Lung Cancer Treatment – An Option of a Second Life For Rwanda Patients Traveling to India

India is becoming popular with the Africans located in the Rwanda district and is trying to seek medical treatments overseas as it is more affordable and with highly skilled doctors. The lung cancer treatment cost in India is one of the primary reasons to choose this country. When it comes to healthcare, it is expensive to get visas to different countries. But when it comes to India, it is not the case, within a week you will get the visa. The treatment provided by the Indian Doctors and hospitals is comparatively cheaper than the rest of the countries.

The Global health workforce alliance said in the reporting year 2015 that Sub-Saharan Africa and the areas around Rwanda were facing a severe shortage of health care professionals. They also lacked the proper health care coverage for the ones who needed the right medical treatment.

A place that carries the highest rates of communicable diseases like Malaria, Tuberculosis, AIDS, and others. A recent medical report states that Africa suffers around 24% of the diseases. However, the supply of doctors is only 2%. Furthermore, they use to spend only 1% on the global health infrastructure.

If we talk about the year 2015, then near to about 40,000 Africans from different parts like Rwanda and Nigeria visited India. They came here because of various medical reasons like transplant surgery, joint replacement or dental surgery, and other severe medical issues.

Now you might think that why are the people of Rwanda and Africa visiting India for medical care and treatment?

Reasons Why Rwanda Patients Choose India For Advanced Healthcare Facilities

India has been a global leader when it comes to medical tourism since the 1990s decade. India has highly qualified doctors for the treatments and care is provided by the WHO (world health organization). Along with this, the patients are also given top-quality doctors and hospitals. Also, many international patients especially from Rwanda come to India because medical costs are a lot cheaper as compared to the US and UK. If the patient goes to such a medically developed country for treatment, the price and costs are very high as compared to that of India.

For example, a lung cancer treatment in India costs $8,000 but the same if you go to a different country like the US or UK then it will cost around $19,000 in the US.

If the treatment is done in India, so it includes regular medical check-ups, follow-ups, consultancy, surgery, and drugs. Along with the medical facilities, they also get the amities like air-conditioned rooms with food while they halt in the hospital.

The Indian government is also providing additional benefits and incentives to attract international patients. The tourism packages like providing the companion with a discounted travel cost who has come along accompanying the patient.

The patients of Rwanda who are speaking basic to intermediate English do not face any problems while having treatment here in India. As India is the 2nd highest country of people speaks in English.

From Rwanda, there are a lot of people are traveling to India for medical reasons because of the lack of quality of good medical treatment, care, and hospital facilities in India. Patients suffering from various diseases like kidney disorders, lung cancer, joint pain, and others come down to India for treatment.

Medical Visas from Rwanda: –

If we call about a medical visa then it is comparatively easy to get a medical visa to India. All you need is a treatment letter from any of the reputed hospitals in India. The hospital authorities also send the visa invitation letter to the Indian embassy based on your country of living; this also makes the process very fast. With the help of the companies like “Al Afiya Medi Tour consultants”, one can get the best quotations from the hospitals and the doctors for personalized treatment. Thus, the treatment for lung cancer in India becomes a smooth process for the Rwandans.

What is the procedure for the Medical Visa for the people of Rwanda?

You need to apply for the e-medical visa at least four working days with a window of 120 days. You will receive your e-Visa approval letter before you leave for India from Rwanda. Once you reach India for the treatment, you can stay here for a maximum of 2 months. The applicants can also visit the site for more information about applying for the visa online.

  1. The patient needs to have a filled–in visa application form completed and duly signed by the applicant.
  2. Two passport-sized latest photographs.
  3. A letter from the local hospital recommending further treatment in India.
  4. A Letter from the medical institution in India mentioning the name and the passport number of the patient.
  5. Proof of the availability of funds for the treatment.
  6. The medical history of the applicant.
  7. Referral letters from the local hospital and the invitation letter from the Indian hospital.
  8. Attach the photo of the bio page from the passport.

Services Of High Class International Standards From The Al Afiya Medi Tour Consultants To Rwandans

The Al Afiya Medi Tour consultants are leading in medical tourism in India these days. If you are from Rwanda or any from any other part of Africa and you need any kind of treatment then you can get in touch with them for getting the best consultants. The Al Afiya Medi Tour consultants take care of various aspects for a complete treatment plan. Some of them include medical visa arrangements, tours around the city, first-time consultations with doctors, and others. You will also be able to connect with the best oncologists at the network hospitals of the Al Afiya Medi Tour in India. The experts will also analyze the ailment and offers them a proper and best diagnosis like no one else.

They also provide the best tie-ups in the major cities in India with the best treatment for you is here awaiting. All you need to do is leave all your worries behind before you board your flight. Forget all your worries about the accommodation, food and other facilities because at our center you will be getting the best treatments you deserve in India. Moreover, you will get treatment from the best doctors. The cost of the treatment will also be highly affordable.

The experts and the medical doctors must treat cancer in the best way. However,  but this is not happening in Rwanda.

According to Rwanda Medical Association or RMA, there are only two oncologists available in Rwanda. They are specialists in treating cancer. But the supply is insufficient according to the needs of a country with a population of 12 million. A lot of the Rural and remote areas of Rwanda are underserved by the health workers. This scenario is getting worse day by day as the number of people who are affected due to this is increasing.

The medical staff of Rwanda does not even have adequate treatment centers. Moreover, the medical facilities are not sufficient to serve them with even the primary healthcare needs of the increasing population of the country. Therefore, they must go for lung cancer treatment in India for the desired result.

Special Medical treatment packages for Rwanda patients in Indian Hospitals

Al Afia medi tour consultants are the best for medical tours in India. They also have their branches at various places. For the process, the patient first undergoes the diagnosis. It again also depends on how far and how severely cancer has affected the body. If diagnosed at a later stage like for example in lung cancer then the cancerous cells may spread across the body. Then in such a condition, the only option left is chemotherapy.

Lung cancer is available in India by the best Doctors at a low cost. The cancer surgeries are a little complicated. These complications are handled by the best surgeons with high–end technologies and with proper outcomes. Hand–made and budget-friendly packages are available with the Al Afiya tour consultancy. If you are from Rwanda or any neighboring country then you should India for the cancer treatment and the surgery. The hospitals for lung cancer treatment in India will provide you with the best medical guidance.

You will be provided with the best diagnosis and treatment plan in India. By doing, you will be increasing your lifespan with life-saving surgeries at one-tenth of the cost. The best technologies and caring hands are awaiting here at the Indian hospitals to serve you. The hospital network of the Al Afiya is giving you an option of second life, so what are you waiting for? Board your flight and visit India for your treatment.

What is lung cancer surgery?

Lung cancer begins in the cell of the lung and depends on its size. It can either be a small cell lung cancer or a non-small cell lung cancer. Both these types behave differently, both of them need to be treated differently. Both the treatment option for lung cancer are based on factors like the type, stage, and size of the cancer cell.

How much does lung treatment cost in India?

If the cancer cell is in the initial stage, then the cost of lung cancer treatment in India is approximate with Rs. 4,00,000 to 7,00,000 INR, if it is in the severe level then it costs 25,00,000 INR.

What are the different types of Lung cancer treatment?

The doctors and the oncologists will examine each case separately and will guide you with the treatment based on the health condition and the cancer stage of the patient. They may recommend 3 types of treatment: –

  1. Surgery – This involves pneumonectomy (removal of the lung), lobectomy ( the removal of the lobe), etc. Now, the procedure is based upon the health of the patient and the nature of cancer the patient is diagnosed with.
  2. Chemotherapy: – This treatment uses the drugs which are given to the patients, it is the most common method and can also kill cancerous cells.
  3. Radiation therapy – The cancer cells are also targeted and killed with the help of the high beams of radiation. It helps to eliminate the cancerous cells.

Lung cancer treatment in India?

Lung cancer is a leading cause of causalities globally. This medical condition is difficult to diagnose in the earlier stages, it also reaches a critical stage by the time the doctor detects it. Lung cancer affects all age groups and it is found more in elderly people. The rate of a lung cancer patient is just 3% patients in the population of the age 45 years or below it.

The low cost of lung cancer treatment in India is one of the important reasons why patients across the globe are traveling for lung cancer treatment as compared to the other countries, lung cancer treatment cost in India is less than the rest of the countries. The costs for lung cancer treatment depend on the chosen procedure, the chosen hospital, and the faculty.

Usually in India, Chemotherapy is combined with other treatments to make sure that the patient is given complete medication and is cured properly. So, the patients across Rwanda and other parts of Africa welcome you to the land of specialized doctors with the best treatment and medication. With the incredible approaches of medical tours, you can have the best treatment for lung cancer in India.


It is a crucial point to note that India has a great infrastructure concerning medical treatments. Furthermore, foreigners coming from Rwanda and the nearby places can enjoy high-level facilities. Al Afiya provides extravagant medi tours at pocket-friendly rates to suit specific medical purposes. Therefore, let the specialists know the reason for your suffering. The medical practitioners of the country will give their best efforts to gift a new life.

The specially-designed medical packages are available in the top-rated hospitals like Apollo, Narayana Super Speciality hospitals, and many others. Therefore, study the best features of the clinics and be a part of the incredible medi tours. Your treatment cost will be favorable as you choose India for the critical surgeries and further treatment.


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