Kidney transplant in India

Are you suffering from kidney problems? Are you not able to lead a normal life due to kidney disease? Well, if you are willing to avail one of the most effective and convenient treatments for kidney problems then you have landed at the right place. Now you don’t need to brood here and there in search of information related to kidney disease. We all know the fact that kidney disease is a serious issue and it is important to get the treatment as soon as possible to reduce the risk factors ahead.

Mainly the kidney failure is the most common disease which requires getting a kidney transplant. A kidney transplant which is also known as a renal transplant is considered the best treatment for kidney failure at the end-stage renal disease. If you are wondering how to get the best kidney transplant surgery then you can directly rely on a Kidney transplant in India.

What is kidney transplant surgery?

There is no longer a need to endure the pain of undergoing dialysis for a lifetime. By getting kidney transplant surgery, you don’t have to brood over the Kidney transplant price in India. With kidney transplant surgery, you need to take the first step towards regaining your healthy and pain-free life back. The best thing about preferring kidney transplant surgery in India is that it allows you to access the benefits of robotics technology. Robotics technology has made the minimally invasive surgery with the absolute precision and accuracy possible and it ensures to provide great benefits to the patient. With the help of robotics technology, patients can access fast recovery with smaller scars and very less blood loss as well. The best things about the robotics technology are those kidney donors will not have any adverse effects on the donor and it will provide the patient with a second chance to live.

Now, understanding kidney transplant surgery in India is very cost-effective and also provides a wise choice for better treatment. India holds the ranking as one of the largest kidney transplant programs and second only to the United States. There are several Best Kidney transplant hospitals in India which ensure to provide the best treatment to the patient. Mainly India hospital provides quick treatment to overcome the disease with the best and most appropriate treatment plan. The team of doctors and the surgeons are highly experienced and proficient in dealing with the complications and ensure to offer holistic patient-centric care as well. Patients can be assured of being treated at the best hospital in India with the latest infrastructure and latest technology.

What does kidney transplant surgery involve?

If you are willing to know what actually kidney transplant surgery involves then it mainly requires a new kidney from the donor. We all know that you just need one kidney to lead a successful and healthy life. So if you have one healthy kidney then you don’t need to go through kidney transplant surgery. If your both kidney is affected then you need to get the new kidney to lead a healthy lifestyle. Your two original kidneys may remain in place and the new donor kidney will be placed in the other area kg your abdomen. During the process of kidney transplant surgery, the greater which is attached to the donor’s kidney is then attached to the bladder. If the kidney transplant surgery is successful then your new kidney will take over the tasks of filtering your blood as fir making urine as well as your normal kidney used to do.

The Kidney transplant success rate in India is extremely high. Many people from all around the globe or we can say from other countries prefer to get kidney transplant surgery in India. Everyone knows that India provides the most effective and successful surgery. You can rely on the best hospital in India to get kidney transplant surgery most effectively and cost-effectively. The success date of kidney transplant surgery in India is very high and impressive as well

Advantages of kidney transplant surgery in India:

There are numerous benefits of choosing India for kidney transplant surgery. If you are having kidney failure then you can consider kidney transplant surgery in India. A large number of patients from abroad travel to India every year for every type of organ transplant surgery including kidney transplant surgical procedures. Kidney transplant surgery is one of the most sought after the process for which people prefer to come to India. India is the country that has one of the largest living donor kidney transplant programs in the world.

The key benefits of choosing kidney transplant surgery in India include the following reason:

  • Kidney transplant hospitals in India are internationally accredited. The kidney transplant surgery hospital has been credited by the world-leading healthcare accreditation organization like Joint Commission International, National Accreditation Board for Hospital, and Healthcare Providers. Most of the hospitals are accredited by these boards which are evaluated for the quality of the patient service and also marked for the standard of the treatment and facility that is provided by India’s hospital.
  • The kidney transplant hospital of India has a world-class infrastructure with the latest technology. If we talk about the healthcare sector of India then it is a highly developed sector. Indian hospitals are fully equipped with the most sophisticated medical technology. The latest technology helps the surgeons to operate with more precision and accuracy to provide the bathroom success rate with minimal complications.
  • The best advantage of kidney transplant surgery in India is that the cost of kidney transplant surgery is highly economical and affordable. The kidney transplant cost in India is around USD 14000. The cost is very reasonable and affordable as well. Cost is the major benefit of choosing India. A patient from other countries was estimated to save up to 50 percent on the price if they undergo kidney transplant surgery in India. The biggest plus point is that the Average cost of Kidney transplants in India remains economical even after adding up the expense of air tickets or food, accommodation, and other facilities.
  • Indian surgeons are popular all around the world for their medical knowledge and expertise. Doctors have received extensive training.
  • If we talk about the success rate of kidney transplant surgery in India then the survival rate is very high. The survival rate of patients is up to 100 percent. Doctors use the latest technology and latest surgical techniques along with modern-day immunosuppressants medication and comprehensive rehabilitation care.

The main Cities for a Kidney transplant in India are:

  • Delhi,
  • Mumbai,
  • Bangalore,
  • Chennai,
  • Kolkata,
  • Hyderabad,
  • Kerala,
  • Pune,
  • Gujarat,
  • Ahmedabad,
  • Tamilnadu,
  • Gurgaon and
  • South India

 Kidney transplant in Delhi:

The kidney transplant hospital in Delhi like Lyfboat is considered the top kidney transplant hospital in Delhi. This hospital is mainly recognized by the medical care facilities that ensure to provide cost-effective healthcare packages to the international patient. The hospital in Delhi ensures to offer the best medical care services.

Hospital- Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

 Kidney transplant in Mumbai

The kidney transplant facilities in Mumbai is considered as the center of excellence that provides all type of kidney transplant surgery process to the patient. Many hospitals of kidney transplant surgery in Mumbai include the advanced technique ABO incompatible kidney transplant that removes the requirements for a blood type match as well.

Hospital- Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai

 Kidney transplant in Bangalore

You can rely on the beat hospital as patients are also provided with a detailed comprehensive analysis of the treatment plan. You can access your requirements and comfort as well.

Hospital- Fortis Hospital, Bangalore

 Kidney transplant in Chennai

The hospital of Chennai is known as the center to provide exceptional service in the field of nephrology, chronic kidney disease, and kidney transplant surgery. Hospitals are fully equipped with all the latest technology and provide a high success rate as well.

Best hospital- Global Hospitals, Chennai

 Kidney transplant in Kolkata

There are several best hospitals in Kolkata for kidney transplant surgery. Hospitals of Kolkata is considered as the leading healthcare services providing hospital in India.

Best hospital- Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata

 Kidney transplant in Hyderabad

The hospital has dedicated facilities for several other specializations and kidney transplant surgery is one of them as well. The kidney transplant surgery hospital provides comprehensive care to the patient with the renal issues.

Hospital- YashodaHospital, Bangalore

 Kidney transplant in Kerala

Hospitals of Kerala has a department with full-fledged dialysis until that ensures to Operate 24×7 and also includes the modern equipment and facilities for the kidney transplant surgery. The doctors of Kerala are highly experienced and are most renowned as the best neurologist in India.

Hospital- Aster Medcity, Kerala.

 Kidney transplant in Gujarat

You can easily find one of the best kidney transplant surgery hospitals in Gujarat. Gujarat is a rich state with great doctors and hospitals. The kidney transplant surgery mainly caters to a wide range of international patients as well and provides beat treatment and survival rate to the patient as well.

Hospital- Muljibhai Patel urological hospital

Kidney transplant in Tamilnadu

Kidney transplant surgery hospitals in Tamil Nadu are highly affordable and provide the best treatment as well. The hospital has a unique way to provide comprehensive care to the patient. They ensure to offer full-time treatment.

Hospital- Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd

 Kidney transplant in Gurgaon

Mainly the kidney transplant surgery hospital in Gurgaon is considered as the leading state for the treatment of kidney failure and other related diseases. The hospitals have multi-leading quaternary care hospitals with a renowned kidney transplant program for domestic and international patients as well.

Best hospital- Medanta – The Medicity, Gurgaon

 Kidney transplant in South India

This state has great and experienced doctors to provide the best treatment. You can avail of kidney transplant surgery at a reasonable cost.

Hospital- Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai

Top Kidney Transplant Hospitals in India:

  1. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
  2. KokilabenDhirubhaiAmbani Hospital, Mumbai
  3. Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai
  4. Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
  5. Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
  6. BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi
  7. Global Hospitals, Chennai
  8. Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata
  9. Medanta – The Medicity, Gurgaon
  10. Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi
  11. Fortis Hospital, Bangalore
  12. Yashoda Hospital, Bangalore
  13. Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd, Tamil Nadu
  14. Aster Medcity, Kerala
  15. Muljibhai Patel urological hospital

Best Kidney transplant doctors in India:

  1. DrSandeepGuleria-MBBS , MS(Gen. Surgery) , DNB , FRCS(Edinburgh) , FRCS(England) , FRCS(Glas) , DNBE(Gen. Surgery) , PLAB , MNAMS
  2. Rajesh Ahlawat-MBBS, MS – General Surgery, MCh – Urology
  3. WaheedZaman-MBBS, MS – General Surgery, DNB – Urology/Genito – Urinary Surgery, MCh – Urology, MNAMS – Urology,
  4. AnantKamar MBBS, MS(Gen. Surgery),
  5. Joseph Thaichii-MD – Urology – University of Zurich, 1968, FRCS – University of Toronto, 1983, Diploma in Urology – American Board of Urology, 1982
  6. B Shiva Shankar-MBBS, MS in General Surgery, M.Ch in Urology and FICS
  7. Bejoy Abraham-MBBS, MS, DNB, MCh, DNB, FRCS
  8. Sanjay Gogoi-MBBS, MS – General Surgery, MCh – Urology/Genito-Urinary Surgery, DNB – Urology/Genito – Urinary Surgery, MNAMS – Urology
  9. S N Wadhwa-MBBS, MS – General Surgery,
  10. SaurabhPokhriyal- MBBS,

Final Verdict

India is very popular in the field of a kidney transplants as there are great success chances as well. To get the best treatment, you can prefer to avail of a kidney transplant in India for the best kidney treatment. Kidney transplant surgery is a major surgery in which a person with kidney failure receives a new kidney from the donor, either it is a living donor or even a deceased donor. There is no hidden fact that a successful kidney transplant surgery is the closest to the natural kidney function and it is considered as the most effective treatment for the ESRD that ensures to provide a chance for longer and healthier life.

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