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Liver Transplant in India

The Indian government and private hospitals do liver transplants for needy patients as per the best practices in organ transplantation. Private hospitals do more liver transplants than government-run hospitals. They do surgery for liver failure due to alcohol, diabetes, and in case of the liver is enlarged or found oversize. Today, much super speciality hospital does liver transplant as per organ donation and transplant procedures accepted by the medical council of India.

Pediatric Liver Transplant in India

A few of the newborns are born with some diseases in the liver. They might need a liver transplant earlier as they grow up. Yet, they wait for a deceased donor and perform liver transplant surgery for the needy child. Critical care treatment is given for such special cases in children. The organ transplant surgeons do liver transplant surgeries for children. Today, many children’s life is saved due to some diseases in the liver.

Adult Liver Transplant in India

Adult men and women are eligible for a liver transplant if it is chronic or liver damages due to alcohol reasons. Yet, they have to register and wait to get a deceased donor. Most of the private and government hospitals does arrange and give the needy a new life.

Bone Marrow Transplant in India

Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant in India

The Hemato-Oncologist does bone marrow transplants in children. Most of the private hospitals in India do this as a BMT procedure. The cost of such a transplant is high, as it needs modern surgical infrastructures. Selected speciality hospitals in India do this surgery for needy patients. They do all lab examinations and consulting in the same hospital.

Adult Bone Marrow Transplant in India

Adult men and women might need a bone marrow transplant when they suffer from any blood disorders. Most of the adults suffering from cancer undergo bone marrow transplants from reputed private hospitals. Thus, blood cancer patient’s death has lowered due to such advanced surgical facilities in speciality hospitals in India.

Medical Oncology Treatments in India

A medical oncologist treats cancer patients in India. Most of the private and government hospitals have experienced medical oncologists and oncology as a department or unit. Yet, private hospitals have much medical oncology equipment and devices. They check for beginning cases and prevent them by giving proper medications and treatment.

Oncology Surgeries in India

Most of the cancer patients in India undergo oncology surgeries to save patients life. They do this to remove cancer tumours, stops the spread of the tumour and stopping them from going to the next stage. Oncology is a separate unit in modern hospitals. They are equipped with the latest in Oncology medical infrastructure.

Fortis Hospital in India

Fortis Healthcare Limited has an international presence in serving modern health care facilities. As of 2020, there are 30 Fortis hospitals across the major cities in India. It is one of the reputed modern hospitals which has 99% success rates in treating what they have medical specializations. Thus, by serving PAN India, it is one of the most preferred hospitals for medical emergencies and critical care treatments.

Medanta Hospital in India

Medanta hospital is famous for organ transplants in India. Their super multi-speciality hospital in Gurugram serves kidney, liver, and heart transplant surgeries. This speciality hospital is very famous in north India. They provide affordable health care services for outpatients and inpatients. Any emergency cases from Delhi NCR do reach here to save a life.

Max Hospital in India

Max is a reputed Indian-based multi and super speciality health care provider in India. As of 2020, they have 16 hospitals in India. They have successfully completed two decades in serving modern health care. They have a speciality hospital to treat cancer in New Delhi. Today, they have eight world-class hospitals in Delhi alone.

Manipal Hospital in India

It is a renowned network of specificity hospitals in India. As of 2021, they have 15 branches serving PAN India locations. They provide sixty specialities in their hospitals. Yet, this hospital is much famous in South India. They are known for affordable and excellent treatment and patient care. They serve outpatients and inpatients. Surgeries happen here 24-hours. They do take emergency cases 24/7.

Apollo Hospital in India

Appolo is a famous south Indian based health care provider in India. As of 2021, they have 71 hospitals in all major cities of India. They do organ transplant surgeries. They have medical experts and experienced doctors to serve in all medical services. They are famous for saving lives by serving emergency cases.

Artemis Hospital in India

Artemis is a multi-speciality hospital in north India. It is the first to get certification from JCI and NABH. They have the highest success rates in Oncology and Orthopedics care. When it comes to bone fractures, they accept emergency cases and treat them well. They do have neurology doctors to treat various neuron diseases.

Urology surgeries in India

Any renal diseases in the advanced stage need urology surgeries. Pediatric urology under super speciality care is done at many renowned private hospitals. They do kidney transplants. Urology departments are present in most of the speciality hospitals in India. They have reputed practitioners and surgeons.

Orthopaedic Surgeries in India

Orthopaedic speciality hospitals are there in India to serve children and adults. They do bone marrow surgeries. They do bone reconstruction and replacement surgeries. Many speciality hospitals serve Orthopaedic treatment and surgeries only. Thus, a patient can land their 24-hours in case of medical emergencies.

Neuro Spine Surgeries in India

Neurosurgeons do neuro spine surgeries for children and adults in India. They are carried out in the top super speciality hospitals. These hospitals are the best for any child born with spine deformities. They do emergency spine surgery for accidental cases. Neurosurgeons are also available in ortho hospitals with modern operation theatres.

Brain Surgeries in India

Brain surgeries are done at super speciality hospitals in India. They do this with Biopsy, Craniotomy, and Neuroendoscopy. Brain tumour surgery is the most performed one among other brain-related disorders. The super multi-speciality hospitals handle such patients with clinical trials, therapies, and surgery if necessary.

Cardiac Surgeries in India

Renowned cardiac surgeons perform Coronary artery bypass graft surgery for heart patients in India. They are carried in speciality hospitals. Cardiac care hospitals are there in India, which give surgical and non-surgical cardiovascular treatments. They save the maximum number of heart attack patients with angioplasty surgeries.

IVF in India

Infertility treatment Hospitals are many in India. In vitro fertilization or IVF is carried out in speciality clinics and hospitals in India. They have higher success rates compared to developed countries. Today, India has modern hospitals for infertility treatment. They provide treatment for men and women who wish to have babies from their blood through IVF medical procedures.

Kidney Transplant in India

There are many kidney hospitals and private hospitals performing kidney transplant surgeries. They do for children and adults. They do arrange live and deceased kidney donors. They serve 24/7 dialysis for kidney patients. Thus they can take treatment until a donor is available, which matches with a patient’s blood group.

Pediatric Kidney Transplant in India

Kidney transplant for children is done at many speciality hospitals in India. They do arrange live and deceased kidney donors. These hospitals do childcare only. Thus, searching for a donor is possible soon when you consult with them. They do the best medical practices in organ transplants.

Adult Kidney Transplant in India

Many multi-speciality hospitals do kidney transplants for adults. They do arrange live and deceased kidney donors. Experienced organ transplant surgeons do this surgery for needy patient. They do dialysis until a donor’s kidney is available for a patient. The super speciality hospitals in India have 100% success rates while kidney transplanting in adults.

GI Surgeries in India

The GI or Gastrointestinal surgery is performed in many f the multi-speciality hospitals in India. The GI surgeons perform this surgery as invasive on non-invasive types. They do different types of GI surgeries as per the patient’s sickness. Thus, a patient with gastrointestinal problems can take treatment as an inpatient and come out with relief from the famous hospitals in India.

Diabetic Surgeries in India

Diabetic patients undergo bariatric surgery in speciality hospitals. Today, they do it as minimally invasive surgery and laparoscopic metabolic surgery. In some cases, leg amputation will be necessary in case of advanced foot ulcers in a diabetic patient. The speciality hospital for a diabetic in India does perform surgery to make a patient insulin resistant.

Cosmetic Surgeries in India

Cosmetic surgeons in India perform cosmetic surgeries. Many multi-speciality hospitals do this for fire burns and aesthetic purposes. They do plastic surgeries to alter the nose, cover the scar on the skin and the way you want to make your skin beautiful. Most cosmetic surgeries are performed as a daycare procedure. Experienced plastic surgeons do these surgeries in India. They have plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and skin specialists from the beginning consultation in hospitals.

Eye Surgeries in India

Eye surgeries are done for needy patients at eye care hospitals and multi-speciality hospitals. Their success rates are high. Famous eye surgeons do this surgery in such hospitals. Modern hospitals do laser eye treatment. The complicated ones only go for anaesthetic eye surgery. Many private eye hospitals are there in India. They do eye transplants for needy blind people. They do find eye donors and do the best practices in eye transplants.

Dental Surgeries in India

Many dental hospitals with surgical care do dental surgeries for accident cases and oral health. There are also multi-speciality hospitals that do dental surgeries as daycare. They do maxo-facial surgeries for needy patients and accident injuries. They treat children and adults. They use the latest in digital X-rays, dental seats and dental instruments. They do sell dental accessories in-house.

ENT Surgeries in India

Many ENT hospitals are there in India. Yet, multi-speciality hospitals do ENT surgeries for needy patients. They do this for the ear, throat, and nose. The modern ENT hospitals serve outpatients and inpatients. They do even surgeries if necessary for a patient. They have the latest in ENT testing devices. Many specialized hospitals are there for thyroid care alone in India. A few childcare hospitals do specialize in ENT care. They use the latest in ENT medical devices and tools.

Robotic Surgeries in India

Robotic surgeries are performed in super speciality hospitals. There are sixty-six centres offering this facilitation. Robotic surgeons perform this surgery with modern robotic installations. They are used to perform very complicated surgeries, which might take time. Yet, robotic reduces the anaesthesia level and the difficulties of manual surgeries.

Endoscopic Surgeries in India

Endoscopic surgeries are performed in almost all speciality hospitals in India. It is mostly used for cancer cell detection, prevention, and cure. The super speciality hospitals in India use this procedure for disease prevention and cure by predicting them in advance and treating them properly after identifying them. The cost of endoscopic surgeries is affordable when compared to standard surgery procedures and hospitalization expenses in India.

Laser Treatments in India

Laser treatments are almost available in speciality and multi-speciality hospitals in India. They are mostly done for skincare. Yet, they are used for obesity or weight loss treatment in many super speciality hospitals. They use the latest in laser equipment and devices. It is a daycare procedure in any modern hospital in India. Laser treatments are specially meant for skin and hair care treatment in most of the speciality hospitals in India.

Laparoscopic Surgeries in India

Today, many of the surgeries are under laparoscopic one in India. There are laparoscopic surgeons who practice in various famous hospitals. The top multi-speciality hospitals in India use this technique as a daycare surgery. Thus, many patients are able to discharge on the same day of surgery in India. This medical technology has saved many lives in India. The busy people do undergo daycare treatment and do their routine works.

Cyberknife in India

The top 5 speciality hospitals in India are equipped with Cyberknife. They experienced robotic surgeons do this for various tough surgeries, which might take more time. Yet, Cyberknife reduces such time and do it in a short time. It is also called robotic radiosurgery. Today, many cancer patients have undergone Cyberknife treatment in speciality hospitals. They have helped to cure pancreatic cancer.

Cyberdine Physiotherapy in India

Cyberdine Physiotherapy procedure is available in most of the multi-speciality hospitals in India. It is helpful to cure injured patients and those with health disorders. They also help in treating after surgery patients. They have the latest Cyberdine Physiotherapy devices. These are imported robotic remedial devices. They help thousands of patients to get relief from various health alignments. It is a daycare service, and inpatient does avail in physiotherapy.

Neurology Treatments in India

Many neurology hospitals are there to treat neurological disorders in patients. It includes diabetic neuropathy, treatment for mental disorder people, fix, and paralysis. They have neurosurgeons to conduct surgeries and provide therapies with the latest medical equipment and modern medical devices. Today, the number of cases of motor neuron diseases has reduced in India due to world-class treatment provided by super speciality hospitals in India.

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