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Al-Afiya Medi Tour- About Us

Al-Afiya Medi Tour is one of the Leading Medical tourism companies in India that take care of everything that you require during your medical visit to India for a simple and stress-free stay. With a group of zealous, hardworking and committed groups of Individuals. Our aim is to help people looking for Safe, High Quality & Economical Healthcare options in India. We proudly stand by our aim of providing the best healthcare at a reasonable price. We at Al-Afiya Medical Tourism appreciate the opportunity you give to us to help you achieve a better and healthier lifestyle. 

What we do?

At Al-Afiya we provide you a complete range of surgical and Non-Surgical options from a variety of corporate healthcare providers, wherein we believe in offering our patients the highest level of medical care and medical expertise at a very affordable cost. India is one of the top medical tourism countries…

Our Partner Hospitals

Possessors of the cutting-edge technology, Al-Afiya’s partner institutions take
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Treatment from Best Doctors in India

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Once we receive the Query for medical treatment, our medical assistant will get back with the various treatment options available for that procedure in India and will assist you.

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Step 3

After the process initiation, medical report and prescriptions of the patients are requested, which are sent to various hospitals for the expert reviews.

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Step 4

Once the treatment plan is final and you reach India, our specialists will constantly keep in touch with you and all the formalities will be taken care of. You will also have our care takers visiting you at the concerned hospital.

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Step 5

Finally you will check in to the hospital and start receiving your desired medical attention. Besides the treatment, we also provide pre and post operative care and other consultation, in your package.

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Al-Afiya finds you best health assistance in these and many other medical branches

Organ Transplant

Organ Transplant

Organ Transplant

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Neuro and Brain

Neuro and Brain

Neuro and Brain

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Ivf & Infertility

Ivf & Infertility

Ivf & Infertility

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Patient Stories

Al-Afiya brings together patients, doctors and hospitals to provide quality and affordable medical care.

Maheeha Mohammed Awad Al Khafaji
Patiend Maheeha Mohammed Awad Al Khafaji from Khalis, Iraq came to us after evaluation and investigation in Iraq, patient was having huge headache, numbness tingling, nausea and vomiting, vision and hearing problems. They contact with Al Afiya, we shown the reports to the regarding Dr. Rohan Sinha in Jaypee Hospital Noida, doctor prescribed tumour removel surgery. After doning investigation for confirming the deises. second day got admitted in Jaypee Hospital surgery prolonged 6 hours and 30 minutes. surgery done Sucessfull, patient shifted to ICU, patient stayed two days in ICU. after rehablitaion shifted to ward. after 5 days of staying in hospital, patient got discharged from the hospital. she has 4th grade of tumour, so thereafter dr prescribed her radiotherapy after completion radiothrapy patient went back to her country.
Maheeha Mohammed Awad Al KhafajiKhalis, Iraq
Muneerah AL Obaidi
Patient Muneerah AL obaidi came from khalis Iraq, was a tumour in breast diagnosed in Iraq, patient contact with AL Afiya, the patient visited India, there was some ulcers in her breast, after evaluation treated the disease in Medanta hospital Gurgaon patient was totally fine went back to her country.
Muneerah AL Obaidikhalis, Iraq
Mr. Hussein Zaidan Al-Ghirbawi
Mr. Hussein Zaidan Al-Ghirbawi is 57 years old, from Iraq. He was suffering from an esophagus problem, He came to India for treatment. The operation was performed by Dr. Shashi Dahar at Artemis Gurgaon Haryana Hospital, Dahli, India, Thank God for this successful operation done place in the capital of India.
Mr. Hussein Zaidan Al-GhirbawiIraq
Jabir Ali Hasan
Jabir Ali Hasan, who is 59 years old from Baghdad, Iraq had been having a normal life, working and enjoying with family in spare times. However, most of the problems in life come on the spur of the moment. He started having chest pain one day, which kept aggravating and radiating to his shoulder and arm on one side, which was later diagnosed as a severe cardiac blockage.
Read the full story and find out how he got treated.
I am Jabir Ali Hasan and I belong to Baghdad, Iraq. I am 59 years old. Jabir Ali Hasan, Baghdad, Iraq, CABG, Medanta Hospital
What brought you to India?
My problem started with mild chest pain which soon turned into heart blockage. When I consulted a doctor in Baghdad, Iraq for the chest pain, he advised me to get some tests done. The test reports were abnormal and insinuated toward abnormal heart conditions. I was admitted to the hospital in Baghdad, Iraq. Later, to confirm the diagnosis, the doctor performed an angiogram, which revealed something very shocking. I was suffering from severe cardiac blockage. The angiogram revealed approximately 80% of blockage in branches of the left and right coronary arteries. Therefore the doctor in Baghdad, Iraq advised me to come to India for Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) because the infrastructure in Baghdad, Iraq was not enough for the surgery.
How did you choose the hospital and the doctor?
While searching on the internet for the best cardiology hospitals in India, we found out about Al Afiya Medi Tour Health, which would assist us in everything related to the treatment. I posted a query and received a call shortly after that. I was asked to share my reports to get the hospital opinion. After I shared my reports, my case manager suggested me some of the topmost cardiac surgeons in India. Since I had heard of Dr. Naresh Trehan earlier and my case manager also suggested me the same, I decided to get the surgery done by him at Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon.
How did you get the visa?
This process was also made easier by the Al Afiya Medi Tour team. They helped me getting the Visa Invitation Letter from the hospital. After getting it, I applied for the visa and received it within 2 days.
Tell us about your experience after reaching India.
After my arrival in India, a person from Al Afiya Medi Tour team was waiting outside the airport to pick me up and drop at my hotel. After getting some rest and freshen up, I had my appointment fixed with Dr. Naresh Trehan. During the appointment, the doctor patiently heard my entire story from the beginning and saw my reports. He then ordered some routine investigations and cardiology tests. After getting the reports, he confirmed that I need CABG. I was admitted to the hospital for nearly 7 days. After that, I stayed in a hotel for the next 3-4 days, during which I had to follow up at the hospital.
How did you arrange your stay at the hotel?
My hotel stay was also arranged by Al Afiya Medi Tour. It was booked on the basis of my closest proximity to the hotel, ease of commuting and also on my other preferences.
Jabir Ali HasanBaghdad, Iraq
Abdullah Ali Saleh
81- year-old Abdullah Ali Saleh from Mosul Iraq, had arthritis and needed a bilateral knee replacement. He contacted Al Afiya Medi Tour and soon his surgery was done by Dr.Hemant Sharma at W Partiksha Hospital Sec 59 Gurgaon. he told his case manager that he had been a florist and he loved to walk in open fields. To he surprise, the surgery for successful. he described it as “nothing short of a miracle”. We contacted his recently and found out that he has resumed back to walking in the open fields.
Abdullah Ali SalehMosul, Iraq
Zainab AL Shammari
Prosper Zainab AL Shammari is 62 years old from Iraq with a history of hypertension and diabetes. she had been taking the required medications for her ailments and doing fine with it. Then suddenly, she started having an irregular heartbeat. she also had two episodes of syncope within a period of one week. she could also feel palpitations and dizziness. she got absolutely panicked as these symptoms were not normal. Hence, her predicament made him consult a physician near him. The doctor after a thorough checkup to him that she had paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. she was also advised to have an angiogram for a definitive diagnosis. The patient underwent a coronary angiogram on 26th November 2018, which revealed that she has severe Obstructive Coronary Artery disease along with the Triple Vessel Disease. The cardiologist in Iraq recommended him to have open-heart surgery.
Since it was not possible to undergo the surgery in her country, the patient was suggested to travel abroad. Later, Prosper came to know about the heart surgery in India. While looking for the best cardiologists in India, she came across the website of the Al Afiya Medi Tour and posted her query. In no time, she received a call back from one of the case managers of the team. The case manager, Abdul Aleem took all her reports and provided some opinions from the topmost cardiology hospitals in India. With his help, the patient was able to finalize Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon Delhi for her surgery. This was followed by all the paperwork process required to be done to come to India. Al Afiya Medi Tour also helped him get a Visa Invitation Letter by the hospital.
Prosper Zainab AL Shammari,Iraq, CABG, Artemis Hospital
The patient finally arrived in India on 7th December 2018. she was picked up from the airport by the team and taken to her hotel. Meanwhile, an appointment was scheduled with Dr. Murtadha Chishti is an esteemed cardiac surgeon in India with a rich experience of nearly 40 years. During the appointment, the doctor heard him meticulously. He asked about all the signs and symptoms that he experience since the beginning and advised him to have some cardiac investigations such as ECG, blood tests, treadmill test etc. After the reports came back the doctor confirmed that he needed Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery. After taking the patient’s consent, the surgery was scheduled.
Prosper Zainab Al Shammari underwent all the routine investigations to prepare for the surgery. The surgery went on for about 3 to 4 hours and was completed successfully by the cardiology team of the hospital. The patient stayed at the hospital for some days and was discharged after nearly 5-7 days. Before getting discharged, she had a detailed session with the doctor regarding the post-operative lifestyle changes and dietary changes that he would need to make after going back home. The patient went back home happy and satisfied with all the overall services provided to him.
Al Afiya Medi Tour wishes Prosper Zainab AL Shammari a healthy and happy life ahead.
Zainab AL ShammariIraq
Mr. Syed Atheer
Mr Syed Atheer, 31 years old, visited to India from Iraq with his brother to get his treatment of epilepsy fromProfessorSumit Sinha (Head- Department of Neurosurgery) at Paras Hospital, Gurgaon Haryana, Dahli, India.He was facing this disease since thirteen years ago, when this disease started, his father took him to various hospitals in Iraq and he kept taking medicine but to no avail the problem increased. Then he finally decided to come to India for his treatment. We at Al-afiya Healthcare called him and told him fall the necessary information about doctors and hospitals. MrAtheer had heard from hisfriends about Al AfiaCompany, then he surfed the internet about the company and the website and took all the details about the specialized doctors, and sent his reports to us.
Mr. Syed Mundhir Ali Salih, 57 years, from Iraq, who underwent surgery for coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) in India.
Mr. Syed Mundhir Ali visited India for heart surgery (CABG) and was operated by Dr. MortezaChishti at Artemis Hospital, Gurgram,Haryana,Delhi.
Reason for visiting in India: –
Mr Syed MundhirAli , was suffering from shortness of breath, fatigue and chest pain, he visited many doctors in Iraq and took their opinions for the same. He got his angiography done but there was no benefit then his parents decided to visit India to get surgery done.
One of his relative informed him about Al-AfiaMedi Tour Pvt Ltd, and he surfed the Internet and found all details about doctors and hospitals available on the site of Al-AfiaMedi Tour Pvt Ltd, and called Abdul Aleem.With the help of Al-Afiya team, his Visa invitation letter was arranged and we also applied medical visa. Within a short time, the visa was received and the patient with one attendant arrived in India for treatment.
Dr. MurtadaChishtifirst met the patient and did some investigation and finally decided for (CABG). Soon, the surgery was scheduled which resulted in a successful treatment of the patient.
After a few follow up visits he finally went back to his country Iraq with good health and great pleasure.
Mr. Syed AtheerIraq
Salihah Saeed Mansoor
48 yrs old Salihah Saeed Mansoor had been feeling exhausted and short of breath for months, but it wasn’t until one day when she suffered heart palpitations on her way home that she decided to see a doctor about her symptoms. Her doctors in Iraq concluded her complication as a cardiac problem and requested further treatment which included investigations on possible heart failure. This diagnosis came as a huge blow, as this was the first occurrence with no one in her family being diagnosed with heart complications since.
Determined to find the right treatment, Salihah Saeed Mansoor doing extensive research into various health complications of heart failure and symptoms related. Based on her discussions with friends and family, and extensively researched on the internet and came across Al Afiya. Keeping her options on the table, she decided to reach-out to Artemis Hospital Gurgaon-New Delhi and be treated by Dr.Murtada Chishti, Head of Department Cardiology heart and lung transplant. Although, along the way her apprehensions of traveling to another country were real, she realized the opportunities for getting the best treatment and experiencing a whole new country were not going to come by easily.
Salihah Saeed Mansoor arrived in New Delhi with her husband. and stayed in hotel first day, after investigating Dr. Murtadha Chishti decided to MVR (Metal Valve Replacement) patient got admitted in Artemis hospital, second patient undergone for MVR surgery, surgery prolonged 5 hours, surgery was done successfully after surgery patient shifted to ICU with ventilator support, patient got active in the same day night, removed ventilator, after two days of ICU patient shifted in ward. the patient was totally fine after 7 days got discharged from the Artemis Hospital after 3 days patient called for follow up. echo was done I was good all the investigation post discharged was fine. Dr. Murtadha Chisthi given her permission to go back to her country. nowadays patient is being her life naturally.
Salihah Saeed MansoorIraq
Hamdiyah Al Obaiedi
Patient Hamdiyah Al Obaiedi from Diala, Iraq she was having painless Lumps, Swelling in the armpit.change in the size, contour, texture, or temperature of the breast. A reddish, pitted surface in the skin of an orange. after consulting with Iraqi doctors and many more webs finally decided to visit AL Afiya patient contact with all the details and symptoms, we showed the patient reports Dr. Vedant Kabra in Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon, after investigating by Pet Ct, Mammogram, etc Dr. Vedant Kabra referred the patient to Dr. Vinod Raina for chemotherapy, Dr.Vinod Raina prescribed him 6 cycles of chemotherapy. after doing chemotherapy patient operated by Dr. Vedant Kabra for breast removal in Manipal Hospital Dwarka, the patient stayed in hospital 7 days she was totally fine, the patient got discharged. after a followup Dr. decided to give her radiation therapy, for that Dr. Kabra referred to Dr. Indu Bansal for radiotherapy in Artemis Hospital, after donning radiotherapy patient went back to Iraq, now she is totally fine.
Hamdiyah Al ObaiediDiala, Iraq
Mrs. Zahra
Mrs. Zahra from Iraq recently underwent total knee replacement surgery in India. Read the full story to know more about her journey. About some times ago, Zahra started facing pain and discomfort in both her knees and this problem increased day by day and she wasn’t even able to stand and climb the stairs. She consulted doctors in Iraq who advised her to undergo knee replacement. After consulting doctors she decided to visit India for knee replacement treatment. Hospital selection: – When she was recommended to get total knee replacement, Mrs Zahra searched for the best orthopedic doctor in India. This was when she found Al-Afiya Medi Tour Pvt Ltd and posted query on the website. Shortly, she was contacted by Abdul Aleem who shared her reports with some of the top doctors in India and suggested her the best treatment options with best estimated cost. After going through the profiles of doctors, finally she decided to visit Pratiksha hospital and consulted Dr Hemant Sharma. Al-Afiya team arranged the visa invitation from the hospital, booked the hotel, and after her arrival in India Al-Afiya team scheduled her appointment with Dr Hemant Sharma one of the eminent orthopedic surgeons in India. After further evaluation, doctor confirmed that she needs total knee replacement surgery, and then she underwent knee surgery. She stayed in hospital for 3 days and then got discharged. The operation was successful and she returned to her country Iraq with joy and pleasure. Now Zehra lives a happy, painfree life and team of Al Afiya wishes a healthy life in the future.
Mrs. ZahraIraq

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