Why Choose Medical Tourism for Your Oncology Surgery?

When you decide to travel to another country from your current place of residence for medical care, it is known as medical tourism. There are thousands of residents from countries like Ethiopia, Nigeria, and other parts of Africa who contribute to medical tourism in India. Not only from the regions of Africa but the regions of places like the USA; have people preferred to get their medical treatment done in another country.

Why does it happen? People are wondering about the need for medical tourism. Some may wonder about the need to travel to another country to get health care. While there are many reasons for the same, some of them include-

Lower Cost: In most forms of treatment for medical emergencies like cancer, India offers an affordable range of international standards of treatment.

Friendly Culture: The patient and the attendant crave a warm welcome and proper care when they travel to another country. Due to its ancient culture, Indians are highly receptive towards national and international guests.

Unavailable or Unapproved procedure: Sometimes, a certain procedure is not available in the country of the resident, and hence, the need for travel arises.

Mostly the reasons for medical tourism trips can include dental care, surgery, cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, organ and tissue transplantation, and cancer treatment.

For your oncology surgery in India, Al Afiya Medi Tour can help you connect with the best oncology hospitals in India. We will also assist you to connect with the best doctors available for oncology treatment in India.

Here is what you need to take care of in your medical tourism to India

Once you have decided to travel to India, you need to consult your doctor to take care of the following points:

  1. Avoid Infectious Diseases-

 Doctors in India will advise you to take your current medications on time and wear masks while you travel. They know that your medical procedure has a certain associated risk of complications, and hence they take complete care to avoid the complications like infectious diseases by keeping the environment hygienic and clean.

  1. Enquire about your Antibiotic resistance-

 Do let your doctor know in India in case you have prior antibiotic resistance. It is a concern and a global problem but you can save the complications or develop a new antibiotic resistance by letting your doctor know your complete medical and medication history.

  1. Quality of Care-

 India does not compromise with the quality of care it offers to its patient despite maintaining the international standards of treatment. Indian hospitals assure maintaining licensure, credentialing, and accreditation that is required as per the international standards. India uses permitted and well-researched medicines and high-quality medical devices for oncology treatment. 

  1. Fluent communication-

  Communicating with staff at the destination and healthcare facility may be challenging due to the language barrier. Receiving care at a facility where you do not speak the language fluently could lead to misunderstandings about your care. Hence, Al Afiya Medi Tour will ensure that you connect with doctors that can understand your spoken language by themselves or through mediators. Doctors in India are usually well-versed in English that has become a global language.

  1. Safe Air Travel-

 Flying after surgery can increase the risk for blood clots, including deep vein thrombosis. If you get chest or abdominal surgery, you will be guided by your doctor in India not to travel by air for at least 10 days to avoid risks associated with changes in atmospheric pressure.

  1. Proper follow-up and Continuity of Care- 

 You will need to have a follow-up with your doctor. The medical staff here is very friendly and assures regular communication with the patient and attendants.

Why choose India for your oncology treatment?

Among the many reasons to get your oncology treatment in India, some of them are listed below-


  • Talented Surgeons for cancer treatment are available in India-

 Surgeons India is known for their talent in oncology surgery and treatment. Due to the experience, the qualification they gain through their studies and career, oncologists in India find it easier to qualify for even the toughest surgery and the cost is significantly reduced. Surgeons here are performing the oncology treatment procedures frequently, and as a result, many have become quite specialized in them.

  • Cost-effective oncology treatment in India-

When you compare India with the other developed countries, the cost of medical treatment in India is lower for cancer. Also, you can stay assured to get high standard treatment at a low cost in India, which includes your travel and accommodation as well. Al Afiya Medi Tour helps in residence and food in an affordable range as well.

  • Highly developed equipment and latest technology are there in India-

India is home to talented and experienced doctors and specialists offering high-class medical treatments for cancer with years of experience in the industry. To achieve the finesse and impression for every medical treatment, doctors in India use innovative techniques that would increase the patients’ recovery rate. The latest equipment and technology are discovered through various national and international research. The oncologists here stay connected with the latest research.


  • Indian hospitals offer comprehensive services-

The healthcare facilities that you will get in India are with end-to-end services right from the beginning to the initial consultation stage to travel or accommodation. Al Afiya Medi Tour will help you get everything in place. This ensures the patient can relax and focus on the treatment while in India and smoothly fly back to the place of residence. 

 We believe in taking care of the patient and the attendant as well.


  • It is easier to get a medical tourist visa to India-

When your documents are clear and not fake, a tourist visa to India can be easily available after paying the fees in Ethiopia only. Hospitals in India will always come to your help along with the Government of India in case of an actual medical emergency.

Because of the high success rate in medical procedures in oncology treatment in India, India has emerged as the top destination for medical tourism. Within India, places like New Delhi and Gurugram, are among the fastest-growing medical tourism destinations in India. These places are exclusively known for their medical packages for oncology treatment in India, and others at an affordable price at the medical facilities with a high standard of medical care.

Also, as India is a land of immense topological diversity, abundant reserves of culture and heritage, and extensive historical significance; patients from the international sphere find it easier to trust the doctors and oncologists in India.

Each senior oncologist here has taken multiple cases during his or her career. They are experts as per their qualifications and the kind of work they have done. Many doctors have certain records of surgeries to their credit.

You can always connect with Al Afiya Medi Tour to get your oncology treatment in India. You can leave an email at. You may also call us at. We revert at the earliest and ensure a comprehensive solution to your disease.

We wish you and your family the best of health ahead.

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