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Mammoplasty refers to breast reduction.  Further, it refers to surgery of breasts done for reducing the size of large breasts. The basic purpose of the surgery is to re-establish a functional bust. In short, the restored breast is proportionate to the size of the woman’s body. In the first place, the problem suffered by a woman who presents with heavy and large breasts include chronic pains. Pains can be present in the head, neck, shoulders, and back. Moreover, secondary health issues such as poor blood circulation, breathing difficulty, and chafing off skin under the breast can develop.

Reasons To Get Breast Reduction Surgery in India

Other reasons to get breast reduction surgery in India decrease in self-confidence, bad emotional health increased anxiety, psychological depression, the improper fit of clothes. Women with gigantomastia have each breast more than 1000 grams. Additionally, the important part while breast surgery in India is the conservation of tissue viability of the nipple-areola complex. It helps in conserving functional sensitivity and dictation capacity of the breasts.

Breast reduction surgery in India reduces physical distress caused by heavy breasts. In addition, it makes the breasts proportionate to the dimensions of the body of the concerned woman. The cause may be the overdevelopment of adrenal tissue or milk plans or both. Some women present with a unilateral complaint. Moreover, the others may have bilateral sagging of breasts with ptosis.

Read Below the techniques used in breast reduction surgery in India:

There are different methods of breast reduction treatment in India. Find some of them below:

  • Lollipop incision-

The other name for lollipop incision is vertical scar technique. Vertical scar reduction mammoplasty removes small areas of skin. It helps in the removal of small volumes of tissues. This technique leaves short incision scars.

  • Horizontal scar technique-

In this technique, the surgeon makes a horizontal incision across the inflammatory fold. It includes complications in nipple-areola. The drawback is a box-shaped breast. It usually leaves a thick incision scar.

  • Free nipple- graft method-

This technique helps in removing a larger volume of breast cells. Consequently, and sadly, the breasts can lose sensitivity of nipple-areola and lactation capability.

  • Lipectomy-

It involves a liposuction-only technique. It leaves tiny incision scars. Comparatively, the patient requires a shorter postoperative healing period. On the whole, it performs only restricted breast reduction which is a drawback.

  • Inverted-T incision-

It happens to be a wooden incision to the NEC or the nipple-areola complex. The incision extends downwards and follows the natural curve of the breast hemisphere. This is a wonderful technique to reduce enlarge press in cases of macromastia and gigantomastia.

Analysis of the reasons for the need of medical tourism for African patients for breast reduction treatment in India

Africa has various countries rich in wildlife. Various parts of Africa have a wide range of tribes. It attracts people for holidays.

Unfortunately, Africa lacks medical facilities for breast reduction and other medical emergencies. Therefore, Africans look for options outside the region. People from Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda find it easier, cheaper, and trustworthy to get their breast reduction surgery in India.

 Al Afiya Medi Tour helps you in getting the best breast reduction treatment in India at an affordable package. The company ensures a wonderful stay in the best hospital. The surgeon’s suggestions will be of top quality with Al Afiya Medi Tour.

Let us have a look at tests advised for breast reduction treatment in India for African patients:

Accordingly, the doctor will keep in touch with you once you choose to get breast reduction treatment in India. There will be a thorough evaluation of breasts.

Evaluation includes taking photos, measuring the size and contour, defining skin quality, understanding the position of nipples and areola.

Before conducting the breast reduction surgery in India, surgeons will perform a necessary mammogram.

The doctor will advise tests to exclude any critical illness. Medical staff will first take care of any illness that can worsen surgery or healing.

Get to know about the procedure of breast reduction treatment in India:

  • Get ready before the procedure- the pre-procedure-

A surgeon has some points in mind before a breast reduction surgery in India. Moreover, general laboratory tests help in assessing medical conditions. These tests provide confidence in the doctor to rule out any critical illness.

A doctor will always conduct a mammogram to analyze your breasts.

After taking photos and measuring the size of your breast, the doctor will reveal the position to you. Afterward, the surgeon knows your expectations for the breast size. In addition, he will decide the best-suited technique for the operation. The medical staff tells the process of surgery to the patient. The surgeon will reveal the risks and benefits associated.

There is certain advice the surgeon shall give. For instance, the surgeon may ask the patient to stay away from active and passive smoking. The precautions may be for a certain time prior to and after the operation.

Additionally, the surgeon may advise you to lose weight a few months before the surgery.

  • Know the procedure itself-

The surgeon performs breast reduction surgery in India under general anesthesia. Usually, the operation takes place within three to 5 hours. The surgeon usually follows the pre-discussed method. According to the circumstances during the surgery, the surgeon may change the technique used.

The surgeon removes excess breast tissue, skin, and fat after making an incision. Meanwhile, the surgery helps in decreasing the size of the breast.

The surgeon ensures the same size of breasts in case of surgery of both the breasts.

  • Prepare yourself for the post-procedure requirements-

After the completion of breast reduction surgery in India, extra fluid or blood can be present. Therefore, a tube is put in to drain the extra fluid or blood.

The patient may feel sensitive and tender breasts or breasts after the surgery.  The surgeon will prescribe medications for pain according to the condition of the patient. Additionally, the surgeon will also prescribe antibiotics to reduce the chances of any infection. There can be continuation of medicines for an existing disease.

However, the patient may wear a surgical or compression bra. This will decrease swelling and provide the needed support to breasts.

Get to know the risks and complications involved in breast reduction surgery in India:

The outcomes of breast reduction surgery in India are usually nice. However, the risk of certain complications exists.

For instance, the patient may have excessive bleeding during the surgery. It is therefore important to arrange a blood donor before the surgery.

The patient has a risk of developing an infection. Further, there’s scarring after the surgery. In this case, a bra can easily cover these scars.

The patient can experience a temporary loss of sensation in nipples and areola. In some cases, the size of breasts may vary.

Visa for Medical Tourist from Africa

For a medical visa to India, give valid reason and correct documentation.  A surgery like a breast reduction surgery or a medical emergency can make the patient easily avail of the visa.

In addition, the patient needs to fill in the details of contact names on the website. Attach the medical prescription and fill the disease information.  Moreover, provide the information of the attendee for the second visa.

Each page shall be verified and saved for future use. Further, check the status of your visa online. Do not provide any false information on the website. In contrast, submitting false information will decrease the chances of getting the visa.

Al Afiya Medi Tour can help you in the steps of getting the visa. Furthermore, extend the visa in case of a medical complication.

Find your reason to have breast reduction treatment in India here:
  • The cost of breast reduction surgery in India is cheaper!

Lower confidence and bad emotional health put the patient under pressure.  Therefore, the concern of high expenses makes the patient postpone or ignore breast reduction. Breast reduction treatment in India lies within an affordable range. The cost of breast reduction in India makes the patient come here and doesn’t send her in a panic mode.

  • Trustworthy and skilled doctors are available!

The standards of examination and practice in India do not leave much scope for unskilled doctors.

There is an update of new technology. Therefore, doctors upgrade their skills as well.

Moreover, the best results delivered and quick recovery ensured to keep the trust of patients in Indian surgeons intact.

  • Update of Medical Facilities each day!

Surgery uses properly working and recently upgraded equipment. Furthermore, cleanliness and hygiene are there. ICU has proper bed arrangements. Nonetheless, the patients get the needed privacy.

  • GOI puts in efforts in medical tourism!

The government of India puts in money and skills each year to develop medical infrastructure. It is at par with the specified international standards.

  • Hospitality is great!

Indians always extend love and care to the guests. As a result, this makes reception and stays at hospitals easy. Meanwhile, the Vedic culture ensures complete care to the patient and the attendant.

Know the cost of breast reduction surgery in India for Ethiopian, Rwandan, Nigeria, and Kenyan patients.

The cost of breast reduction surgery in India depends upon the facilities asked by the patient. In addition, presence of other illnesses in the patient can also determine the cost. Also, the number of attendees and the facilities required by them can create a difference in the specified cost.

Usually, the cost of breast reduction surgery in India is USD 2,300 or INR 1, 65,000 to USD 4000. The cost of food starts from 20 to 40 USD per day.

The number of travelers permitted in the above-specified cost is two. Generally, this cost provides a two-day stay in the hospital and four days stay outside the hospital. It makes 6 total days in India.

However, any extension can increase the cost. To prevent extension and high expense, rule out any prior disease.

In fact, this cost is still lesser than the one in many other countries. Surgeons do not compromise with the quality of the surgery.

Maintenance of international standards for breast reduction surgery in India is ensured for patients of Ethiopia and other African countries:

Due to the initiative of the Government of India, hospitals, surgeons; there is no compromise in the standards of surgery. Bill payment is according to international standards. Our company can help with currency change.

The area of operation, the area of attendees is the best available in the particular package.

Treatment packages for residents of Ethiopia and other African countries for breast reduction surgery are through us!

As mentioned above, Al Afiya Medi Tour helps you in selecting the best surgeon and the hospital at the affordable cost of breast reduction surgery in India. You can avoid the pain of going through multiple websites. Moreover, avoid the pains of physically visiting a number of hospitals. We are a one-stop solution for breast reduction surgery in India.

Identifying the top hospitals in India for breast reduction surgery:

Al Afiya Medi Tour helps you in this. Max Hospital has Dr. Sunil Choudhary. Artemis hospital has doctor Vipul Nanda, Saifee hospital has doctor Muffazal. Dr. Ajay Kashyap is there in Fortis Hospital.

The others for consultation are doctor Avtar Singh in BLK Hospital, Dr. Kuldeep Singh in Apollo Hospital.  In addition, Dr. Saurabh, Dr. Ashish in Jaypee Hospital, and Dr. Juhi in Manipal Hospital can also help.

The list is vast. Let us go through the pains for you.

Do not postpone your breast reduction treatment in India and consult Al Afiya Medi Tour to get the best services!

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