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Al-Afiya Medi Tour

We wish, God willing, all the safety and complete recovery for all patients, and may Allah preserve the medical staff in Al Afiya Medical Company, New Delhi, India.

‎حيدر الخفاجي

Al-Afiya Medi Tour

Praise to be Allah and safety, we have tried excellent services of Al-Afiya medi tour, their translators are best and are also very interactive. Choosing them for the services in India was our wisest decision.

Hassan Al Nasraoui

Al-Afiya Medi Tour

Greetings to my brother and friend Abdul Aleem for his high-level dealings and we wish him success in his work.

Salam Taher

Al-Afiya Medi Tour

Good services are provided by the company through the facilities provided in the hospital and the presense of translators most of the time.

Ali Amer Abas

Al-Afiya Medi Tour

I can't say nothing except to give my thanks to Al Afiya company and to the faithful translator Abdul Aleem. I am the companion, Adwar Eido

‎ادور برشلوني

Al-Afiya Medi Tour

Praise to be Allah, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our master Muhammad, his family and his companions.

باريك العابدي

Al-Afiya Medi Tour

Praise to be Allah for the blessing. I took Al-Afiya's services and they have provided me with incredible services in the hospital. I am very much impressed with the care which they provide to their patients. I would like to say thanks to the director of the company

Myar Ali

Al-Afiya Medi Tour

This company is very good because of its humane dealingd and interest in the patient that exceed expectations. Moreover, the doctors who work with this company are distinguished, especially noteworthy the doctor and professor Kobra Shokri with my thanks and appreciation for this company, especially the humble and faithful translator, brother Abdul Aleem.

الأستاذ عبدالرزاق احمد العبيدي‎

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