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The Al Afiya Medi Tour is among the best five medical tourism companies in India, establishing a reliable and trustworthy name for health care services. Al Afiya will assist you to zero in the paramount and tranquil treatments at the most affordable prices so that the people can concentrate on healing and coping from the ailment.

How did it come into existence?

Health is the most crucial need and aspect of life for simple or complex medical matters. Every now and then, patients cannot figure out the appropriate hospitals and doctors for their health. There is a constant requirement for eminent medical concerns. But, how to reach the best obtainable help? How do procure the best, worthy medical treatment? Al Afiya is the answer to the questions.

As the old saying goes, health is wealth Al-Afiya helps in a proper consultation for most health issues. Our professional team has significant research for doctors pertaining to various medical fields through trusted resources and the internet. The accumulation of all this information is presented expediently on our website for patients or acquaintances.

Al Afiya is an esteemed healthcare company gaining trust and experience over the years through the internet service and excellent customer service. The company involves plenty of research and travelling to get access to the best medical help providers and places that have the capability to take extensive care with quality treatment for the patient. This comprehensive information is for the welfare of our patients that can help in attaining the proper attention for their medical ailments.

Why are medical consultations necessary?

Almost all patients go for consultations, but a few patients get misdiagnosed. This misdiagnosis can result in becoming a critical health disorder. In order to prevent such unfortunate health turmoil, you must consider second opinions for the illness or plan of treatment.

What distinguishes Al Afiya?

The healthcare company brings forward the best specialist and top hospitals conveniently available on our website alafiyameditour.com. We provide all fruitful information by personally visiting, talking, collecting pictures, with gathering post-treatment narration of patients. You can rely on us for any related query or information, a consultation or expert opinion from the exquisite doctor panel or information regarding the treatment you require. The Medi tour team has an excellent catalogue gathering the top-tier hospitals and people across the globe to undergo voluntary and even intricate surgical procedures.

Al Afiya Medi tour is a highly accomplished company which is relatively dealing in providing medical treatment services for International patients in quest of the best cure for their ailments. The medical company will provide healthcare services and treatment in India through medical tourism. The company offers a broad scope of procedures involving non-surgical or surgical treatments for people around the globe.

Why choose India?

As known, India is a booming country in health care facilities and a medical treatment hub with accomplished medical professionals. The hospitals in India have exceptional infrastructures, serene areas, and excellent medical amenities that possess the most reasonable price structure compared to other countries. The treatment cost is one of the primary reasons that encourage most international tourists to obtain medical facilities by visiting India. India is among the developing countries but has the latest technology, world-class services and prompt care and protection for our patients. India continues to be famous as a hospitable country which benefits foreigners, and English is the second most spoken language people from all over the world can easily communicate with doctors or health care consultants.

India has various medical treatments available other than allopath, which are recognised worldwide like Naturopathy, Yoga and Ayurveda, making India even more popular than the completive countries. These alternative treatments can help patients in the recuperating period.

India is affordable for budgets constrain foreigners too, and they can receive remarkable services with luxuriant facilities. India is enriched with prominent specialists in all medical areas, including neurologists, oncologist, cardiologists, physiotherapists, ophthalmologists and professional experts for obesity treatment. The health care providers in hospitals, especially nurses, are trained to serve the patients in the best hospitable manner, efficient experts for obesity treatment. India has almost 1000 recognised nursing centres that provide professional training aspirants to approximately 10,000 nursing graduates each year. Here, the hospital staff, including nurses, ward boys, assistants and emergency services, are trained with a mind-set to deliver the best service they can provide for the recovery and betterment of patients.

How can Al Afiya benefit you?

Al Afiya puts forward the best tour package and zenith medical treatment for their international patients visiting India. We can help you to get standardized treatment at around ten times lower prices than developed countries like the USA. We have professional staff who will guide you all along to receive the best medical treatment and services at an affordable cost. The team is vastly skilled with vast experiences prepared to help you 24*7 and provide comprehensive assistance throughout the treatment. The team will take care of the complete medical needs and urgent situations along with arranging visas with tourist aid for the patient. We also provide additional services such as travelling, transportation, steady interaction with the consultant doctors, interaction with the hospital in the duration of treatment and housing in India for the patient and the accompanied individuals, along with unvarying contact post-surgery. Please feel free to ask any queries related to health care services. We are ready to present you with the best within industry services benefitting your health.

The company has a tie-up with several top hospitals and expert medical practitioners across India to cover all primary, alternative, holistic and modern treatments. The hospice in link-up with us include the pioneer hospitals of India such as Medanta-The Medicity, Apollo group of Hospitals, Fortis group of hospitals, Manipal, etc. It makes us more competent, broadening our ability to provide multiple options for our patients to select with costs of treatments worthy of the money.

Al Afiya is a prominent name for the outstanding services we supply for our clients and patients with money worth, effective treatments, placate, security, protection and serenity. The team manages all degrees in medical tourism with the partnership of the elite hospitals available in India. The company has profound connections to the health care industry, which again is an added advantage for the patients as they can have plenty of options available.

We provide treatments for an extensive line-up of infirmities with simple or complicated surgeries. It includes cardiac surgery, dental surgery, liver transplants, renal transplants, cosmetic surgeries, Bone-marrow transplants, Joint replacement surgery for hip bone or knee, heart diseases and many more.

Assistance from Al Afiya 

  1. Investigated and cost-effective treatment plan

The webpage has thorough research and information regarding the various diseases, cancers and replacement procedures, and more a patient may need to know. People can check according to their needs about the treatment cost, hospitals, the amenities available, specialists and doctor’s accreditations. The plans are according to the necessity of the patient and the best possible options in India.

  1. Excellent treatment in the tailor-made plan 

The team helps the patients by providing expert consultation from the related specialist, further creating a specially made plan of treatment based on their finances. The core intention is to help people grow healthy and in the best possible custom plan according to the patients.

  1. Exquisite locations

When you are considering getting medical treatment in India, let us know your requirements. Our partnered prominent hospitals are present across India with excellent infrastructure and standardised amenities. The best hospitals in Gurgaon, New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc.

  1. Tour for treatment

Al Afiya helps international patients to attain travelling Visas for medical purposes. The team can provide assistance in reserving the accommodation throughout the medical treatment and airfare at the best possible price. The team will also aid the patients and attendees with the constant visits to the hospital, consultation with doctors and meals. Once you are in commune with the Al Afiya medical tour, the people can rely on the efficient team for more or less all necessities. Necessities include language, local help, etc. Al Afiya is the name of the trust, belief and evinces they work for the betterment of patients.

Our Vision

We want to make the company the most upright and honest health care service contributor that manoeuvres in a safe and sound environment with the excellence being predominant duty for our patients. We aim to help people prosper and stay happy during their stay and hereafter.

Our Mission

We at Al Afiya Medical tourism aspire to provide top-class and hugely impeccable treatments and genuine services for our patients. We are persistently vigilant for enhanced opportunities that can be approachable for convalescing our services to send prodigious medical care in India for our patients. We believe in helping people in all possible ways.

Disclaimer: All the research and information provided on the website is only a piece of information from Al Afiya Medical Tourism. We are not providing diagnoses, medical or remedial counselling for any treatment. We encourage expert advice from the related physician with dexterous consultations.

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