Prostate Cancer Treatment In India For The Foreign Tourists

The standards of Indian medical tourism are improving day by day. Moreover, the biggest reason for foreigners to apply for medical treatment in India is the low costs. Prostate cancer treatment in India is renowned in the whole world. We can observe the popularity of medical tourism, especially among the citizens of Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Rwanda.
Now, people may question why Rwanda people will choose India out of so many other countries. The answer lies in the prostate cancer treatment cost in India. It is lower than several other countries. Moreover, the Rwanda people can avail themselves of the benefits of the special packages in different healthcare centers. Furthermore, most foreign destinations involve cumbersome processes for visas and immigration. As a result, they face a delay in starting the appropriate treatment.
We will discuss here the most evident reasons for traveling to India.

Reasons To Choose India For Prostate Cancer Treatment

Medical tourism refers to migrating to a different place for medical emergencies. In recent years, India has developed as one of the prominent destinations for medical traveling. Specifically, the prostate cancer treatment facilities are high-class in this country. However, the cost involved does not make the patients break the banks. India also promotes easy visa availability to foreigners for medical purposes. The Government of India is arranging high-class infrastructure to suit the varied needs of critical Rwanda patients. There are mainly three primary reasons for choosing prostate cancer cure in India.
1) Cost Savings:
For the Rwanda people, India is one of the most economical countries for medical tourism. Moreover, the capacity of the pockets plays a significant role when the concerned matter is regarding complicated treatments. The prostate cancer treatment cost in India is quite manageable for the Kenyan natives. Furthermore, you need not compromise on the quality. The world-class medical practitioners carry out the surgeries. Hence, it is definitely a cost-effective way of getting the best treatment.
2) Medical Tourism:
India is popular worldwide for being the oldest civilization. Therefore, if a person wants to cultivate ancient history, Vedic styles of medical treatment, and other techniques, it is the best place. Therefore, medical tourism in India is gradually taking a prominent position among so many countries. This is of course an instance to feel proud of. Medical travel allows the Rwanda national to discover the rich culture of this beautiful land. Undoubtedly, India occupies a special place among other Asian countries due to its heritage, culture, and affordability.
3) High Quality:
For prostate cancer treatment, quality is the first and last priority. Indian medical units understand this very well. Hence, they incorporate only the best techniques to deal with related health complications. Moreover, Rwanda patients get the best facilities for ovarian cancer surgery in India. If you belong to Kenya or the adjacent lands, India is surely the most pocket-friendly place for medical tourism. Be rest assured that the doctors maintain all the standards to cure prostate cancer. The medical infrastructure in India is not less fruitful than in several other developed nations.
Thus, we can conclude why Rwanda people must opt for healthcare facilities and procedures in India.

Avoid The Visa Complications

  • It is clear from the above discussion that most Rwanda people today prefer to visit India for prostate cancer cures. However, visa matters remain one of the most crucial aspects of medical tourism. The medical council of India lets the Rwanda people travel to this country with the help of a medical visa. But there are certain rules and regulations to qualify for a visa. For prostate cancer treatment in India, a medical visa is a prerequisite. Here are the eligibility criteria to get a medical visa from Kenya to India.
    If the person seeks medical assistance from a recognized or reputed medical establishment in India
    Registration for the medical visa is mandatory after the patient lands in India.
    You can make triple entries in a visa for medical purposes with a validity period of one year.
    Two medical attendants can accompany the patient. They must be close relatives of family members having separate Medical Attendant Visa. The validity period is the same as the normal Medical Visa.

The visa is permissible only in case of serious and critical medical issues. Prostate cancer is one of them.In today’s scenario, the Visa Applicant can find the online process to be more convenient. It takes less time and effort. Furthermore, people consider flexibility in payment options to be a big advantage for online applications.

The steps involved include the following.

1. Visit the website and select the Regular Visa Application Form
2. Give the basic information, contact entails, details about your country of residence, and click on Submit
3. Enter the details of your family, medical issues and proceed
4. Do not forget to Save each page
5. Enter the name of any known person in India. However, if it is not applicable, you can give the contact number of any respective website through which you are applying.
6. Paste your recent photograph either on the printed form or upload the same on the online form.
7. For completing the visa application process, select Verify and Continue.
8. You can go to the homepage and click on Print Application to download the filled-up form and print it.
9. Later, you can check the status of the application by going to the Visa Status Enquiry option.

For getting the medical visa from Rwanda to India, the processing fee for six months is around Rfr. 4,500/-. It can be up to Rfr 12,400/- for one year. However, the rates may vary according to the respective rules and circumstances of the respective countries.

Extension Of The Medical Visa

Many times, for emergency purposes, the patients need to extend their medical visas. However, many of them have doubts in mind whether it is possible or not. Let us clear their doubts in this article. Initially, you can apply for a medical visa for a maximum period of one year. Moreover, it can also be made up to the duration of the medical treatment as specified if it is less than a year. You can eventually extend this period up to another year by producing the medical certificate from the respective recognized hospital. The State Government or the Foreigners Regional Registration Offices (FRROs) have the power to validate this extension.
For further extension in this respect, the foreigners have to show valid documents and get the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs in India. During the year, this visa will be valid for three additional entries. However, for emergencies, the respective State Government can increase it by another entry.

Privileges Of The Al-Afiya Medi Tour

As with any Kenyan and Nigerian plans for prostate cancer cure in India, specialized packages are available. One such reputed organization facilitating medical tours to India is Al-Afiya Medi Tour. It offers the best features that one will need for such visits. The zealous professionals are always committed to their duties. Therefore, expect dedicated efforts from the reliable staff. A safe and comfortable stay is what every tourist wants.
Al-Afiya is an appreciable medium for an effortless medical tour to India. The consultants always focus on providing international standard healthcare facilities. Additionally, the entire medi tour does not pressurize the patients with a huge burden of costs. They will give a healthier lifestyle to all the Rwanda people coming for prostate cancer treatment in India. The best doctors of India will definitely want all their patients to return with happy faces. Therefore, the Kenyans and other tourists coming to India for medical purposes will not suffer any difficulties.

Medical Tourism Gets Attention Among The Africans

The incredible medical facilities from the top-notch doctors make ovarian cancer surgery in India straightforward. There are many cases in Africa when an individual gets the shocking disclosure of surgeries. Moreover, critical health issues like prostate cancers, ovarian cancers, and kidney transplantations are expensive in Kenya. Therefore, for most Africans, India is like a land of giving new lives.
The healthcare system in countries like Kenya suffers from a fund crisis. Due to the inadequate funds, advanced medical facilities are not available. However, they prefer to take up excellent medical tours to India. The state-of-the-art equipment and flawless surgeries impressed the foreigners. Of course, the expenses are also another issue for most of the patients. Therefore, the Indian medical system meets almost all their requirements for a healthy lifestyle from different aspects.
India is getting prominence in the global medical industry for its progressive infrastructure and quality equipment. The situation started growing better from a very early period. In fact, it became the global leader in medical tourism in the 1990s. Over time, several improvements were brought into the medical sector. Obviously, all these factors grabbed the attention of the Africans. The specific organizations make the medi tours more advantageous and cost-effective in India. For plastic surgeries also, India occupies a remarkable place in the list of the economic healthcare systems.

Amazing Health Packages For Rwanda people

  • India has marvelous health packages for Kenyans, Nigerians, and several other African people. Moreover, it captures an impressive position among the Asian countries for medical treatment. The climate of Rwanda and other African countries is a hot one. However, the natural beauty of the country attracts many people all over the globe. But the country faces a lot of troubles when it comes to health facilities. This crisis has been common in Kenya for 20 years. Furthermore, it does not have enough money to conduct surgeries in most of the developed nations.
    Due to poverty-stricken economic scenarios and limited resources, the natives can’t get high-standard medical support. However, they are grateful to advanced tourism for medical purposes. As a result, millions of Kenyans are traveling to India every year. The prostate cancer treatment cost in India makes sure that these people get a suitable ambiance. Moreover, the total costs for such critical treatments are almost one-tenth of the total cost in Kenya. Hence, the overall packages reduce their tension to a great deal.
    India has a wide network of hospitals spread throughout the country via various states. Furthermore, the presence of the finest logistic services joined the clinical establishments in more than 15 cities. The medical experts study the reports of each of the patients and recommend the most suitable treatment. However, this recommendation takes into account several connected factors such as;-
    Financial conditions of the patient
    Destination of the medical facility
    Position of the patient’s hometown and available air connectivity
    Duration of stay in India

India understands how crucial these issues are for any patient. Therefore, they make available the best packages that Kenyans from different socio-economic backgrounds can afford. There are different kinds of clinical facilities like Multi-Specialty Hospitals, Economic Nursing Homes, Trust Hospitals, Branded Clinics, and others.

List Of The Major Clinical Establishments

Here we give a small list of some famous healthcare facilities that offer brilliant packages for Rwanda people.
Fortis Group
Apollo Group
Wockhardt Group
Ruby Hospital
Lilavati Hospital
Hiranandani Hospital
Peerless Hospital
Asia Columbia Group
Asian Heart Institute
Bombay Hospital
VIMHANS Hospital
Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital
Saltlake Hospital
Sterling Hospital
Tata Memorial Hospital
Breach Candy Hospital
Krishna Hospital
Jehangir Hospital
Saifee Hospital
Seven Hills Hospital

The list is longer than this. Therefore, make sure that you come to reliable service providers. Get the advice to connect with the high-class institutes for top-class medical treatment for prostate cancer.

Final Note

The Rwanda people get huge chances to explore different medical facilities and infrastructure present in India. The doctors provide immediate assistance to the patients coming from African countries. Furthermore, there are additional facilities like comfortable accommodation, airport pick-up, 24/7 staff assistance, inland conveyance options, and many more. Thus, prostate cancer treatment in India is definitely one of the most recognized and appreciable medical systems.
The country never fails to impress visitors. For each Indian, guests of the country are like God. Hence, the medical tours include only the premium facilities. Along with excellent services from the health workers, the patients can also enjoy tasty and healthy food. So, the overall experience is going to be memorable.

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