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If you are somebody looking for a liver transplant, you have indeed come on the right website.

Moreover, if you’re from Africa looking for a liver transplant surgery in India, this is the correct spot for you.

Before delving into the procedure, let us know what liver transplant actually is.

Liver transplant basically involves the procedure of transplanting a part of healthy liver from a healthy person into the patient’s body with a diseased liver. Majorly, the healthy liver replaces the diseased liver.

In many cases, the liver has been damaged by an infection. In other cases, liver cancer may have damaged the liver.

The surgeon basically removes a liver or the part of the liver that is no longer functional.

In case a patient suffers from liver cancer, liver transplantation depends on the stage of cancer. Liver transplant surgery in India is similar to the other forms of treatments as far as the stage of liver disease is concerned.

Indeed, liver transplant can save a patient in case he has a complete liver failure.

For liver transplant surgery in India, there are multidisciplinary teams of liver transplant doctors in India.

You may be at an increased risk of needing liver transplantation. This is possible if you have a family history of liver cancer, consume excessive alcohol, smoke a lot, or have been exposed to multiple toxins, and passive smoking. A chronic liver disease or decreased immunity of the patient can also call for a liver transplant surgery in India.

Al Afiya Medi Tour takes you through your journey of liver transplant surgery in India here!

Symptoms that show you need a liver transplant

For the need of liver transplant, the patient may have some symptoms initially. In many cases, though, there may not be any early symptoms in your patient.

Mostly, your patient can have a diagnosis done when he or she falls extremely ill. However, the symptoms of a liver disease, liver infection, or liver cancer vary significantly.

These symptoms can include fatigue, nausea, jaundice, abdominal pain, sudden weight loss, ascites, sensation of vomiting, constant high fever. When your skin or your eyes or your tongue start appearing yellow, it may indicate jaundice.

Ascites can result from scarring or cirrhosis of liver. The extra pressure in liver forces the fluid to flow outside your patient’s liver which leads to abdominal swelling.

The symptoms that occur are mostly non-specific. Since these remain hidden in early stage, regular health check-up can lead to early diagnosis of liver disease. Early diagnosis helps in easier treatment. If your liver disease is diagnosed at a later stage, initial treatment may not help. Your doctor will ultimately recommend liver transplant.

Let us delve into the procedure for liver transplant surgery in India for our esteemed patients from Africa:

  1. The Initial Process: The Pre-procedure-

Firstly, your doctor will perform complete analysis of your patient and his or her disease. For this, he will conduct some physical examination. Furthermore, he will recommend some tests. These tests will help in knowing the exact condition of your disease. These tests can include Liver Function Test, Cardiac Test, Urine Test. These will also exclude the presence of any other disease along with liver disease.

Once your doctor finds your patient fit for liver transplant, he will place the patient on waiting. Proceeding with the search for the donor.

The donor should have a close tissue match with the patient to proceed further.

The donor may be a close relative to the patient or may be a complete stranger to the patient.

Mostly, the standard time for waiting for your patient will generally be 142 days. This time period is valid in most cases of adult patients with liver disease.

Once a donor is available, the doctor will proceed with explaining you the entire procedure. He will let you know about the risks and complications involved.

The doctor will then get a written consent signed by you and your patient.

The surgeon will keep the patient ‘nil by mouth’ for nearly 24 hours before the surgery.Medical staff will provide fluid to the patient in this period through IV drip.

  1. The Main Part: During the Procedure:

The team for liver transplant surgery in India consists of the best hospitals, surgeons, nurses, and paramedical staff. The liver transplant doctors in India are highly skilled and dedicated to their job. The paramedical team includes haematologist and staff for giving anaesthesia.

The entire team can take around 6 to 12 hours for completion of liver transplant surgery in India. The process begins with placing all the medical devices in place. Then, the team gives anaesthesia to the past. Furthermore, the paramedical staff and surgeon connect a tune to ventilator and insert it into the lungs.

The next step includes removal of the bike duct. The surgeon will then replace the diseased liver with the donor’s liver.

Al Afiya Medi Tour will like you to know that the liver transplant surgery in India is highly successful in the most cases.

  1. The Final Step: Post-procedure-

The liver transplant doctors in India will finally keep your patient under observation.The medical staff will keep checking your patient’s blood pressure, pulse rate, sugar level, body temperature, and more. Your patient will take around 10-15 days to recover. After the patient is comparatively better, the doctor will advise discharge.

Complete recovery will take time. The patient can recover completely within few months depending on the condition before liver transplant.

Risks involved in liver transplantation

The process of liver transplant is dedicated to save patients life. But unfortunately, there are always certain risks involved. What are they? let us have a look…

There are some risks and complications your liver transplant doctor in India will warn you about. Though all the necessary precautions are taken, some risks still exist.

  • Rejection of new liver:

Your patient’s body can reject the donor’s liver despite several tests in advance. To prevent rejection, the doctor usually prescribes immunosuppressant.

  • New liver might not work properly:

The new liver may not work properly. There may be a leakage or blockage in the passage of bile.

However, the success rate is really high. There is minimum chance of rejection new liver.

Let us delve into the benefits of getting liver transplant surgery in India sector:

  • High investment from GOI in medical sector

The presence and implementation of annual budget makes the medical sector rise. The Government of India announces limit for medical sector during the annual budget announcement. The system of medical budget is beneficial for equipment, technology, and research. This makes liver transplant surgery in India reliable and feasible.

  • Well-skilled liver transplant doctors in India:

Liver transplant doctors in India put years of study and gain years of experience. They pass various examinations and go through training. We cannot afford our liver transplant doctors in India to go wrong with our esteemed patients of Africa. Medicinal staff coordinates with your patient for best form of treatment and facilities. Al Afiya Medi Tour helps you connect with such doctors and medical staff.

  • Well-equipped hospitals:

We help you find the top hospitals in India. They have updated technology and equipment which cannot go wrong with liver transplant process.

Moreover, we ensure the chosen hospital ha hygiene and cleanliness as its integral part. Furthermore, this keeps risk of infections and complications minimum.

  • You get medications and tests here only:

Liver transplant doctors in India with other staff ensure the facilities for all the tests advised. Doctors prescribe medicines that are there after proving in laboratories. The medicines are available in India. The patients from Africa need not go anywhere for any test or medicine.

  • Guests are most welcome in India:

The ancient culture of India ensures warm welcome for guests.

Furthermore, we are helpful to the ones in need. You and your patient will get respect and feel at home.

  • African patients have easy way to our India:

We have easy and reliable facility of transportation to India. The air transport from Africa to India helps patient and the family travel easy to India.

Al Afiya Medi Tour helps you connect with the best international airlines.
  • Doctors here are reliable:

The doctors do proper follow up for your patient. They understand their responsibility and know the needs of the patient and the family. In case of a complication develops after you go to your country, you can easily communicate with your doctor and revisit. The doctors understand the value of keeping in touch.

  • Cheaper liver transplant cost in India:

We ensure minimum liver transplant cost in India with highest facilities. You will not find liver transplant in such rates of top quality in any other country except India. This is possible because of availability of resources in India. Furthermore, this helps in cutting down the liver transplant cost in India.

  • India maintains international standards:

We do not compromise with the set international standards. Even for the nationals, we maintain international standards of treatment. For our esteemed guests coming from different places like Africa, India upgrades the quality of treatment and facilities in need. Therefore, people from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Kenya love to get liver transplant surgery in India.

The cost oF LIVER transplant in India:

Al Afiya Medi Tour helps you get the best package possible.

$8000 -$12000 is the package that you may need to spend.

You may need an additional expenditure per day for any miscellaneous cost. This can come up to 20 dollars a day.

Al Afiya Medi Tour helps you get nearby hotel and food. The food costing starts from 20 to 40 USD per day. The hotel cost can vary from 50 to 80 USD according to the facilities.

the cost can increase in case there is an extension of stay. It can also increase in case there is an additional facility required during the stay.

Let us introduce you to the process a visa from Africa to India:

You, the patient or patients’ family will get the visa under the medical tourist visa. Our company will guide you through the process. We will assist you at each step you get confused with.

You will begin with entering your contact details, name, email address in the website. You will verify the same.

Proceed with the form and fill in details of anybody you know in India. In case you do not know anybody, you can proceed further with the website details. The contact details of the company or the website you are applying through can help.

You should also enter the reason for your medical visa. Moreover, you have to ensure that the details are correct to the best of your knowledge. False details can lead yo to blacklist and cancellation of your visa.

The prices of visa from your place like Rwanda, Ethiopia can vary according to the ongoing circumstances. To get the best prices, contact Al Afiya Medi Tour.

Allow us to introduce you to the best hospitals for liver transplant surgery in India:

There are many top-quality hospitals in India for liver transplant surgery in India. These include Apollo hospital, Medanta hospital, Max Super SpecialityHospital, Artemis Hospital. Moreover, there are BLK Hospital, Primus Super Speciality Hospital, Fortis Hospital. Further, there are Puspawati Singhania Research Institute, Dr Rela Institute Hospital.

Each has wonderful facilities and well-skilled doctors and medical staff.

Al Afiya Medi Tour wants you to get the best services in the lowest liver transplant cost in India. We wish you and your patient the best of physical, mental, and emotional health in the near future.

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