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If you are looking for bone marrow transplant, you are at the right place! Let us introduce you to the process of bone marrow transplant in India. Basically, it involves transplantation of stem cells. In the process, healthy stem cells replace destroyed and damaged stem cells of the patient andthe occurrence of disease, infection, or chemotherapy that might have destroyed the bone marrow in patient is healed. The healthy stem cells help your body make enough platelets, white blood cells, or red blood cells.

The presence of these cells in your body help avoid infections, bleeding disorders, or anaemia. Indeed, the basic purpose of bone marrow transplant in India is to help your marrow promote production and growth of healthy blood cells.

How Al Afiya Medi Tour Can Help with Bone Marrow Transplant in India?

At Al Afiya Medi Tour, we understand the severity of a disease and seriousness of the process. Therefore, we ease the process of getting bone marrow treatment in India. We have special offers for residents of Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Nigeria. If you’re a resident of Africa, you can get smoothly through bone marrow transplant in India with us.

Why does someone need bone marrow transplant?

It is much easier said than done. Further bone marrow transplant is not a cakewalk. It is a painful and a life-changing experience.

The doctors will usually advise bone marrow transplant in India if your patient is suffering from serious conditions with no other treatment option. In fact, these conditions can include aplastic anaemia, leukaemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, or thalassemia major.

Here are the types of bone marrow transplant in India:

There are varying types of bone marrow transplant in India. The procedure for each is different. Moreover, the doctor will choose the procedure as per the requirement of your patient. Let us take you through the glimpse-

  1. 1. Autologous Transplant:

In the above-mentioned, the doctor will use the patient’s own stem cells.

  1. Syngeneic Transplant:

A synergistic transplant involves transfer of bone marrow cells from an identical twin. Basically, this process is only possible if your patient has an identical twin.

  1. Allogeneic Transplant:

An allogenic transplant involves transfer of stem cells from close genetic match. In this case, the donor should necessarily have genetic matching with your patient.

Also, such a donor can be a close relative of your patient or a stranger to your patient.

Let us take you through the procedure for bone marrow transplant in India:

  1. Pre-Procedure: Your patient’s process of getting ready-

The doctor who takes your case will not proceed without some laboratory investigations. Basically, the doctor will assess the type of bone marrow cells the patient has. Besides, the doctor will also analyse the type of bone marrow cells the patient needs.

Moreover, the doctor may also advise your patient to undergo radiation or chemotherapy. Mostly, it is possible in case if your patient has cancer cells or severely damaged bone marrow cells.

The healthcare system will never begin with the process of bone marrow treatment in India without answering your query. The medical staff will first explain you the process, answer your questions, and then proceed ahead.

Furthermore, during this period, the medical facilities will work on identifying the appropriate type of transplant your patient needs. Moreover, the staff will help you in looking for an appropriate donor.

At the same time, your doctor will also mentally and emotionally prepare you and your family.

  1. During the Procedure: The main part:

The surgeon will first work on the donor. He will give the donor general anaesthesia before beginning with the procedure. Basically, this is done to ensure painless procedure. The surgeon will insert the needles in or around the donor’s pelvic bone to extract the stem cells.

These stem cells are preserved till the time your patient is ready for the transplant. These cells are preserved till the time of transplantation in healthy and a clean state.

The procedure for transplantation of bone marrow stem cells is similar to blood transfusion. Once your patient is ready for the transplant, the donor cells are transplanted into the patient’s bone marrow.

Indeed, the doctor will obtain the donor stem cells just one or two days before the transplant. In case when the patients stem cells are used, the doctor obtains them from stem cell bank.

During the procedure called bone marrow harvest, your doctor will collect the stem cells through a needle from both the hip bones. While engraftment, the doctor injects stem cells and allows them to produce healthy cells in bone marrow.

3.Post-Procedure: The Final Part:

Your doctor will inform you that this is a vital part. It determines how the patient receives the stem cells. The success of bone marrow transplant is usually according to the close match of the donor and recipient. Closer the genetic matching, higher are the chances of receiving stem cells.

The doctor usually monitors the engraftment 10 to 28 days after the bone marrow transplant. The fear of rejection of stem cells by the patient’s body is present.

The doctor will identify the first sign of engraftment. It is when the count of white blood cells Increases. It makes the doctor and your patient know that the stem cells are starting to make new cells.

Your patient can take as long as three months to recover. It may take your patient as long as one year to be completely fine.

Here is a list of risks and complications you should be prepared for:

Contrary to your expectations, the number of risks associated is less. This is because the doctor removes only small amount of bone marrow from the patient’s body.

The patient may experience some common symptoms. These include stiffness, slight pain, and weakness for few days. Usually, you will find your patient recovering from these symptoms with some help.

However, there may be some mild complications present with bone marrow. These may include bloating, jaundice, tea- coloured urine, Rashes or blisters, change in appetite, diarrhoea, blood in the patient stool, an upset stomach.

Furthermore, there may be some major complications arising after the bone marrow transplant. Indeed, these may be a part of graft versus host diseases. Your patient can get symptoms such as dry eyes, pain in the joints, sores in the mouth. He or she may also experience trouble with breathing, persistent cough, and irritation in sexual organs.

Why India is the safest option for African patients for bone marrow transplant?

• The Government of India facilitates the medical sector:

There’s an annual budget which helps in improving the medical sector day by day. The Government of India announces reset target for medical sector during the annual budget announcement. This helps to upgrade equipment, technology, and research.

  • Highly skilled doctors:

The doctors here study from the institutions within the country and international institutions. They go through various tests unclear examinations to reach a certain stage in their career. The doctors have number of years of experience and cannot go wrong with your patient. Medical staff coordinates with national and international research and learn latest technology updates.

  • Top quality hospitals:

India has hospitals for bone marrow treatment which match the international standards. The international medical bodies have specified their standards. Hospitals in India are not even one percent lesser than the specified standards.

Hygiene and cleanliness form an integral part of the hospitals. The risk of infection is minimal.

  • Medicines and tests are available:

Hospitals in India have the facilities for all the tests advised. Nearly all the medicines prescribed are made in India after complete research in laboratories. The patients from Africa will not have to go here and there to get their tests done and obtain medicines.

  • India receives the guests well:

According to the ancient culture of India, people here are very receptive towards international guests. We will provide you a warm environment to stay and food of your taste.

•Easy connectivity plays a role:

The air transport from Africa to India helps patient and the family travel easy to India.

  • Doctors don not disappear after surgery:

The doctors will arrange what a proper follow up for your patient. they will not leave you in between. Even if a complication develops after you go to your country, you can easily communicate with your doctor and revisit.

  • Cheaper cost of bone transplant in India:

You will not find bone marrow transplant in such rates of top quality in any other country apart from India. The availability of resources in India helps in cutting down the cost of bone marrow transplant in India.

  • India does not compromise with international standards:

For the nationals, people coming from different places like Africa, India never compromises with the international standards of health. This makes India a likely place to go for serious medical emergencies like bone marrow transplant.

How will you get your visa from Africa to India?

Al Afia Medi Tour will help you through the process. You will apply for visa under medical tourist.

Please ensure on your behalf that the information you provide is correct. Begin with entering your name, contact details, your email address in the website. Save the information on each page before proceeding further.

Furthermore, you will enter your reason for medical visa and the contact details of anybody known in India. If you do not know anyone in India, you can provide the details of the website you are contacting through.

Verify the information and submit the form. You can cheque the status of your visa from the visa status option.

The prices of visa from your place like Rwanda, Ethiopia can vary according to the ongoing circumstances.

You can take our help in case you confused with any option.

Allow us to guide you through the cost of bone marrow transplant in India:

The cost of bone marrow transplant in India can depend on the age of the patient and his or her overall health. How the patient is progressing with the disease also determines the time of recovery and the cost of treatment.

The process of bone marrow transplant in India is done quite effectively. However, the complete cost off bone marrow transplant in India can nearly be around 30,000 USD. If your patient needs additional chemotherapy, the cost can increase from 15,000 to 20,000 USD. This cost can vary according to the number of chemotherapy sessions required.

The cost of haploidentical donor transplant can vary from 45,000 to 50,000 USD.

In case your patient requires an unrelated donor transplant, the cost can vary from 70,000 to 90, 000

Moreover, process of bone marrow transplant can be emotionally deteriorating to the patient’s health as well as to the family members.

Al Afiya Medi Tour can assist you with the best services. We can help you get the best pricing. We believe in making the procedure easier for you. Al Afiya Medi Tour can be helpful in decreasing the emotional and mental agony of your family and patient.

Let us introduce you to the best hospitals for bone marrow transplant in India:

India is the land of well skilled doctors and top-quality hospitals.

We have multiple hospitals that can help in easy process of bone marrow treatment in India. For your comfort, we list some of them down below.

We introduce you to BLK super speciality hospital, and Apollo hospital. Furthermore, there are Artemis hospital, Fortis hospital, Medanta hospital, and Global hospital.

Moreover, the others in the list are HCG Hospital, Sarvodaya Hospital, and Max Hospital.

Dr. Dharma Chowdhury and Dr. Shishir Sheth are among the famous doctors involved in bone marrow transplant in India.

Why should you choose Al Afiya Medi Tour?

We believe that only trust can maintain client relations. We are completely comprehensive in our approach of explanation.

The company provides you transparent details and resolves your query at each step. Furthermore, we help you get the best packages and the best doctors in India. We provide every service we have listed in our package that you buy.

We coordinate with you in your hours of need. You will never find yourself struggling with details alone.

Contact us really soon to switch to the best version of your health or help your patient get well really soon.

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