Heart Surgery Is The New Speciality Of Indian Medical System

Rwanda is a very backward region, in terms of medical infrastructure and facilities. Moreover, the number of doctors is also not up to the mark. Therefore, the citizens do not get enough facilities, especially in the case of chronic diseases. They have to depend on the medical system of other countries to save their lives.

However, the developed nations charge a lot of fees for the treatment. Hence, it becomes quite hectic for ordinary Africans to carry out complicated surgeries. Here comes the importance of the Indian Medical System. For the Rwandans, a good quality heart surgery hospital in India is not very tough to access. Observing a few instructions will make you eligible to get upgraded treatment at low costs. It is one of the most developing sectors nowadays in India.

Are you coming from a country like Rwanda? Are you suffering from cardiovascular disorders? Here is the option to make yourself comfortable in front of efficient doctors. We present the best hospital in India for heart surgery to let you enjoy a longer life. Medical tourism provides you enough options to complete the desired trip to India for a lovely experience. If you are sick and want immediate medical assistance, Indian medi tours will be a really useful option. Try it once and you will feel the difference in terms of various aspects.

India Qualifies To Be The Most Preferred Destination For Rwandans

Have you ever thought about why India is flourishing as a preferred destination for medical treatment? The most important reason behind this is the low cost. However, there are other causes too that convince the Rwandans to come to India. Heart surgery in India comes in an affordable package. Furthermore, with Al Afiya Medi Tour Consultants, you can opt for any special facility. Intimate the reliable organization and avail of all the benefits.

The most important reasons for choosing India for heart treatment are as follows;-

1.    Communication:

India is a nation where you will not face any language barrier. The diversified country encourages fluency in English. Moreover, the majority of the doctors will communicate in English without any hassles. Hence, the foreigners show interest in joining the medical tourism teams in India.

2.    Cost-Effective:

The cost factor is the most crucial thing while you are preparing a budget for medical treatment. Actually, a fund crisis can happen anytime if there is a sudden emergency. Therefore, these incidents can give you a shock. Moreover, the situation becomes worse if the patient belongs to a backward country like Rwanda. India is a savior in such cases. The best hospital in India for heart surgery is ready to admit you at unbelievable prices. Moreover, there are different packages according to individual needs. So, everything will be fine as you meet the experts here.

3.    Extra Care For Foreigners:

The super specialty hospitals take special care of all the foreigners. Moreover, they can enjoy the air-conditioned nursing home rooms with top-class amenities. The talented professionals will let you relax first before proceeding with the treatment. Moreover, they will observe the condition of your body and suggest some tests. Expect complete check-up and care when you are under such knowledgeable doctors. The heart surgery hospital in India will not disappoint you in any way.

4.    Efficient Services:

Are you from Rwanda and want medical advice from Indian medical professionals? Undoubtedly, you will get the appropriate suggestions for the improvement of your health. If you are suffering from a chronic heart disorder, the doctors will help you deal with it. Furthermore, they also provide high-class services with timely treatment. So, get a new life post-surgery. The heart blockage will not continue to bother you anymore.

5.    Medical Tourism:

Medical tours in and around different cities are like breathing the fresh air. Several organizations conduct such tours to make the patients feel energetic before the critical operations. This country bears the remnants of ancient civilizations and amazing culture. Therefore, exploring every lane will give you new experiences. If the patient is not in a bed-ridden state, this is a great opportunity to know the culture.

6.    Quality:

Quality speaks a lot. This is so true in the case of the best clinical establishments present in India. If you are seeking quality within the budget, this is the most convenient place. Some people may raise doubts regarding the quality of medical treatment. However, the continuous efforts in research and development made this sector an enriching one. So, you can rely on the affordable facilities of the Indian hospitals that come with responsibility and great care.

Al Afiya Always Maintains The International Standards

For medical purposes, the standards of the facilities and professionals play a pivotal role. This is the reason why people are giving preference to India today. Moreover, Al Afiya Medi Tour Consultants will guide you about all the available packages. In case of any doubts, the executives are ready to answer them.

There are special tours organized for the Rwandans. Your medical emergency can arise at any time. The organization feels your pain and thus supports you in every step possible. The visa procedure also becomes effortless as you contact experienced professionals in this regard.

Al Afiya focuses on the quality of services all the time.

Additionally, you can get only international standard medical procedures and a comfortable environment. To conduct any surgery, these two factors are crucial. Therefore, Al Afiya maintains hygiene and gives you a superb experience during the medi tours. Check the standard rates of the packages and choose the one most suitable. You can also take suggestions from the experts for a better experience.

Impressive Visa Assistance For The Patients

Are you planning to come to India from Rwanda for medical purposes? Of course, the first and foremost thing is getting a visa. Without it, no foreign country will permit you to enter. Generally, the rules and regulations of the Visa for any country are quite complicated. However, if you are a part of the Al Afiya Medi Tours, the situation is smoother. The professionals will make arrangements for medical assistance, best hospitals, top-rated surgeons, easy accommodation, visa procedures, and other services.

Before going for the detailed process of visa application, you need to know about the essential documents. Therefore, when you are going to apply for an Indian visa, please keep all these documents handy.

  • Original passport whole validity must be at least six months. It should contain a minimum of three blank pages.
  • Any old passport already in your name
  • A cover letter from the patient stating the medical causes for the journey
  • Approval from the local physician suggesting the surgery in the respective clinical establishment in India
  • An invitation letter from a reputed or recognized hospital stating the cause of travel
  • Scanned copies of two recent photographs (passport size)
  • Bank statements of the last three months in the original form. They must contain the seal and stamp of the respective bank
  • Two copies of visa application forms, complete in all respects with signatures in specified places
  • Report for CoronaVirus test
  • Proof of vaccination for COVID-19

Al Afiya can provide the Rwandans with the option of hassle-free e-visa. The details are hereunder;-

While filling up the e-visa application form, you will come across three different categories. Choose the option Medical Visa among them. You can now see the form on the screen. Specify all the details as mentioned there. Besides your name, contact details and address, you have to mention the following details too.

  1. Name of the country of residence
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Nationality
  4. High Commission Name
  5. Visa Type
  6. Date of Arrival in India
  7. Purpose

You need to click the medical visa or medical attendant in the Visa type. On the other hand, choose Medical treatment for self or medical attendant to the patient, as the case may be, in the Purpose.

Ensure that you give all the information accurately. Any false details may make your application canceled. After filling out each page, do not forget to Save it. Proceed by clicking on the Continue button. In place of reference in India, you can opt to give the contact details of Al Afiya Consultants. You also need to upload your recent passport-size photograph and signature.

To get the medical visa approved, you need to specify the following;-

  • Name of the hospital in Rwanda
  • Name of the concerned hospital of India
  • Duration for the medical treatment
  • SAARC country visit reference and other details
  • Expected journey date along with the arrival and departure time

Finally, submit the form after verifying whether everything is correct. You will receive the confirmation notification after paying the respective fees. Do not worry about the processing as the responsibility vests with the Al Afiya Medi Tours.

Details Before Final Submission Of Application

Some information given in the beginning may be false. Do you want to edit it? Are you confused about this fact? Here is the information clearing out all your doubts. After you fill the third page of the visa application form, a window will appear with preview details. Now, you need to check whether everything is correct or not.

In case there is any mistake, please go for the edit or modify option, check, and then submit. You need to select the Verified button now and then press Continue. For final registration, you have to click OK.

The subsequent processes include;-

  • Give the appointment date and confirm the same
  • You can now save the form or directly print it for future reference
  • In case you failed to upload the scanned photograph, you have to paste it into the box provided.
  • Read all the instructions and keep the documents ready. Attach each one of them as and when asked in the form. Finally, it is time to Submit.

Excellent Packages By Opting Medical Tourism

The outstanding growth of the medical tourism sector in India is due to the seriousness of the organizations and expertise of the doctors. Every person has the birthright to stay healthy and fit. So is the case for the Rwandans. However, unfortunately, they need to bear excessively high costs for medical treatment like heart or kidney surgeries. With the India medical tourism packages, it is possible to get connected to the best hospital in India for heart surgery.

To be satisfied, every patient needs the correct fusion of a good quality hospital, pleasant services, and expert physician. With the medical tours of Al Afiya, you will get all of these with world-class facilities.

The best heart surgery packages are available in the following Indian hospitals. You will not be out of choice when it comes to cardiac surgeries and tests. The top-notch surgeons are there to serve you.

  • Fortis Escorts (Heart Institute and Research Centre) (New Delhi)
  • Asian Heart Hospital in Mumbai
  • Indraprastha Apollo in New Delhi (Cardiac Heart Centre)
  • Gleneagles Global Hospital in Chennai
  • Max Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi
  • B.L. Kapoor Hospital in New Delhi
  • Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon
  • Medanta-The Medacity of Gurgaon
  • Venkateshwar Hospital (New Delhi)
  • Rabindranath Tagore Multispecialty Hospital (Kolkata)
  • BM Birla Heart Research Centre (Kolkata)
  • Calcutta Heart Clinic and Hospital (Kolkata)
  • Apollo Gleneagles Medical Centre (Kolkata)

Reasons To Go For Medical Tourism

There are multiple factors that allow the Rwandans to choose Medical Tourism. Some of them are;-

  • No unnecessary waiting and receiving immediate medical help
  • Rejuvenated after the surgery
  • Affordable treatment options
  • Support from the Indian Government
  • Attractive deals in the form of various packages
  • International standards from the qualified and competent doctors
  • Wide range of medical treatment facilities for perfect healthcare
  • Transparent policies and privacy of the patient’s information


India is thus a leader in the world in providing high-standard healthcare facilities. Moreover, Rwandans can now get the chance to receive treatment in the best hospital in India for heart surgery. Share your medical history beforehand and let the best doctor understand your problem. When it is concerning cardiac health, you should get an immediate response. Therefore, you can truly rely on excellent professionals in these serious matters.

India has evolved as a major country to render the best medical facilities to foreigners without burning their pockets. The 24/7 assistance will surely help the Rwandans to connect with the experts at any time. Return home with a happy heart after the heart surgery gets over. It is time to relax and rejoice.

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