Kidney Transplant Is Quick And Easy In India

The cost of kidney transplant in India attracts most people to attend medical tourism. Furthermore, it is a wonderful opportunity for the Rwandans. There are enough chances to allow your medical treatment to go smoothly. Are you also from Rwanda and searching for effective medical attention? India is undoubtedly the best choice within your budget.

The reasons for choosing India are not one. To get into the details, you need to go through the entire content. Moreover, medical tourism is becoming a highly popular sector now. Therefore, you will not suffer anymore, especially for critical surgeries. You will get mind-blowing services from the best kidney hospital in India.

Let us now concentrate on the amazing facilities that India has in store for you. After reading this, you are bound to get convinced about availing of medical tourism in India.

Advantages For Indian Medical Tours

Indian medical infrastructure is developing every day. However, it is not so advanced in Rwanda. For that reason, many of the Rwandan citizens suffer from a healthcare crisis. As a result, the mortality rates keep on rising. Keeping in mind the needs of such patients, India has come up with wonderful options and excellent doctors.

In the case of kidney disorders, Indian medi tours are always in an advantageous position. Some of the obvious reasons for selecting this third-world country are;-


If you look at other developed nations like the United States or the UK, the picture will be clear. They have all the high-class facilities for health care, but far ahead of your budget. As a result, it becomes very difficult to cope up with such expensive treatment for the backward countries.

Rwanda is a financially backward country with very few healthcare units. Moreover, the expenses will make the middle-class cry. By joining Indian medical tours, they can get the benefits of affordable treatment from top-class doctors.

Traveling Facilities:

There are no complications in getting a visa from Rwanda to India. Therefore, you will get enough facilities for a smooth and hassle-free journey. However, you just follow some of the instructions as per the policies of the best clinical establishments. And the rest will be the responsibility of the specialized doctors and surgeons. With Al Afiya Medi Tours by your side, you can travel without any tensions.

Language Barriers:

When a person visits a different, the biggest concern is the language barrier. Furthermore, it becomes more evident when the matter is serious and related to health. This is a common thing for the Rwandans also. However, India welcomes any foreign with warm arms. Our country is famous for being a diversified land with so many cultures and languages. Therefore, we never let others feel uncomfortable. You can get admission to the best kidney hospital in India without any worries about communication issues.

English is an official language in many parts of the country. Therefore, the Rwandans will not face many problems as most of the medical practitioners are comfortable in speaking in English.

High Quality In Medical Care Units:

For kidney transplantation, you are just at the right place as Indian medical institutes take special care for foreigners. Therefore, you can have a favorable atmosphere for a kidney transplant in India. You will get appropriate professional care at every step. Quality is the focus of all the reputed hospitals in different Indian states.

More than 39 accredited hospitals in India offer brilliant services for Rwandans. The most important part is a terrific combination of the patient and hospital. If it is right, there will not be any chance to get worried. If you are suffering from a chronic disease involving the kidney, get specialized support in this country. You can get everything that your body needs within the budget.

Visa Procedure For Travelling To India From Rwanda

Generally, the e-visa for traveling to India costs eighty-six dollars on average. However, different travel companies charge multiple fees for the visa. Talk with the Al Afiya Medi Tour Consultants and get to know the best way to obtain Indian Visa. We help every Rwandan to receive quality services from the best kidney hospital in India.

Medical tourism from Al Afiya lets you enjoy every facility without disturbing your budget. In most cases, the professionals will make the necessary arrangements for a smooth traveling experience. The detailed procedure of the visa application is as under;-

  • Open the respective website for applying for Indian Visa
  • Specify that you are going for a medical purpose
  • To satisfy the eligibility criteria, you need to prove that you are genuinely sick and traveling on the recommendation of a physician. Additionally, you must show the evidence of a reputed or recognized medical institution in India
  • State your personal information like the full name, mobile number, address, email id, age, and others.
  • The company of two medical attendants is permissible. They can be family members or relatives. However, they cannot travel on the medical visa of the patient. For traveling purposes, they need to apply for a separate Medical Attendant Visa.
  • Fill up all the particulars of the visa form and submit the same
  • Pay the fees online using any of the payments modes as specified.

For applying for a medical visa, you need to submit the following documents.

  • Completely filled-up with visa application form online
  • A letter from the local medical practitioner
  • Passport-sized photographs (2)
  • Evidence showing sufficient funds available to cover the expenses for the treatment. For example, bank statements, etc.
  • The full medical history of the patient must be explained to the doctor in the other country
  • Photocopy of the Passport. Only the bio page is enough.
  • You must also attach the invitation letters from the respective Indian medical establishment. A letter from a local doctor must accompany it.
  • Specify the nationality of the patient and the attendants.
  • Letter from the respective Indian hospital confirming the treatment in the forthcoming days.

Important Considerations For Visa Application

  1. Normally, the passport remains valid for a maximum period of six months after the stipulated date of departure.
  2. The validity of the Visa cannot extend beyond the validity period of the passport.
  3. In the case of minor patients, the consent of the parents must be attached along with the application. Moreover, you must also provide the birth certificate and original IDs for both parents.
  4. The applicant must sign the application form in two specified places.
  5. The handwriting should be legible. Illegible and incomplete forms will get rejected.

Special Packages For Kidney Transplantation And Surgeries

Indian medical institutes offer incredible kidney transplant facilities at the best rates. Al Afiya always tries to maintain international standards while connecting you with the best kidney hospitals in India.

The kidneys are one of the major parts of the internal organs of the human body. Therefore, disorders in such a critical organ may make you go for dialysis. However, the costs are unimaginable. That’s why it becomes really hectic for hundreds to afford the treatment. In such a scenario, we present the opportunity to give a better life with high-class medical infrastructure.

You will get support from the most talented physicians and surgeons. The cost of kidney transplant in India will be favorable to your pockets. We assure you to give the highest standards in critical conditions. For emergency purposes, the medical tourism of India plays a vital role. The experienced consultants will look into all you need. Therefore, if you face any difficulties in accommodation or others, please contact All Afiya agents immediately.

Take the chance to connect with us as we never compromise with the quality and life. You will face a lower rate of probable infections and low risks in comparison to the world surgeries.

Special packages will include the following facilities for your comfort and convenience.

  • Efficient services and immediate treatment
  • 24/7 support services available for each and every patient
  • Very low cost for kidney transplantations. (About one-third of what you need to pay in other nations like the UK or the US)
  • Consultations with specialized doctors in case of clinical investigations at very short notice.
  • Speedy delivery of all the services
  • Excellent healthcare unit with 24×7 supervision
  • No specified requirement of any other doctor referral
  • Approach is straightforward
  • Responsiveness towards every patient
  • The low-risk environment at the affordable prices

Our professionals always strive to achieve the highest level of medical standards. Moreover, we maintain hygiene and provide you with the best suitable ambiance. Get the 100% guarantee from Al Afiya Medi Tour when it comes to kidney transplants or any other critical surgeries in India. No matter what, the Rwandans will not get upset about the experience of kidney transplant in India.

Influence Of International Medical Opportunities

The international standards regarding medical treatment are influencing India in a big way. Furthermore, India is now confident about the competence of world-class doctors. Most of them have got a degree from foreign universities. Therefore, you can expect only high standards and superb quality, especially for organ transplantation and surgical purposes.

India offers premium services to foreigners like Rwandans. Just not the kidney, the outstanding medical destinations of the country have proper infrastructure for other streams also. The finest physicians will perform in the best possible way.

We are always at par with international trends and provide the ideal medical solutions. The modern infrastructure of the hospitals and clinics is just what you want. To bear the cost of the kidney transplant in India, you need not break the bank account.

The hospitals bear specially designed telescopic cameras to detect the issue in more detail. Additionally, there will be enough chances to deposit the amount in installments. Therefore, it will not create much pressure on your pockets.

Best Hospitals For Kidney Disorders

For a large number of international patients, India is now a preferable destination for kidney transplantations. The highly skilled professionals will take timely care of all the patients. If you are coming from Rwanda for kidney problems, take an appointment with the doctor beforehand.

Al Afiya Medi Tour will also make your stay a comfortable and happy one. For good health, a satisfied mind is also essential. Therefore, we make arrangements for the short trips around the respective city. This will give you the energy and confidence to live life again. The perfect tours will make you smile once again.

Our doctors try to encourage every patient. Getting tensed before the surgery can be fatal. Therefore, the attendants must not utter any negative words to the patient during this crucial period. In case of confusion, you can knock on the door of the medical professionals at any time. They are always available to answer your queries.

In India, Gleneagles Global Hospitals is considered to be the best in the kidney transplant sector. Moreover, it is also famous for excellent renal failure and other treatments.

However, some other names for a kidney transplant in India are;-

  1. Medanta- The Medicity Hospital (Gurgaon)
  2. Apollo Hospitals (Chennai)
  3. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (Mumbai)
  4. Artemis Hospital (Gurgaon)
  5. Apollo Hospitals (Kolkata)
  6. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital (New Delhi)
  7. Max Super Speciality Hospital (New Delhi)
  8. Narayana Multi Speciality Hospital (Bangalore)
  9. Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka (Delhi)
  10. BLK Super Speciality Hospital (New Delhi)
  11. Global Hospital (Chennai)
  12. Fortis Hospital (Gurgaon)
  13. Apollo Hospital (Navi Mumbai)
  14. NH Rabindranath Tagore Hospital (Kolkata)

In India, the Rwandans can also receive the facilities for the Ayurveda treatments. It is one of the oldest forms of medical treatment prevailing from ancient times. As per the various reports, it has several advantages rather than artificial equipment and chemical medicines. Karma Ayurveda is one such destination for ayurvedic treatment.

Ending Tune

We will like to end the topic with a touch of professionalism. Our doctors always take special care of international patients. However, they do not permit any admission without studying the medical history. Al Afiya Medi Tour provides proper guidance to travel hassle-free to India from Rwanda.

Are you coming from a backward country like Rwanda? Are you suffering from acute kidney disorders? Come to us, and we will give you all the chances to get better treatment. India is improving every day on the medical rounds. Hence, it will not be an unjustified choice, ever.

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