Liver Transplant in India

We all know that the liver is one of the most important organs of your body and it allows you to regulate the chemical levels in the bond and allow you to excrete the products that are called bile. The most crucial function of the liver is that it helps to carry away the waste products from the liver. If you see or find any signs or symptoms which can indicate the cause of your liver then make sure to consult your doctor as soon as possible. Make sure to not ignore the problems of your liver and see your doctor avoid any other risk factors. If you left the signs or symptoms untreated for the long term then it can lead to severe issues and other health conditions as well. There are several crucial things to know about a liver transplant. Liver transplant in India has a huge gap between the number of patients and the number of treatments or transplants they perform.

Important things to know about Paediatric liver transplants in India: 

According to the sources it was found that pediatric liver disease and the consequences of pediatric liver transplantation in India presents a unique paradox. Most people from all around the globe consider approaching India for the better treatment of their liver. Most of the time it was also found that people from Nigeria prefers to approach India to access Liver transplant surgery. Liver treatment is widely popular in India, and it has shown the most successful results. If we see the overall success rates of liver transplant surgery then the reports are incredible.

There is no hidden fact that there are thousands of children and adults who suffer from terminal liver disease in almost every country. If we talk about the research then in the editorial section of the most leading medical sciences journal of the year 2017 it was asserted that around 3000 children need to undergo the pediatric liver transplantation process every year in India and many more from all around the globe but only around 150 or even fewer that are performed. According to the estimates, it was claimed that a whooping for about 92 percent of the children who need the liver transplant process does not receive it. There is a huge gap between liver disease patients and the number of live transplants which occur each year. This gap has the major reason for the cost but the Liver transplant cost in India is extremely affordable. But in several other countries, many people do not afford the cost and so they prefer to approach India. Sometimes it is not even possible for the patient to arrange that much money for the treatment.

What are the other challenges to pediatric liver transplants in India? 

If we talk about the main reason behind the pediatric liver transplant then it is because of the financial issue. Several other challenges become the barrier in the process of liver transplant surgery. There are several Best liver hospitals in India where you can avail yourself of the treatment in the most effective way.

If you are willing to learn about the other major challenges then it can include delay in diagnosis, the inertia to referring cases that require liver transplant surgery. Here are the challenges to pediatric liver transplants that mainly exist in India and it is classified as the following.

Challenges of Availability

Most of the time patients have to deal with the challenges of availability. There are very few centers where liver transplant surgery is offered and they are mainly located in cities like Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore. This affects the people who are from poor families or poverty and who are from villages.

Most of the time it was found that people from all around the globe can easily approach India to avail all the availability for the effective treatment of liver transplant surgery. If we talk about the availability then Indian hospitals are widely popular for their availability of resources. Indian hospitals take full responsibility to treat the patient with all major and latest technology and other smart equipment. You don’t have to brood over the quality of treatment anymore.

Challenges of Accessibility

After the challenge of availability, the challenge of accessibility is the other reason to affect liver transplant surgery. Mainly a pediatric liver transplant mandates the consent of the family members of the donor. It is very challenging to find a donor for liver transplant surgery. Sometimes the patient family itself does not implement the idea of accepting a liver donation.

You can approach India to access all the accessibility which you deserve. You don’t have to brood over the quality treatment as India is widely popular for its effective treatment. In the case of liver transplant surgery, people from all around the globe including Nigeria come to get liver transplant treatment in India. This is because the accessibility of India is impressive and ensures to provide the best treatment to the patient.

Challenges of Affordability

These are the most common challenges which are mainly faced by the poor family. If you are from the middle class then you can somehow manage the cost of surgery. But it is impossible for those who are poor. In that case, affordability becomes one of the major challenges to restrict the treatment of the liver or to access liver transplant surgery. The liver transplant price in India is somewhere high and may not be affordable for the common poor people. Financial constraints were the most common factor as the single. An important factor that mainly determined the child’s access to the life-saving lover transplant process.

If you are from Nigeria and are not able to afford the cost of liver transplant surgery then you can directly approach India as the cost of the survey here is somewhat affordable. You can avail of effective treatment in the most convenient way, and without stressing about the cost of the surgery anymore.

Top 10 liver transplant hospitals in India:

There are several best liver transplant hospitals in India where you can avail the best treatment. As we know that a liver transplant is a surgical operation that is widely used to replace the diseased or affected lover with another healthy one. Mainly livers are taken from the donor, and then it is replaced in liver disease patients. If we talk about liver transplant surgery then it is widely preferred by many patients who are suffering from several liver diseases like Hepatitis B-C, autoimmune hepatitis, and others. It was found that smoking, consumption of alcohol, and obesity lead to liver disease. It is highly recommended to avoid the consumption of junk food or alcohol. It is also suggested to quit smoking as it can give rise to several severe diseases relates to your liver and other parts as well.

If you are willing to know the major cities where you can avail of liver transplant surgery they are the following:

Here are the top 10 hospitals which you can consider for liver transplant surgery:

Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

This hospital is in Delhi, and this hospital is considered the best hospital in India as it provides the best treatment possible. The success rate of this hospital is really impressive. You can access this hospital for the Liver replacement cost in India.

Medanta – The Medicity

This hospital is in Gurugram and offers the best service with the best treatment to the patients. Doctors are very expert and highly experienced in their field.

BLK Super Specialty Hospital – New Delhi

If you want to access better and effective treatment or liver transplant surgery then you can count on this hospital which is in New Delhi. The cost of the surgery is reasonable for everyone.

Artemis Hospital – Gurugram

This hospital has a wide range of popularity for its quality treatment and care. You can consider this hospital for liver transplant surgery. There are several facilities provided to the patients with lots of care. You can access other healthcare solutions as well.

Fortis Hospital

You can easily find this hospital in Mumbai. Here you can avail yourself of treatment for several health-related issues. This hospital has doctors with Multi specialties and ensures to offer one of the best treatments to the patients most effectively and conveniently.

Manipal Hospital

This hospital is in Bangalore and provides a multi-super specialty with solutions to several health conditions. You can also avail of liver transplant surgery. The care and support provided by this hospital are remarkable.

Narayana Health

If we talk about this hospital then it is in Kolkata as the specialty is a multi-super specialty. You can get effective treatment. The change of success rate is high here as the doctors are skilled and experienced as well.

Max Super Specialty Hospital, Gurgaon

You can find this hospital in Gurgaon. This hospital has NABL and NABH certification for its faculty and its laboratories. Here you will get high-quality service and care with successful treatment.

Medical Trust Hospital, Kochi

This hospital is in Kerala, and it is also very popular. This hospital ensures full-time service and cares for the patients. The cost of the survey is very reasonable.

Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre

This hospital is widely accepted by the people and it is widely known for its quality treatment and care. Thai hospitals provide the best treatment to the patients at which high successful rate. The best thing about this hospital is that you can also avail liver transplant surgery here. It is in Chennai

What is the cost of liver transplant surgery in India? 

Liver transplant cost in India in rupees than go around 20 to 25 lakh. Though it also depends on the hospital and can vary as well.

Liver transplant surgery is a great option for several patients and India represents one of the most preferred destinations for the wide range of Liver transplants and to avail other healthcare solutions as well. Liver transplant surgery in India is very effective and ensures to provide the best treatment. You just need to rely on the best hospital for liver treatment in India to avail the best treatment possible at a reasonable cost. The hospital of India has great doctors who ensure to provide the best service to the consumers. Indian hospitals can manage several patients at a time as they contain all the resources to fulfill the requirements of patients. If you are willing to avoid the case of a liver transplant then you will have to keep your liver in healthy condition. Certain foods are crucial to intake to keep your liver healthy. Your healthy liver will enable you to avoid the case of a liver transplant. Make sure to do regular exercise and intake healthy foods to keep your liver in good condition.

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