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The famous saying “Health is Wealth” has lots of importance in the present age. Changes in lifestyle and diet are the main reasons for several diseases nowadays.

The famous saying “Health is Wealth” has lots of importance in the present age. Changes in lifestyle and diet are the main reasons for several diseases nowadays. Medical Tourism is the process of traveling to other countries to receive medical care. An increase in the occurrences of deadly diseases, availability of highly sophisticated medical and diagnostic equipment, availability of economical health care are some of the reasons for the growing popularity of medical tourism.
There was a trend in the initial days of medical tourism where people from under-developed or developing countries travel to highly developed countries for treatments and surgeries which were unavailable at home. In recent years, low-cost medical care has made people from developed countries go to developing countries. The perfect example is People from the US and UK who travel to India and other developing countries for complex surgeries and other health care needs.

Major Contributors for the Rise in Medical Tourism in India

• Low-Cost Treatments

Low-cost treatments are a major factor attracting foreigners to India. In their homeland, they spend double or triple the amount for medical care compared to the Indian cost of treatments. The treatments such as ovarian cancer treatment, lung cancer treatment costs in India are much cheaper when compared to the costs in the developed countries. Complex surgeries happen in India at a very minimal cost with utmost quality and care.

• Quality Health Care

Though the costs are low, there is no compromise in the quality of care provided in the hospitals in India. Every hospital ensures that quality standards are maintained in providing post-operative care, pain and palliative care, patient safety, prevention, and control of infections. The doctors and nurses are highly qualified and come with excellent expertise gaining the trust of the westerners to prefer India for their medical needs.

• Traditional Types of Treatments

Many patients come to India for treatments for deadly diseases as the last option to recover and come back to life. The traditional methods of treatments such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy have proved to cure many cases when Allopathy or English medicines failed. Many people from the west prefer Ayurveda for bone marrow treatment in India. Unani and Naturopathy are the other options preferred for breast cancer treatment in India.

• Availability of Modern Equipment

The availability of the latest medical technology and most modern equipment attracts many people from other countries to choose India as their destination for health care. Liver Transplant and Kidney Transplant in India is performed with the help of the most modern diagnostic equipment within an affordable budget. Patients target India for specialized care which requires the use of modern technology or equipment.

There are many top medical tourism companies in India like Al-Afiya Medi Tour, which act as the agencies between the hospitals and patients from abroad ensuring them the best medical treatment available in the country.
Medical Tourism in India is gaining much popularity in recent years. According to research, in 2015, India was ranked as the third most popular destination for medical treatments. Medanta Hospital and Fortis Hospital Gurgaon, India is the most famous hospitals where the majority of foreign nationals come for treatments and other medical services. It’s indeed a matter of pride and happiness that we, as a developing nation are able to provide solace for many patients globally.

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