Pediatric Kidney transplant in India

Children do suffer from various renal diseasesbefore they become teens. Some of the kidney-related health issues might come and go without making any signs and symptoms. Yet, any kidney disease will cause severe pain, and it is not bearable by any child. Some of them might need a kidney transplant. It requires anexperienced pediatric kidney transplant surgeon and a modern hospital to find a donor and do this surgery. Here, we have listed the best hospitals and pediatric surgeonsfor pediatric kidney transplants in India.

How much does a kidney transplant costs in India?

Pediatric Kidney transplant cost in India varies with government, private, and hospitals formed through a trust. The government hospitals might do this surgery free of charge. Yet, you cannot get it done in anemergency, as the free surgery will be on a long waiting list.

Pediatric Kidney transplant price in India depends upon these factors.

  • Childs Age
  • Past Medical History
  • Present Renal Failure Percentage
  • Surgeons Fee
  • Operation Charges
  • Hospital Charges
  • After Surgery Patient Care Charges
  • Number of kidneys to be transplanted
  • Medicinal Costs

These charges are applicable while under surgical treatment in a hospital. A patient might need after-surgery care too. It will be weekly or monthly checkups and buying pain medications. A specialty hospital might charge a minimum of 10 Lacs for one kidney transplant. The price may go high up to 1 Crorewhen both kidneys have to be transplanted. Here, the cost is inclusive of donor kidneys, surgery costs, and hospital charges.

The Average cost of Pediatric Kidney transplant in India

The average price of a pediatric Kidney transplant in India is INR 50 Lacs. Yet, it depends on the types of hospitals, the expertise of the surgeon, and the number of days you need to be in the hospital after the surgery is over.

Pediatric Kidney transplant success rate in India

Live donor kidney transplants have a 95% success rate.

Diseased donor kidney transplants have an80% success rate.

Thus, 80 to 90 patients still survive after one year without any complications after kidney transplant surgery.

Best Pediatric Kidney transplant hospital in India

Many private specialty hospitals in major cities are the best ones for a pediatric kidney transplant in India. There are a few kidney hospitals, which are famous for their kidney transplant success rates. Thus, modern hospitals top the list than other government and private hospitals.

Pediatric Kidney transplant hospital in India

Main Cities for Pediatric Kidney transplant in India –

Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Kerala, Pane, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Tamilnadu, Gurgaon, and South India.

Pediatric Kidney transplant in Delhi

  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
  • BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital
  • Dharamshila Narayana SuperSpecialty Hospital

The above-said hospitals are super and multispecialty hospitals famous for pediatric kidney transplants in India. They serve 24-hours and emergency kindly transplant too. They do search for the kidney donor at their end and gives information to the needy patient.

Pediatric Kidney transplant in Mumbai

  • Fortis Hospital
  • KEM Hospital

Theabove hospitals are super specialtykidney transplant hospitals in Mumbai. It will help you to book online, consult via chat, and call their helpline number 24/7. They have experienced kidney transplant surgeons who have work experience in the developed countries.

Pediatric Kidney transplant in Bangalore

  • NU Hospital
  • Blue Bliss Hospital
  • Rainbow Children’s Hospital

The above-mentioned three hospitals are renowned for pediatric kidney transplants in India. It will help you to boo online consultation and discuss your child’s renal failure issues. They serve 24/7 emergency services in Bangalore.

Pediatric Kidney transplant in Chennai

  • Apollo Hospital Chennai
  • Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre
  • MIOT International Hospital

These are the modern specialty hospitals present in the heart of Chennai city. They serve 24/7 for childcare. When it comes to emergency kidney transplant surgery for children, they have kidney surgeons to do operations round the clock.

Pediatric Kidney transplant in Kolkata

  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospital
  • AMRI Hospital
  • Fortis Hospital

These are famous specialty hospitals to serve pediatric kidney transplants in India. It is easy to kook consultation appointments online. They will search for live and deceased donors too for your child’s kidney transplant for survival.

Pediatric Kidney transplant in Hyderabad

  • Yashoda Hospital
  • KIMS Hospital
  • Virinchi Hospitals

These hospitals have much success rate among children. They do 24-hours emergency care for kidney transplant surgery. Yet, they are costlier too when compared to other cities in India. They are present in the heart of Hyderabad city.

Pediatric Kidney transplant in Kerala

  • Aster DM Health Care
  • Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Baby Memorial Hospital Limited

These are the prime private hospitals serving pediatric kidney transplants inKerala. They are present in the central parts of Kerala. It will help you by booking online appointments and go for consultation and kidney transplant surgery.

Pediatric Kidney transplant in Pune

  • Jupiter Hospital
  • Jehangir Hospital
  • KEM Hospital

The above said are top 3 multispecialty hospitals in Pune. They have a 98% kidney transplant success rate among children. They serve online appointment booking 24/7. It will help you to reach here for 24-hours emergency services.

Pediatric Kidney transplant in Gujarat

  • CIMS Hospital
  • KEM Hospital
  • Apollo Hospitals International Limited

These are the top three specialty hospitals for pediatric kidney transplants in India. It will help you to book an appointment and consult for kidney donors, transportation costs, and any other inquires. They serve throughout the year.

Pediatric Kidney transplant in Ahmedabad

  • NarayanaMultispecialty Hospital
  • CIMS Hospital
  • IKDRCNephrology

Ahmedabad city is blessed to have kidney hospitals for children. They serve emergency renal medical attentions. It would help if you could check kidney donors and consult for kidney transplant operation cost and availability.

Pediatric Kidney transplant in Tamil Nadu

  • PSG Hospital
  • Coimbatore Kidney Hospital
  • KPCH

Tamil Nadu has many kidney hospitals. When it comes to children’s kidney care, the above said specialty hospitals are the best to do kidney transplants in Tamil Nadu state. They do arrange for diseased and live kidney donors.

Pediatric Kidney transplant in Gurgaon

  • Paras Hospitals
  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute
  • Artemis Hospitals

The above three hospitals are the best for child kidney transplant surgery in Gurgoan. They are multi-specialty hospitals with 24-hours emergency care. If you wish, it will help you to consult for kidney donors from their end.

Pediatric Kidney transplant in South India

  • NarayanaMultispecialty Hospital
  • SahyadriMultispecialty Hospital
  • Apollo Hospital

These three hospitals are famous for a child kidney transplant in South India. They have experienced kidney surgeons. It will help you to check for a deceased donor or live donor for your kid kidney transplant surgery.

Top Pediatric Kidney transplant Hospitals in India –

  • Narayana Super-specialty Hospital – New Delhi
  • Rainbow Children Hospital – Bangalore
  • Apollo Hospital – Chennai
  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospital – Kolkata
  • Yashoda Hospital – Hyderabad
  • Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences – Kerala
  • KEM Hospital – Pune
  • Apollo Hospitals International Limited – Gujarat
  • CIMS Hospital – Ahmedabad

Best Pediatric Kidney transplant doctors in India     

  • Dinesh Khullar MBBS, MD, DM, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi
  • Amit K MBBS, MS, DNB, Jaypee Hospital, Noida
  • Vijay Kher MD – Internal Medicine, DM – Nephrology, MNAMS – Nephrology, Medanta – The Medicity, Gurugram
  • Dr Atul Ingale MD MRCP FCCP, Fortis Hospital Mumbai
  • Kishor S Babu MBBS MD Pediatric DNB Nephrology, Manipal Hospital Banglore
  • Rajan Ravichandran MBBS, MD Internal Medicine, Diplomate in Nephrology, MIOT Hospital Chennai
  • Tapas Kumar Saha MS, MCh, DNB, Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences – Kolkata
  • Urmila Anandh MD, DNB, DM (Nephro), FRCP, Yashoda Hospital – Hyderabad
  • George Kurian MD DM Nephrology, Kidney Transplantation, Amrita Hospital Kerala

Dr. Manish Mali Consultant Pediatric Nephrology, Aditya Birla Hospital – Pune

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