Guide To Hip Replacement Surgery In India

If you are looking for information regarding hip replacement surgery in India, you are on the right page. If you have already started exploring or this is the first place, this information will help you. You will know about the working of hip joints and the causes of pain. Moreover, you will also learn about the treatment options that are available. There are a few post-surgery activities and exercises that can help you in recuperating.

A hip ailment may occur at any point in life. It can be left redundant due to arthritis, or a fracture. Furthermore, you may feel stiffness in your hip joints and have problems while walking. Most doctors start the treatment with medicines and supportive equipment. However, if that does not work, you might have to go for surgery. Hip replacement surgery is safe and effective. After surgery, you will be able to get on with your daily schedule.

The hip joint is an important joint, and its surgery is one of the most successful surgeries since 1960. Most foreign nationals flock to India for surgery today. India has an extremely up-to-date infrastructure amongst other developing nations. The hip replacement cost in india is quite less compared to the US and the UK.

Conditions That Require Hip Replacement Surgery

The most common cause of hip pain and disability is attributed to arthritis. Moreover, accidents can also force an individual to undergo surgery. The most common type of arthritis affecting the hip joint is Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and traumatic arthritis. You should know a bit more about these conditions in detail.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis: is an autoimmune disease. In this condition the synovial membrane becomes inflamed and thickened. The body’s immune system is overactive and attacks the cells. It is also known as ’inflammatory arthritis’.
  • Osteoarthritis: happens due to old age. The normal day-to-day wear and tear lead to this type of arthritis. The cartilage that cushions the joints wears away with time. The boned tend to rub over one another, and cause pain.
  • Traumatic arthritis: occurs due to an accident. There may be a fracture and the hip bone become damaged. In that case, surgery is the only option.
  • Childhood hip ailment: often occurs in infants and children. Sometimes, the hips may not grow normally, and it leads to hip ailments. In the long run joints will be affected.

Hip arthroplasty is the medical term for total hip replacement surgery. The damaged bone and cartilage are removed during surgery and prosthetic components are often placed in its place. India is one of the prominent countries, where the success rate of hip replacement surgery is quite high. Moreover, the cost of hip replacement surgery in India is quite low.

Benefits Of Hip Replacement Surgery In India

India is leading in medical care and surgical procedures. Most Indian hospitals have the necessary equipment and devices to diagnose and provide the right solution to such problems. Moreover, the success rate is quite high. The surgical is extremely important for patients who are not getting relief through medications. Doctors may suggest going for either semi-replacement surgery or complete replacement surgery. It depends on the patient’s history and medical condition at present. Hip replacement treatment in India is very affordable. That is one reason, why nationals from other backward as well as developing nations are coming to India for treatment and surgery for such major ailments. The nationals who are flocking to India for treatment are from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, and African countries. Rwanda nationals are also amongst the most prominent medical advice seekers in India.

After a successful hip replacement surgery, the quality of life improves. The patient gets relief from pain. Moreover, the patient has improved strength and can move around easily. However, the decision to have surgery will depend on your doctor. It is a cooperative one. There are no age or weight restrictions for candidates of the surgery. Most patients undergo this surgery between 50-80 years of age. Sometimes, young people may also have to undergo the surgery after an accident. It can also happen in the teenage years. The hip replacement cost in India is comparatively lower than in other western countries. SURGERY IN INDIA FOR Rwanda NATIONALS is quite affordable. Moreover, SPECIAL MEDICAL TREATMENT PACKAGES FOR Rwanda PATIENTS IN INDIAN hospitals are now available.

Why Should Rwanda Patients Choose India For Healthcare Treatments And Procedures?

In the recent decade, India has emerged as a superpower, when it comes to medical treatments. Rwanda nationals are choosing India for hip replacement surgery, due to a few main reasons.

The treatment and surgery are cost-effective. The cost is almost one-tenth of what one would spend for such surgeries in the US and the UK. Most foreigner find the hip replacement cost in india, to be quite low. India has the top medical infrastructure, pharmaceutical companies, and the lowest costing medicines. Moreover, India has a good connection with the rest of the world. Rwanda originally had very poor healthcare infrastructure. However, very recently things have started looking up. The pre-genocide era before 1994, was the most horrifying. Rwanda’s clinics mostly have basic equipment and medical infrastructure. The surgical procedures are also very basic. The country does have a shortage of qualified medical professionals, nurses, and paramedics. Moreover, the infant mortality rate is also quite high in the country.

Thus, Rwanda nationals has no other choice, but to seek medical care elsewhere. India is a place that offers medical visas in a short period of time. The medical tourism industry in India is booming. Hip replacement surgery is a major surgery. The Rwanda nationals have belief in the medical infrastructure in India. Thus, they are flocking to India for treatment and surgery.

You should also know about the Medical Tourism industry in more detail, to answer more unanswered questions.

India – For Medical Tourism

Several medical tourism companies have entered the scene. The in-flow of medical treatment seekers from other countries have led to a surge in such companies. However, only the best ones can provide you with the services, you long for. Moreover, planning travel as well as surgery to a distant land is no cakewalk. However, Al Afiya Medi Tour Consultants have made it quite easy today. International Standard Healthcare and Medical Tourism in India for Patients from Rwanda is going to be easy now. They are one of the most reputed companies offering A-Z services in this segment. India has state-of-the-art hospitals, the best surgeons, and medicine doctors. Moreover, the doctors are educated in the western countries. You will also get the post-surgery alternative treatment plans. Ayurveda, naturopathy, are Yoga can help in the recovery journey.

Al Afiya Medi Tour Consultants will first set up an appointment of the patients with the Indian doctors, prior to arrival in India. After the confirmation of the surgery, the patient will be notified of a date for surgery and the hospital. Moreover, you can get in touch with the consultants and ask them to arrange the flight tickets, accommodation, airport transfers, and medical visa amongst others. The consultants charge you at actuals, apart from a small fee. You can get everything done without any woes. Tourism is one of the top industries in India. There is no dearth of places comprising hills, sea beaches, and forests. Thus, it is a great place for recovery, too. Most doctors suggest patients to head towards the hill stations for speedy recovery after surgery.

Government Schemes

Moreover, the Indian Government has started boosting this sector, to improve the economy. The norms are quite relaxed, when compared to those of other nations. If anyone wants to avail themselves of treatment and surgery in the US or the UK, there is a distinct waiting period. However, in India there is no such waiting period. Additionally, the medical visas are issued in two-week’s time. You can also apply for medical visa online. The patient can also bring two members for support to India. That makes India one of the best places for medical tourism. The government has opened up such avenues for more than 166 countries. Rwanda nationals have chosen hip replacement treatment in India for all the right reasons.

Medical Visa From Rwanda To India

Rwanda nationals can get a medical visa in a few easy steps. Moreover, the number of documents that one has to produce are fewer compared to other nations. An Indian Medical visa is available to patients from Rwanda, for higher medical treatment. Patients should seek appointments with the most renowned hospitals. Two medical attendants are allowed to accompany the patient to India. Attendants will directly receive their medical attendant visas.

In order to get the visa, the applicant has to fill a form, and have to produce two passport size photos.  A letter from the local Rwanda doctor is required, specifying better treatment. An invitation or surgery prescription is also required from an Indian doctor and hospital. The patient has to provide proof of funds, ID, and address proof as well. Moreover, the Rwanda national has to produce a passport copy, and it should have a minimum of six months’ validity. Taking the yellow fever vaccine is a mandate as well. It needs to be taken at least two weeks, prior to arrival in India. Upon arrival in India, the patient and the attendants will be picked up from the airport by a designated car rental agency.

Additionally, the consultant arranging the entire tour, will help in first face-to-face contact of the patient with the doctor.

Top Hospitals For Hip Replacement Surgery In India

You will be amazed to know that special surgery packages for Rwanda patients in India are now available at the top hospitals. The cost of hip replacement surgery in India is extremely low. The surgery cost in India is about 1/10 th of that of the other developed nations. In India, a Rwanda national might have to shell out USD $10,500 -12,000. Whereas, the same treatment costs upwards of USD $ 45,000 in the US and the UK. Therefore, India is the favored place for a surgery of this nature. The costing also includes medical prosthetics and insertions. Cost of treatment can vary a bit, depending on market conditions. You should know about the top hospitals offering surgery for hip replacement.

Primus Super Speciality Hospital

Primus Super Specialty Hospital in New Delhi is one of the topmost hospitals for treatment and surgery related to knee ailments. It is a very popular hospital with all the latest medical equipment and top doctors. There are at least 190 beds at the hospital. Fortis Memorial Research Institute is amongst the top hospitals for hip replacement in India. The patients receive top medical care at the hospital. The hospital makes use of advanced medical and surgical processes. You will be amazed to meet a panel of the most renowned doctors or Orthopedic surgeons. Expert specialists like anaesthesiologists, and rehabilitation experts or physiotherapists are available as well. There is no way, you cannot be successfully complete the surgery. Success in the surgery is guaranteed with such a team of experts.

BLK Super Speciality hospitals

BLK Super specialty Hospitals is also one of the prominent places, where Rwandans are heading for treatment and surgery of the hip joint. The centre has the best panel of Orthopedics for such complicated surgeries. It is also located in New Delhi, the capital of India. You will come across cutting-edge diagnostic procedures when it comes to surgeries. The doctors can analyze if the patient needs a semi-replacement or a complete replacement. You can try out the services of the consultants, if you are a Rwanda national. They will help you to the core, on a foreign land.

Moreover, you need assistance of a local to proceed through the stages of treatment and surgery. After all the procedures are over, you can go for a tour to the hill station to recuperate. Or, you can also go for alternative healing modalities post-surgery. The best treatment awaits you in the Indian sub-continent. Visit the tropical nation for hip replacement treatment in India, in a successful manner.

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