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Liver cancer or hepatic cancer has other names as primary hepatic cancer or primary hepatic malignancy. The primary liver cancer begins in the liver or if the liver malignancy is secondary, it has spread from elsewhere to the liver. The process of spread in the secondary liver cancer is known as liver metastasis. Besides, secondary liver cancer is more common than primary liver cancer.

It is the sixth-most frequent cancer. Further, it is the fourth-leading cause of death from cancer. The higher rates of liver cancer are present where hepatitis B and C are common. These areas include certain countries in Asia and Africa. In fact, liver cancer is more common in men. Your doctor is generally able to diagnose it more in men with ages 55 to 65 years.

If you are diagnosed with liver cancer and are specifically looking for liver transplant surgery in India along with other types of treatment for the same, you are on the right site. In addition to it, if you are from Ethiopia, Al Afiya Medi Tour is here to introduce you to the best hospitals and liver transplant doctors in India.

The general treatment methods for liver cancer basically include surgery, targeted therapy, and radiation therapy but specific treatment for you may vary. Your doctor may prescribe ablation therapy, embolization therapy, or liver transplantation according to your condition.

Cause of Liver Cancer

Liver cancer may occur due to different causes and risk factors. Some of them are here below-

  1. Viral Infection-
    The chief cause of liver cancer in the world today is a viral infection with hepatitis C and hepatitis B virus. Viral infection results in nearly 80% of liver malignancy in today’s world. The role of viral infection is less clear. However, coexistence of HBV and hepatitis D virus in infection can result in liver cancer. HBV and HCV can induce malignant changes by causing DNA damage and genomic instability.
  2. Liver cirrhosis

Apart from viral cirrhosis of liver, there can be other causes of liver cirrhosis that can further lead to liver cancer. One of them is alcohol-induced liver cirrhosis. Also, hereditary disorders such as haemochromatosis and primary biliary cirrhosis can cause liver cancer.

  1. Aflatoxin

The exposure to aflatoxin in food or workplace can lead to hepatic cell carcinoma. Aflatoxins basically are a group of chemicals that the fungi Aspergillus flavus produces. Among the contaminated food stuff are cereals, peanuts, and other vegetables that are exposed to the aflatoxins. These toxins introduce a series of mutations that are presumably in conjunction with other aflatoxin-induced mutations.

  1. Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease-

It has been recently included in the risk factors of liver cancer. The most common causative factor in case of liver cancer that leads to liver transplant is nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

  1. Lifestyle Factors-

Smoking, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes are the common lifestyle factors that increase the risk of liver cancer in men and women.

  1. Liver Fluke Infection-

It increases the risk of liver cancer.

Apart from the ones mentioned, other factors predisposing to liver cancer can also be found with thorough research. 

How will your doctor diagnose your liver cancer?

Your doctor will begin with assessing your symptoms, knowing your family history, knowing your past history, and further analyzing your habits and diet. After the case-taking, your doctor will advise the following tests to conclude the diagnosis-

  1. Imaging Studies-
    Imaging studies like ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI scan can be done to analyse the liver image. Large lesions are likely to be HCC. For instance, a mass greater than 2 cm has more than 95% chance of being HCC than any other liver disease. ERCP can help as well.
  2. Liver Biopsy-
    Some doctors prefer to advise liver biopsy  in case imaging studies are unclear or  to get a final confirmation.
  3. Tumor Markers-
    Presence of chemicals in the blood of people with cancer, can be helpful in diagnosing and monitoring the course of liver cancer in you. In many cases of HCC and intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, high levels of alpha-fetoprotein are there.
    Tumor markers like CA 19-9, CEA, CA125 can help in indicating presence of cancer including liver cancer in your body.

After diagnosis, your doctor will help you get the treatment which is the best-suited to your body.

Here’s how you can get liver cancer treatment in India

With your passport, you can apply for an Indian Visa at the Indian Embassy in Ethiopia before you can fly to India for liver transplant surgery in India and other treatments needed in your cancer. Al Afiya Medi Tour will help you through the process.

Moreover, due to the availability of the best hospitals with international standards of treatment, Ethiopian patients can have a secure treatment here. They can use their insurance cover at many Indian hospitals. We help you connect with the best liver transplant doctors in India in a low liver transplant cost in India.

Liver transplant cost in India is comparatively much lower than that in the other countries in the globe despite the usage of latest research and technology, updated medicines and tests. The cost may vary between USD 4600 to USD 5000 for the treatment. You can get the tickets for 800 to 1500 USD.

The residential cost will depend on the facilities you need.


  1. How can I begin the treatment?

Ans. You can get the treatment as soon as you want. For more information, you can email us at  , or call us.

  1. Will I need to send my reports first?

Ans. Yes, you will need to send your reports. Once we receive them, we will forward it to a specialist. Further we will guide you according to the doctors’ suggestions.

  1. Will I know the doctor’s details?

Ans. Definitely, you will get the doctors’ details before you decide for consultation. We can arrange for a skype consultation initially.

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