Liver Transplant

Liver Transplant

A liver transplant is a surgery that replaces a patient’s diseased liver with a whole or partial healthy liver from another person. In this procedure, the surgeon removes a liver that no longer functions properly (liver failure) and replaces it with a healthy liver from a living or deceased donor.

Liver Transplant - Overview

Liver Transplant

A liver transplant is a surgery that replaces a patient’s diseased liver with a whole or partial healthy liver from another person. In this procedure, the surgeon removes a liver that no longer functions properly (liver failure) and replaces it with a healthy liver from a living or deceased donor. Like other cancer treatments, Liver cancer treatment also depends on the stage of the condition. In this case, most of the top hospitals in India remove just the part that needs attention and use multidisciplinary teams (MDTs). If the whole liver is infected, only then the Liver transplant treatment is done. This treatment is done by replacing a donor’s liver to the patient. Liver cancer treatment is done in the cases when the family has a history of liver cancer, excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking, diabetes, liver disease, low immunity, etc. are known.

Liver Transplant - Symptoms

Liver Transplant

There are no detectable signs in the early stages of primary Liver cancer. Your doctor may recommend a liver transplant if you are at the end-stage liver disease. A person with this condition will eventually die without a transplant. A doctor may also suggest a liver transplant if all other treatments for liver disease aren’t enough to keep a person alive.

Liver transplants are recommended for chronic liver disease or if liver failure happens very quickly. Cirrhosis is one of the most common reasons why adults need liver transplants. Cirrhosis replaces healthy liver tissue with scarred tissue. Some of the common causes of cirrhosis include:

  • chronic hepatitis B or chronic hepatitis C
  • nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
  • autoimmune hepatitis
  • alcohol abuse
  • biliary atresia, liver disease in newborns
  • metabolic disorders

Your doctor will also consider other factors when determining if you need a liver transplant. These factors may include:

  • your overall physical condition
  • your mental well-being
  • the severity of your condition
  • other medical conditions you have
  • a history of tuberculosis and chronic infections like HIV
  • level of support from your family or friends

Liver Transplant - Pre-Procedure

Liver Transplant

If your doctor recommends a liver transplant, you will need to bring all previous doctor records, X-rays, liver biopsy slides, and a record of medications to your pre-evaluation for a liver transplant. To update previous tests, some or all of the following tests and studies are performed before the surgery. If you’re suitable for a liver transplant and once the good news of the donor’s availability is confirmed, you’ll normally need to be placed on a waiting list until a donor’s liver becomes available. Once the patient and the donor’s liver matches, the transplantation will start. The standard waiting time for a liver transplant is 142 days for adults, then the specialist doctors sit with the family of the patients to explain the entire process and the risk involved. A written agreement is signed. After completion of all the formalities, the patient is kept on the “Nil by Mouth” diet which means the patient only intakes fluid with the use of IV drip.

Liver Transplant - During Procedure

Liver Transplant

Your Liver transplantation surgery includes a team of the best liver hospital in India that includes a hematologist, an anesthesiologist and paramedical support. Generally, it takes around 6 hours to 12 hours to complete the process. Once all the monitoring devices are placed and anesthesia is given to the patient, a tube is connected to the ventilator and inserted into the lungs. As the final part, the surgeon will remove the bile duct; the liver that needs a transplant is replaced with the donor’s liver.

Liver Transplant - Post-Procedure

Liver Transplant

Post your liver transplantation surgery you can expect around six months or more recovery time before you’ll feel fully healed. You may be able to resume back to your normal activities or go back to work a few months after your surgery. The recovery time after the surgery depends on how ill you were before your liver transplant.

Just after your liver transplant, you can expect to:

  • Possibly stay in the intensive care unit for a few days.
  • Spend 5 to 10 days in the hospital
  • Have frequent checkups as you continue recovering at home
  • Take medications for the rest of your life


Liver Transplant - Risk & Complications

Liver Transplant

Generally liver transplant treatment is very successful but as there are always some sort of risk and complications associated with each treatment, there are several risks and complications associated with liver transplant as well that involve the symptoms your body attacking the new liver (rejection) the new liver not working properly, there is a blockage or leak in one of your bile. Liver transplant surgery is not an easy surgery yet the positive side is the success rate has been high; however one should be ready for the outcome which can be both.


Liver Transplant - Doctors

Liver Transplant
  • Dr. Subhash Gupta

    Dr. Subhash Gupta

    Chairman , Fellowship, MS, MBBS

    Surgical Gastroenterologist

    37 years of experience

  • Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary

    Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary

    Consultant , MBBS, MS, Fellowship

    Surgical Gastroenterologist

    10 years of experience

  • Dr. Vivek Vij

    Dr. Vivek Vij



    17 years of experience

  • Dr. A. S. Soin

    Dr. A. S. Soin

    Chairman , MBBS, MS, FRCS, FRCS

    Liver Transplant Surgeon

    30 years of experience

  • Dr. Giriraj Bora

    Dr. Giriraj Bora

    Additional Director , MCh, MS, MBBS

    Surgical Gastroenterologist

    16 years of experience

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Liver Transplant

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    Liver Transplant
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