Prostate Cancer Treatment In India for Ethiopia Patients

A man has a prostate as an accessory gland in his male reproductive system. It also acts as a muscle driven mechanical switch between urination and ejaculation. The prostate of a man is in the shape of walnuts. It weighs between 7 grams and 16 grams.

The fluid that the prostate releases becomes a part of the semen. A man emits or ejaculates semen during a sexual response. A slow-growing disease in the prostate is prostate cancer. The prostate tumour can grow outside it as the disease is malignant in cancerous cases.

Since it is a slow-growing disease, your doctor can easily diagnose it at an early stage if you pay attention to early symptoms. However, in cases when it spreads to other parts outside the prostate, the treatment of prostate cancer can be difficult.

During prostate cancer treatment in India, the oncologist will advise removal of the prostate gland. The prostate cancer treatment in India can also involve killing or destruction of the cancer cells in the prostate gland.

Let us delve into the causes of prostate cancer:

The exact cause of prostate cancer is not yet found. However, there are certain factors which make one more prone to it. Such factors include exposure to radiation, ageing, obesity, hereditary, and race.

Statistics show that older men above the age of 55 are at a greater risk of prostate cancer. Where also reportedly, African-American men are amongst the most prone to it than the other men. The severity of the disease is more among them, and it is more likely to take a fatal turn with time. 

Having a family history of prostate cancer increases the chances of acquiring the disease with time. Thus, a regular check and health diagnosis is crucial.

As there is the best treatment available for ovarian cancer surgery in India for females, there is also availability of the best form of prostate cancer treatment in India with a comparatively low price. Indian medical standards match the international standards of treatment for the handling of multiple diseases including prostate cancer while providing the best and most affordable cost across the world.

 The patients of Ethiopia are most welcome to get their prostate cancer cured in India.

Al Afiya Medi Tour will help you get a smooth treatment of prostate cancer in India like we do for ovarian cancer surgery in India.

Let us look at the Symptoms of prostate cancer:

The symptoms at an early stage of the cancer in the prostate are not very visible or detectable. Therefore, there is a great possibility that the patient might ignore the early stage indications of prostate cancer. 

To avoid the later stage loss, here is a list of symptoms that must be kept in notice. 

  1. Your patient can suffer from hesitation in urination.
  2. The patient might have an increased urge to urinate.
  3. Agonising ejaculations can indicate prostate cancer in males.
  4. Your patient may be suffering from prostate cancer if he has dribbling of urine or fluid from penis.
  5. The patient suffering from prostate cancer may be unable to maintain a consistent urine stream.
  6. The patient can feel a sudden need to urinate and may also have presence of blood in urine and semen. Blood can either be microscopically visible or may be seen with naked eyes.
  7. The patient in case of prostate cancer can have pain in the upper thighs, hips and lower back.

Let us delve into process of Prostate Cancer Treatment in India:

The process followed by Al Afiya Medi Tour for prostate cancer treatment is according to the international standards. Let us read further to know more details.

  1. The initial procedure: Pre-procedure:

Your doctor will introduce you to the prostate cancer treatment in India.

The medical staff will prepare you mentally and physically for the surgery. The main purpose is to grant the best prostate cancer cure in India to the patients coming from international areas such as Ethiopia.

Doctor will advise certain imaging studies and tests including blood tests for liver, cardiac, and kidney functions.

The medical staff will make the patient and guardian sign a consent form before beginning with the actual procedure of prostate cancer treatment in India.

  1. The main of the procedure: During the Procedure:

After choosing the surgical process for prostate cancer for your patient, your doctor will let you know the pros and cons of the treatment. They will guide you about all the options that can be effective prostate cancer treatment in India.

Generally, the doctor removes the entire prostate gland of your patient. This is done to ensure that complete cancer has been eradicated from the patient’s body. When the doctor removes the entire prostate, all the cancer cells are excised which in turn leads to whole prostate cancer cure in India.

The oncologist may suggest external beam radiotherapy for the treatment of your patient. This therapy involves high energy beam rays. The doctor performs this process by inserting tiny permanent radioactive seeds into the prostate gland. The name given to this insertion of seeds is brachytherapy. Further, these seeds radiate high intensity rays which kill the cancer cells.

Apart from the treatments we have stated above, there are multiple other options available for prostate cancer treatment in India. However, the treatment that the doctor chooses depends on the condition of the patient.

  1. After the Procedure: Post Procedure:

The progress of prostate cancer is usually very slow. The patients may remain asymptomatic for decades . but when the prostate cancer has been detected, the doctor advises stern treatment.

Nonetheless, the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer can change the lives of patients at each phase. Since cancer cells can grow in other parts of the body, treatment is essential.

After the treatment, the surgeon will advise hormone therapy. The doctor will also ensure regular follow up so that the re-development of cancer can be analysed.

A routine check-up, a healthy diet, and healthy exercise routine can help the patient recover and survive well.

It is important for the patient to take proper medication to get the prostate cancer cure and result of their treatment in India.

Let us look at risks and complications involved in cancer treatment :

Doctors take complete care to avoid any complications after the prostate cancer treatment. However, the chances of complications are still present.

Some of the complications after prostate cancer surgery include bleeding, blood clotting, organ damage, and infections.

Further accommodation may develop leaking of urine while coughing or continuous overflow of urine. The patient will most likely have pain in the areas around the surgery site.

We will again emphasise on the fact that the chances of complications are minimal and recovery is a joyful process.

Why should you come to India for prostate cancer treatment from Ethiopia?

  1. Great air connection-

You can travel from Ethiopia to India on a medical tourist visa. We will help you get your medical tourist visa. The air connectivity from Ethiopia to India is smooth and feasible.

The charges of travel can vary according to an ongoing situation. However, they remain affordable at almost all the times.

  1. International standards of treatment:

At a low prostate cancer cost in India, the hospitals provide the best facilities. The treatment is according to the international standards of cancer treatment.

  1. Research in India:

Our government and private hospitals and research centres have national research on cancer. They also stay connected with the international research for treatment of prostate cancer. Each day, there is an upgrade in the treatment and technique. The hospital works accordingly with the latest equipment and technique due to the well-skilled doctors here!

  1. GOI invests in medical research and tourism:

Investments from the government help in upgrading through techniques in hospitals and research in laboratories. This further helps in upgrading the treatment standards and increasing the success rate of prostate cancer cure in India.

  1. Low prostate cancer treatment cost in India:

The complete cost of prostate cancer treatment in India is very low as compared to other countries. But, the hospitals and doctors do not compromise with the standards and quality of the cancer treatment.

  1. Well-skilled doctors and well-trained medical staff:

The hospitals in India have highly trained and well educated doctors and medical staff. They clear a lot of examinations and undergo a lot of training before reaching a certain level in their careers. Besides, they do not let the patients down in any way possible. The complete staff works hard to ensure complete prostate cancer cure in India as much as possible.

  1. India welcomes guest:

India is receptive towards guests coming from national and international backgrounds. We make everyone feel at home as far as food and place to stay are there. These values come from the ancient culture and traditions of India.

How will you get your visa from Ethiopia to India?

You and your patient can apply under the medical tourist visa. Al Afiya Medi Tour will guide you through each step.

You need to have real documents. Fake documents will make you blacklisted.

You will need to fill in your name, contact details, and the reason for your medical visa. This reason can include the medical prescription and diagnosis. You can verify and submit your information at each step.

After submitting your form, you can cheque the visa status regularly from the website.

Females can apply for ovarian cancer surgery in India in case they are suffering from ovarian cancer. Men, on the other hand, can go for prostate cancer treatment in India in case of prostate cancer.

Al Afiya Medi Tour guides the patients from Ethiopia about the prostate cancer cost in India:

The prostate cancer caused in India is according to the existing condition and severity of prostate cancer in your patient. 

The number of family members coming along with the patient can also increase the cost of living, and hence increase the cost of treatment. Approximately, your patient may need to spend 7000 to $8000. The approximate duration for which your patient stays in India is 14 to 21 days in hospital. We would like to let you know that your patient can use medical insurance policy in most of the hospitals in India that offer prostate cancer treatment.

You may also need to pay additional charges for living in a hotel. The charges may vary between $20 to $50. The hotel charges according to the facility it provides. You can add an additional cost of miscellaneous charges which may come up to $20 per day. As far as the food is concerned, you may buy your goods or lend a contract to someone. The food charges can be around 10 USD per day.

The charges will also vary if the doctor advised other treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, additionally or individually.

Why should you choose us?

Since Al Afiya Medi Tour knows the culture of India and Ethiopia, we offer you the best kind of food, residence and hospitals. We ensure that you have a smooth treatment throughout.

  • We are transparent and comprehensive in our approach. Al Afiya Medi Tour suggests the best hospitals and surgeons for prostate Cancer treatment in India.
  • We do not have any hidden charges or hidden sentences in the contract.
  • Moreover, we let you know the pros and cons of the treatment in India beforehand.

Let us guide you towards the best hospitals of prostate cancer treatment in India:

When you want your best prostate cancer cure in India, you need to visit the best hospitals and doctors for the same.

Some of the best hospitals are Artemis hospital, Medanta hospital, Apollo hospital. BLK Super Speciality hospital, Max Super Speciality Hospital, and Fortis Hospital are among the others.

We will let you know about the best aspects of each hospital. Besides, we will also let you know about any drawback that may exist with a certain hospital or a specific doctor.

From us, you will get support at each step.

We will resolve all your queries before you get us as your consultant.  Furthermore, we will assist you with your questions in the middle of the process or treatment as well!

Do not wait to contact us! Connect with us through our phone number or email, then we can help you with the best treatment. We wish you all the best for your patient’s health. Our wishes are also for you and your family as well for great health!


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