and low cost of kidney transplant in India; Africans find it an affordable and reliable option to get kidney transplant in India. In Kenya, it is difficult and expensive to treat the critical health issues like end stage renal disease. This makes India a land of second life for most of the African patients.

Kenya lacks medical facilities and equipment required for top-notch surgeries due to the fund crisis.

In contrast, India upgrades medical facilities each day such as  infrastructure, equipment, knowledge, skill, and experience of doctors and surgeons. India became the global leader for medical tourism in the 1990s. The scars of surgeries can also be made less visible with the options of updated surgeries and plastic surgeries in India. Africans, therefore, cannot miss the opportunity to get their kidney transplant in India during the hours of need.

Why choose treatment for Kidney transplant in India?

The migration of people to a different place for medical emergencies comes under medical tourism. In India, the best quality of services, best kidney transplant hospitals in India are provided for a low cost of kidney transplant in India, it does not make the patient and his family bankrupt. The infrastructure arranged and updated by the government of India are the best possible for kidney transplantation in India. The major reasons include-

  1. Lesser cost- With the emotional and physical trouble, economical trouble also breaks hopes for people needing kidney transplant. For the residents of Rwanda and Kenya, India proves to be economical where one gets the top most kidney transplant surgeons, best kidney transplant hospitals in India, medical facilities at the lowest cost possible.
  2. Medical Tourism- Indians have been receptive to guests coming for medical tourism or for other reasons. The ancient Vedic forms of treatment with modern treatment help people get multiple options and holistic kidney transplant treatment in India. Rwanda, Ethiopia and Kenya find their people enjoy the great hospitality and rich culture in India.
  3. Top quality- The cost of kidney transplant in India is affordable and still the quality of surgeons and medical facilities in India are not compromised within kidney transplantation. India provides pocket-friendly land for people needing to visit for medical tourism to have kidney transplant treatment in India .

Procedure for kidney transplant for the people of African continent

  • Pre-procedure for Kidney Transplant Treatment

Planning of pre-procedure is done according to the information given ahead.  Significantly, the doctor will get a few tests done for your patient before going through kidney transplant. These tests will help the doctor to know the receptivity of your body towards the donor’s kidney. The body of the receiver can reject the kidney after transplantation. It would make the efforts of the doctors go in vain and can also result in life threatening complications. As the human body does not easily accept a new organ the close tissue match ensures that the receptor’s body matches the donor’s kidney which substantially makes the patient’s body accept the donor’s kidney. A similar pre-procedure test is performed for the other organ.

Moreover, the doctor will be sure through several tests that your patient’s heart and lungs are free of diseases and there exists negligible or no risk of other dangerous diseases like cancer. The presence of any other diseases in patient increases the risk of complications during transplantation and can cost a life if ignored.

  • Procedure for Kidney Transplant Treatment

Furthermore, Al Afiya Medi Tour gives you a glimpse of facts involved during the procedure. The patient usually takes time around three to four hours or can even be lesser to recover from kidney transplantation. After preparing and opening the receiver’s body for transplantation, the surgeon places donor’s kidney in the patient’s lower abdomen. The surgeon then connects the donor’s kidney to the veins and arteries in the patient’s body.

The next important step is to connect the donor kidney ureter   to the patient’s bladder.  In this way the new kidney gets the blood to flow through it and begins its task to filter and remove waste and process urine for excretion. Contrary to human expectation, the new kidney does not take a lot of time to begin working. In fact, it begins to function immediately. The doctor will not remove the damaged or the diseased kidney until and unless there is an existing infection or cancer in patient’s kidney. The diseased kidney is removed by the surgeon in case there is a large polycystic kidney or nephrotic syndrome.

  • Post Procedure for Kidney Transplant Treatment

The next important aspect of kidney transplantation is the post procedure. As a patient, you should be aware of the all the complications involved in the procedure. You should ask your doctor to tell you about all the precautions and after-care procedure. Patient cannot discharge immediately after the transplantation treatment. The patient needs to remain admitted in the hospital for many days after surgery.

Let us know about things that one can expect after the kidney transplantation:
  • However, your patient may undergo dialysis even after kidney transplantation. The surgeon might put the patient on diuretics in cases when the body requires to get rid of excess water and salt.  It can take some time for the kidney to properly start producing urine.
  • The patient cannot avoid immunosuppressants. The surgeon will prescribe immunosuppressive medicines to ensure that the patient’s body does not reject the donor’s kidney. 
  • The patient needs to be extra careful during the initial weeks as the body may try to reject the kidney in that particular time frame. In the initial weeks, there is a possibility of rejection but the chances of the same seen as less than 20% of patients. However, one can avoid it by taking anti-rejection medicines as prescribed by the doctor.
  • In some case, patient may suffer from progressive loss of kidney function or a chronic kidney disease or rejection. The chronic rejection of kidney is called as allograft failure which can take several months to years to fully treat. There is a lack of treatment for such chronic rejection. It is difficult to identify the cause here.
Medical visa for Ethiopian and other African patients to India

Registration for a medical visa is essential for medical tourism in India. The visa is provided only for serious cases and kidney transplantation treatment is one of them. One can get a visa application form by visiting the website. You are need to follow the below steps:

  • Enter your patient’s basic details such as contact, email, name and then click the submit button.
  • Enter the patient’s family details and medical issues and then proceed further.
  • It is essential to save each page.
  • Enter the name of the known person or the contact details of the website through which one is applying.
  • Paste your recent photograph in the form.
  • Click the continuation to verify the application.
  • Download the form and print it
  • You can check the visa status with the Visa Status Enquiry option.

The fees for Rwanda to India for medical tourism for six months can be around Rfr. 4,500 to Rfr 12,400. The cost may vary according to sudden need or circumstance. The official can grant extension of visa cas per the doctor’s prescription and the patient’s need.

Cost of kidney transplant in India for Ethiopian, Rwandan, Nigeria and Kenyan patients

After knowing about the symptoms and causes of kidney failure, the pre-procedure, the procedure, the post-procedure of kidney transplantation treatment, and the risks and complications involved during and after the surgery, it is important to know the monetary impact it would have on the patient and the family involved. Al-Afiya Medi Tour can help people in figuring the figures and gathering the facts.

The cost of kidney transplant in India can be approximated around $14,000 – $ 16,000 in India. The total days involved in a successful transplantation can vary from 10 days to 14 days. However, any complications during or after the procedure will increase the number of days and the cost.

The nature of the procedure carried out during the surgery and the availability of a donor can also affect the cost and time involved in the kidney transplantation in India. Moreover, the cost can vary due to onset of any infection or discovery of a chronic disease. 

International Standard Healthcare and Medical Tourism in India for Patients from Ethiopia with the Al Afiya Medi Tour Consultants

It’s important to figure out the best kidney hospital in India as they will provide the best formal guidance and care that is needed to help you through the legal and medical requirements to go through the procedure of kidney transplantation. Furthermore, you should keep your trust with Al-Afiya Medi Tour. The majority of cases have kidney transplant recommended over dialysis by exports as the former offers an enhanced survival rate and improved life quality. Moreover, whole kidney transplantation procedure is relatively less expensive than the overall cost of dialysis for lifetime.

Medical Tourism Packages at Al-Afiya Medi Tour for African Patients

Al-Afiya Medi Tour provides a special package for citizens of Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Rwanda. Choosing India as the country for medical tourism offers more than just low cost and high quality. In fact, GOI provides the best medical infrastructure.

The government is trying its best and improving facilities each day. Furthermore, with tie-ups in major cities in India; We are receptive towards international patients.  Along with the patient, their family also gets a positive atmosphere here. In addition to that, they are given highest quality of medical treatment and the best kidney hospitals in India including the ones with the Vedic styles and the modern medicine.

What makes India a prominent position for being the hotspot of medical tourism?

Al Afiya Medi Tour is one of the best medical tourism companies serving international patients according to the Indian value system of medicine and reception of guests. Moreover, all the facilities and everything available in India are at par with any other western country. Also, we provide the same in the most affordable form available.

The doctors in India maintain complete standards throughout the procedure. Moreover, the best kidney transplant doctors will treat your patient with full care. In addition to that, they have international degrees and our experts in treating patients. Also, the cost of kidney transplant treatment in India is highly affordable. 

To make it easier for you, we have our contact details here through which you can reach us and efficiently plan your trip to India for medical purposes. We can help you improve the chances to offer a healthy lifestyle and future in the minimum cost and time expenditure possible.

Surgery For Ethiopia National, Special Medical Treatment Packages For Ethiopia Patients In the best kidney hospital in India 

The best kidney hospital in India include:

  • Medanta Hospital, 
  • Columbia Asia Hospital, 
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, 
  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital,
  •  Manipal Hospital, 
  • Medical Park Hospital, 
  • Max Hospital, 
  • Jaypee Hospital,
  •  Fortis Hospital 

and many more. 

Packages offered by Al Afiya Medi Tour is customisable. You can choose them as per your requirement, varying from hospital to hospital.

Contact us at Al Afiya Medi Tour to plan your trip to India and choose the best kidney hospital in India to improve your chances of a healthy future!

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