Best Facilities In India By Opting For The Medical Tourism

Indian infrastructure for the medical sector is growing at a rapid pace. Moreover, it is highly noticeable that medical tourism is one of the most talked-about systems at present. People from the African continent prefer to come to this amazing land for affordable treatment. Furthermore, the physicians are top-class and provide enough facilities for a comfortable experience.

Are you coming from Rwanda? Let your health get back to normal condition again by coming to India. The traveling companies in India provide every facility to make your life an improved one. However, it often remains a question that why people from different countries will travel such a long distance for medical treatment. The answer lies in the present conditions of the concerned countries.

If you give a keen look, you will find how poor the medical infrastructure is. Of course, it is not desirable. Moreover, suitable treatment is highly expensive in those countries. In such critical moments, India is the best solution to them.

Medical Tourism Becomes Popular Among Rwandans

Many reputed companies in India are dealing with making the necessary arrangements for foreigners. Additionally, there are several points to consider to come to India for medical purposes. After all, there are hassles for visas and quick accommodation in an unknown land. However, when you connect with a famous Indian organization sponsoring medical tours, half of your problems will issue.

India has the best doctors to treat you most authentically. Moreover, the costs will also fit your pockets. However, let us look at the list of the prominent reasons for being a part of medical tourism to India. It is one of the highest growing industries in the entire nation.

  • Advanced Technology in India is still not present in backward countries like Rwanda. Moreover, this is the key factor for choosing over the developed countries.
  • Another exclusive component to come here is the state-of-the-art infrastructure. However, the costs will not give a heart attack. We have a fantastic team of trained nurses and physicians to treat you in a special way. The number is around 10 thousand and is increasing gradually.
  • Low-cost surgery is the star factor for opting for medical tourism in India. As per the recent statistics, the medical costs and surgical expenses are approximately 30% lower compared to many developed nations.
  • With Al Afiya Medi Tours, the tension of traveling will come to an end. The skilled professionals at different clinical establishments will provide high-standard health care facilities. They include surgeons, cardiologists, orthopedics, neurologists, pediatricians, and many more.

Online Application For Medical Visa

For medical tourism, undoubtedly the foreigners will need a visa from Rwanda to India. This is the primary requirement to step into any foreign country. After all, without a permit, no one can legally enter a foreign land. However, the complications are a bit less in medical visas than in the case of normal visas. Moreover, Al Afiya also gives you priorities in these matters.

You have to keep in mind the following matters while applying for a visa to India.

  • Validity of the passport must be for six month
  • At present, every person must show a certificate of vaccination. The passenger must take it at least 14 days prior to the traveling date
  • The visitor must sign at two specified places on the application form
  • Every word on the form must be legible. Incorrect and illegible particulars will not be entertained. Furthermore, you must complete the form.
  • In the case of a minor, consent letters from the parents and the birth certificate must accompany the application form.

The processing fee for the Indian Visa is around 80 USD. However, it may differ according to the exchange rate. Every resident of Rwanda can apply for the E-visa. It is an effortless and faster process to get an Indian Visa. You can apply for this visa twice a year, at the maximum.

Eligibility for Getting Medical Visa

  • A person can obtain an Indian Medical Visa only if he or she is in genuine need of high-class medical treatment.
  • Only two persons can accompany the patient from the country of Origin. They will act as medical attendants for the concerned person. Only family members or close associates are allowed in this regard.
  • Patients must get seek medical assistance from a recognized or reputed clinical establishment in India.
High Standards Of The Al Afiya Medi Tour

Al Afiya Medi Tour defines medical tourism in India in a different way. Whether you are suffering from a critical kidney or heart disorder or some other issue, we are there with you. Our professional services will assist you in easy visa facilities and connecting with the best doctor in the country.

Furthermore, you can also see top-class gynecologists to solve infertility problems. Al Afiya Medi Tour is one of the reliable companies in India to help the Rwandans reach India safely. It offers international standards to provide high-end comfort and excellent medical infrastructure.

You can book an appointment with a particular doctor through the web portal of Al Afiya. However, you need to show the case history first to let the physician understand your condition. Get the best treatment today at the most affordable prices ever. The minds of the experts will make every possible effort to make your visit satisfying.

There are special packages for the Rwandans for surgeries in India. You can also get high-class options and advanced equipment for organ transplantation. Avail of all the advantages to making your life a better one.

Ending Lines

Medical Tourism in India is in huge demand among the patients from Rwanda. As per the recent trends, this is evident. Moreover, the family members are also praising the exclusive surgery packages and infrastructure. Such low costs for getting treatment in the top-rated hospitals are just unbelievable. However, Al Afya Medi Tour will make that possible for your convenience. Please mention your problems and requirement. The responsibility for the subsequent arrangements is ours.

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