Al-Afiya has partnered with the leading hospitals and doctors. We ensure that our patients get special privileges for themselves throughout their treatment from the hospitals.

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We consult leading hospitals/doctors regarding your case and provide 100% support from the moment you decide to travel for your medical treatment and advise the best treatment option along with the approximate costs of treatments for any of the options you choose.

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Post-treatment Follow-ups

We ensure that our medical experts are in constant touch with you even after your treatment and will assist you in through live video conferencing. Every record of your post-treatment sessions shall be available with us in the form of your electronic records for you to access.

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We ensure that you get expert guidance and assistance for your entire travel requirement anywhere in the world and help in scheduling and making your trip a success with complete assistance for the visa, flight, insurance, and acquaintance to local conditions.

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Value-added services

We also provide various value-added services such as Language Assistance and translators who will help you bridge communication with ease and also provide you with an Indian sim card and other value-added services as a laptop, internet, mobile, etc which allows you to contact anywhere you want and makes your communication easy.

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24/7 Customer Assistance

Our assistants are there for our clients round the clock helping them out over phone/text to take care of their questions, queries, and any other related assistance needed.

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Customized Package

We offer specially designed travel packages based on your medical condition and treatment from start to finish including your recovery.

We Provide Treatment For Below African Countries Patients

Special Packages For African Countries


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