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Heart Transplant

In the last few decades, India has become one of the preferred destinations for medical tourism. As per the reports, medical tourism in India has occupied nearly 18% of the international medical tourism market.

India is a land of substantial topological diversity, exclusive historical importance and plentiful reserves of culture and heritage. India is counted among the largest democracy across the world. The economy of India has its root in various sectors such as agriculture, refineries, technology, manufacturing, and software support. One of the best contributors to the Indian economy is the rising medical tourism sector.

The combination of top-class health services offered at a highly cost-efficient rate and other opportunities like vacationing in some of the scenic locales makes India one of the best choices for medical tourists.

Alfiya Medi tour is one of the best medical tourism companies in India.

Important reasons why you should choose India for medical tourism?

Heart Transplant

India is now counted among the top 3 destinations for medical tourism across Asia. The other two is Thailand and Singapore. In the year 2018, the number of medical tourists travelling to India was near half a million. This number is enhancing at an exponential rate for several reasons. Some of the primary reasons are

  • Cost-effective: One of India’s major attractions for medical tourists from across the world is the reduced cost of treatments. The cost of the procedure is almost zero, and the overall cost is significantly less than the cost in other nations. Plastic surgery is also one of the renowned options in India because of the low price. A facelift costs about $11000 in the USA while in India it is $4500. Some cosmetic surgeries such as tummy tucks and rhinoplasty cost half the price as in the USA.
  • Quality of care: Even though the cost of treatment is low, the quality of treatment is not compromised. Well equipped with all the latest technology and running under the supervision of the top-notch professional, India top hospitals are famous for maintenance of high standards in both surgical precision and diagnostics.

Medical tourism companies in India like Alfiya Medi Tour has a network of the best hospitals and best doctors for which it offers the best treatment to its patients.

  • Excellent services: India is famous as it welcomes its guests with all warmth, love, and affection, making it one of the best choices for medical attention. The rapidly growing hospitality industry in India makes sure that all the medical tourist get a home-like feeling in the country while receiving the treatment.
  • Low waiting periods: The waiting period for major surgeries like transplantation, surgeries, and specialties are very long. It’s like patience-testing for all. At such a juncture, prospective patients make a desire to travel to India for treatments. Renowned hospitals of India are highly known to meet the requirements of a vast number of patients on a frequent basis. Such rapid services and attention attracts a large number of tourists to India for medical purposes.

The healthcare system in India is highly dominated by the private sector, which is the primary source of healthcare for 70% of the households in the urban area and 63% of the households in the rural areas.

The healthcare quality in most of the hospitals in the urban India is highly exceptional, and it exceeds even that in the first world countries.

Alfiya Medi Tour has a partnership with most of the recognized hospitals in India and strives to offer you the best treatment possible. Let us know what some of the popular treatments provided by the Alfiya Medi tour are:

A wide range of treatments is offered at the best rates. Have a look at few pretty popular specialities:

  • Cardiology: There are several cardiological processes such as non-invasive cardiology and diagnostic, coronary artery bypass graft, pediatric cardiac surgery and heart valve replacement which are pretty popular in India. Alfiya media tour offers the best cardiac treatment in association with the leading hospitals.
  • Oncology: Cancer treatment and the tackling of its various complexities is a very tough task. Medical tourism companies in India like Alfiya Medi tour make it easy for global patients to have reliable treatment options.
  • Kidney-related treatments: Cost-effective but highly advanced medicine makes nephrology one of India’s most popular treatment options.
  • Orthopedics: The presence of world-class orthopedic surgeons and hospitals makes India one of the famous destinations for treatments like hip replacement, bone marrow transplantation, Knee replacement etc.

Kickstart your journey to better health with Alfiya Medi Tour!

Heart Transplant

 All individuals from outside India who visit India for medical purposes have to apply for a medical visa. It is available for those who are seeking treatment in some of the recognized and specialized hospitals and centres of medicine in India. Alfiya media tour makes it easy for you to obtain a medical visa to undergo treatment in India.

The impressive combination of top-class technology, latest medical infrastructure, increasing hospitality and highly experienced service, and best quality medical attention has offered an incredible drive to the growth of medical tourism in India.

If you are interested in receiving medical treatment in India, choose Alfiya Medi Tour! It helps you in connecting you with some of the best doctors and hospitals along with other support services. It leaves no stone unturned for offering you the best medical tourism experience.

Alfiya Medi tour is counted among the pioneer and reputed companies in the medical tourism sector in India. It provides you with top-class treatment and tour packages for all global patients. With the matchless cost-effective formula, the global patients obtain the premium quality of medical services and treatment facilities. Alfiya media tour has made a partnership with several hospitals and a team of medical experts that covers every form of health like modern, universal and alternate treatment.


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