Top 5 Knee Surgeons in India

The knee is one of the most important joints in our body as it has the responsibility of supporting the entire weight of the body which makes it particularly prone to stress and strain. The aim of undergoing a Knee Surgery is to improve mobility and to reduce the discomfort associated with knee injuries and diseases.

What causes painful knees?

There are a lot of aspects and activities that can lead to painful knees. From cartilage breakdown to infections in the joint, practically any kind of arthritis can affect the knee, and cause pain and swelling. Knee surgery becomes the go-to option for many when the pain refuses to subside by conventional medicines and non-invasive treatments.

People all around the world are affected by knee problems. This problem is generally found among people who are over 50 years of age and those who are overweight. Other reasons for knee pain can be health complications such as bursitis, arthritis, tears in the ligaments, osteoarthritis of the joints, or infections. Millions of people undergo knee surgery per annum and how quickly they recover depends on circumstances such as their age, the severity, location of the injury, and pre-existing conditions, such as arthritis, etc.

Different types of knee surgery

Knee surgery generally refers to total knee replacement or knee arthroplasty. There are two known ways to perform knee surgery. It can be done arthroscopically or openly. Special techniques and the latest implants ensure that the person would get back his/her natural movements. It covers major surgeries like total and partial knee replacement surgery and less meddling procedures like knee arthroscopy.

Total joint replacement

This is one of the most common knee surgeries that are done worldwide; in this, a prosthesis made from metal, ceramic, and/or plastic components is used to replace the damaged knee joint. This is only a viable option when the damage is beyond repair and actually interferes with the functioning of the joint in the day to day life, causing pain that doesn’t subside with conservative therapies.


Being a minimally invasive procedure, Arthroscopy is performed by making small incisions in the skin over the knee. A lighted scope and thin instruments are injected through this incision to perform the surgery.

This type of surgery is most effective for the following conditions

  • To remove and repair the torn meniscus
  • To remove loose bodies in the joint
  • To trim torn pieces of joint cartilage
  • To perform Synovectomy or to remove an inflamed joint lining
  • To repair a torn cruciate ligament


In Osteotomy, a surgeon reshapes the bones and repositions them to shift the weight off the damaged portion of the knee. It is only feasible if the damage to your knee is localized to one section. This surgery helps relieve pain and improve functionality, primarily if a total knee replacement is deemed as too risky or if the patient isn’t ready yet. This is also used as a correctional procedure for broken knees that haven’t healed properly.

Knee Surgery OR Knee Replacement in India

India has a history of surgical excellence dating as far back as 600 B.C, and it is no doubt home to ground-breaking scientific innovations — a legacy that is kept proud even today. Surgeons and other medical practitioners from the nation find themselves among the elite professionals in their fields, and the healthcare infrastructure in India is nothing short of the latest and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure success.

Performing thousands of successful knee surgeries for years, Indian surgeons are at the forefront in terms of quality and experience. Experts in the field offer total and partial knee replacement, arthroscopic knee surgery, and knee ligament reconstruction.

Why the Knee Surgeons in India are recognized as the best surgeons?

  • Top knee surgeons in India are not only highly qualified but also have a lot of experience performing thousands of successful knee surgeries at the Best Knee Surgery Hospital in India. The surgeries and treatments that knee specialists offer include total and partial knee replacement, arthroscopic knee surgery, and knee ligament reconstruction (including anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction).
  • Best Knee Replacement Surgeons India has created a reputation for providing superlative and revolutionary Surgery to their clients. Patients from around the world visit India every year with various knee problems. Quality that sets Indian knee surgeons apart from others is that the surgeons not only have good communicating skills but are also good listeners. They provide a beforehand guide about the details and requirements of the surgery, helping the patients to be ready both mentally and physically.
  • Top knee surgeons in India are highly educated with vast work experience both in India and abroad giving them the much-needed edge over the other surgeons around the world.

Top 5 knee surgery and knee replacement surgeons in India

  1. Ashok Rajgopal
  2. Vikram. I. Shah
  3. Sujit Korday
  4. Shreedhar Archik
  5. Niraj Garg

Knee Surgery in India

Knee surgery in India is not only cost-effective, but treatment is also provided in the best medical facilities. With low cost being the main selling point, the cost differential across the board is considerable. It is only a tenth and sometimes even a sixteenth of the cost in the West.

Here is a quick look at the mind-boggling figures of the Orthopedic Department in the Indian Healthcare Industry:

  • 15000+ hospitals
  • 875000+ hospital beds
  • 500000+ doctors
  • 737000+ nurses
  • 170+ medical colleges
  • 350000+ retail pharmacies
  • 18000+ new doctors every year


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