Medical Tourism in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE – News, Updates, Guides, and Trends

Ranked as 2nd and 3rd medical tourist destination by the World Bank respectively, Dubai and Abu Dhabi stay at the top of medical tourist destinations in the Arab region.

It is because of the heavy investment by the government there. It can be verified with the developments by the Emirati government to market and promote the medical facilities. These facilities are enough to attract foreign patients who look for excellent healthcare in this region.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have multiple state-of-the-art hospitals and medical tourism companies in Dubai that have been attracting patients even from completely developed nations around the world. These medicines add to the tourism in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE along with the tourists who come as the regular visitors of these regions.

Without much doubt, the UAE has been a site for prime medical tourism for decades now. This has happened because the government here has invested to form a strong and reliable healthcare infrastructure and advanced and updated medical equipment and technologies. UAE is a residence of foreign-trained specialists and physicians who use the latest technology housed at state-of-the-art medical facilities.

These regions put out schemes that can club your vacation with medical tourism. Al Afiya Medi Tour can help you with the same. In case you need to come to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, we are here to assist you to connect with the best hospitals and doctors here. We also help in finding for you a nearby and comfortable accommodation.

News Regarding Medical Tourism in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE

It has been believed that Dubai could attract nearly 500000 medical tourists in the year 2020 if the pandemic was not prevalent in the same year. It had already welcomed nearly 337,011 foreign medical travelers in 2018 posting 5.5% year-to-year growth touching $3.2 billion or Dh 12.1 billion.

The statistics of the UAE determine that visitors spend nearly $276 million on health tourism.

The participation of Dubai in the World Travel Market in the year 2019 in London has further improved the chances of the country becoming a globally recognized medical and wellness tourism destination at a much larger level.

The reasons for its boost include the joint venture of the Medical Tourism Association and Dubai Healthcare City that is highly particular about the instructive and preparatory workshops. These instructive and preparatory workshops work towards training the medical professional which in turn adds quality to the medical tourism in these regions. With the increase in medical tourism and the growth that is anticipated by the analysts, there is growth in even the job vacancies in the medical field. In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and many other regions of UAE, the healthcare staff is planning to offer employment to more than 3,000 private sector staff members.

In order to main source markets including GCC, Europe, Africa, Russia, and China, these places have been managed by more than 70 member groups. These strong supportive factors make Dubai potent enough to welcome and offer competitive treatment of international standards to nearly the number that it targets of attracting, which is 500,000 medical travelers by 2021.

Updates of Medical Tourism in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE

Dubai has updated its bar for medical professionals. The work done includes:-


Carrying out preparatory sessions that improve the efficacy and work of the medical professionals-

In Dubai, the management and supervisory authority are assuring the standards of trainees that can work as health care professionals. The preparatory session at the Academic Medical Center, in Dubai Healthcare city sit for Certified Medical Tourism Professional Exam, which the Medical Tourism Association offers has been made compulsory for the trainees who wish to serve or get a job in Dubai as a healthcare professional.

Renee-Marie Stephano, President of Medical Tourism Association believes, ‘the documentation is a part of the process and is essential as the certification guarantees the proficiency of the services acknowledged by healthcare dealers, medical insurance bodies, government organizations and the assisting travel agencies all over the world.’

They plan to expand the market and diversify the services-

Since the region is serving a lot of medical tourists and plans to serve more, it has an ongoing plan to open 8 Private and 4 Government hospitals. Dubai plans to devote the private hospitals to essentially assure complete care of the patients from Commonwealth of Independent states that include the regions of Belarus, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan, and also the regions of South Asia and Arabian Gulf Nations.

Dubai plans to include the services of plastic surgery, dermatology, dental treatments, ophthalmology, and skincare in the area of its latest medical facilities that can form part of recent medical tourism. The top medical facilities already prevalent here include Orthopedics, sports medicine, dermatology, and dentistry, and fertility treatments                                                   

Strategies of the government are working towards improving medical tourism in these areas-


The government-backed strategies not only uplift the existing healthcare system but are also capable of creating attractive value propositions for travelers who seek medical treatments in the UAE.

Launch of the phase-wise strategic development plan in 2014 works in the favor-

This strategic planning included the first phase until 2016 and the next phase till 2020-21. Within this plan, there was a target to build 22 hospitals, which further included 18 private and 4 public hospitals. This was done to lay emphasis on substantial capacity-building in private sector hospitals.

The goal was to make private hospitals target patients from the CIS region, South Asia, and Arab countries.

Guides for Medical Tourism in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE

Here are special guidelines for medical tourists who plan to seek medical treatment in these regions-

You shall seek approval from your physician or medical provider before planning a leisure trip to the selected destinations in order to avoid the last-minute hassle and cancellation.

You should have proof of your treatment and visa at all times.

The patient and the attendant are required to keep all your medications, including the ones to be used during an emergency, with you during your entire trip. Loss of medications can create another medical emergency.

You are advised to seek advice from your physician whether you need to take any precautions or avoid certain activities. This is important in case you have planned a leisure vacation as well along with the treatment.

In case of need, you can interact with the locals for advice on where to eat and stay.

Most importantly, Al Afiya Medi Tour helps you choose an accommodation near-by your hospital.

Trends for Medical Tourism in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE

Here are the trends that have been recently observed in the medical tourism of the specified regions:-

The patients are now shifting from being a patient in care shifts from ‘fee for service’ to the one in ‘fee for quality’.

There has been a change observed in the demand scenario as well. Here are specialized hospitals, daycare centers, and centers of excellence that have higher demand than the increase in beds in general hospitals. This works in favor of a hike in medical tourism.

More than 60% of surgeries can be conducted under the day-care facility structure now. This makes the treatment more convenient for the patient and the attendants and saves their amounts of money as well.

It is estimated that Dubai will need more beds to meet the growing healthcare demand by the year 2030.

Dubai and the other regions now have high-class healthcare facilities with high operation efficiency. These regions have the potential to reap 15-20% net profit margins within a few years of establishment and stabilization of operation.

Since there is a compulsion for health insurance, it has significantly increased the demand in the healthcare sector.

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