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Are you looking for joint replacement? If you are one of them, you have landed in the right place. Moreover, this website is perfect to help you get joint replacement surgery in India

The most common types of joint replacement include knee replacement and hip replacement.  If the joints have been damaged, the last resort is joint replacement.

In case of damaged joints, the mobility of your patient get affected. It becomes extremely painful and irritating. Most of the hip replacement hospitals in India and knee replacement surgeons in India.

Furthermore, in India, the incision is smaller than the standard procedure. Therefore, Al Afiya Medi Tour, helps you to find the best knee replacement surgeons in India, and hip replacement hospitals in India.

Symptoms that require Joint Replacement

Knee replacement surgeons in India and hip replacement hospital in India will look for a lot of symptoms before joint replacement. The doctor will not ignore certain symptoms which require replacement. Further, the doctor will try all the conservative treatments possible before going for joint replacement. The symptoms can be as follows:

  • Constant weaknesses in arms and legs-

These symptoms will constantly bother you despite several forms of treatment.

  • Pain in lower limbs-

The surgeon will analyze pain in hip and knee and look out for the reason for the same.

  • Arthritis-

If your patient has been suffering from arthritis for years, there is a lot not wear and tear in joints. Further, worsened arthritis can call for replacement of joint.

You should always visit your doctor of you have constant pain. Further, difficulty in knee and hip joint shall make you reach the doctor. Pain in hip or joint will also occur while rest.

As they say, taking necessary action before any further damage is essential.

Allow us to introduce you to the parts of implants in hip:

The prosthetic implants that the doctors use consist of three parts:

  1. Acetabular cup-

It is the component which the doctor places in the acetabulum or the hip socket. Before fixing it, the surgeon removes cartilage and bone from the acetabulum. While some of the acetabular cups are in one piece, the others are modular.

2. Femoral component-

The femoral component fits in the femur or the thigh bone. The surgeon removes bone and shapes the femur. Then, femoral stem is attached with the prosthetic femoral head or ball.

3. Articular Interface-

The articular interface is not part of either of the implants. It is the area between the acetabular cup and femoral component. The sizes, material properties and machining tolerances at the articular interface.

Allow us to introduce you to the components of implants of knee:

The prosthetic implants of knee consist of the following:

  1. Femoral component-

The femoral component is the lateral view of the knee prosthesis. It has various zones. Zone 1 and 2 are anterior and posterior flange, respectively.  Further, zone 3 is the central box and distal fixation region in which ‘A’ and ‘P’ that designate the respective chamfers if visible. Moreover, zone 4 is stem extension.

  1. Tibial component-

Zone 1 is anterior on lateral view and medial on antero-posterior view.  Moreover, zone 2 is posterior on lateral view and lateral on AP views. Then, zone 3 is the central keel region.  Further, zone 4 is stem extension. Zone 5 is an inferior aspect of keel or stem.

Let us take you through a glimpse of joint replacement surgery in India:

  1. Before the joint replacement surgery in India: Pre-procedure:

The surgeon will require regular visits to the hospital before joint replacement surgery. You will get the doctor to advise you proper diet control before joint replacement surgery in India.

The orthopedic surgeon will recommend your patient to spend at least half or one day in the hospital. Surgeon will answer every question that the patient asks. The medical staff will advise the patient to not eat any kind of solid good on the day of joint replacement.

Further, the hospital staff ensures cleanliness and hygiene. The patient will also get advice to keep cleanliness and avoid multiple guests. This will help to avoid infection before, during, and after surgery.

  1. During the surgery for joint replacement in India: The Procedure:

The surgeon begins the process by giving general anesthesia to make the part below the waist numb.

 The standard procedure of joint replacement follows the international standards.

In case of knee replacement, knee replacement surgeons in India cut off about 8-12 inch from around the front knee. There will be removal of the knee joint that needs a replacement. Further, the surgeon will give empty space a proper shape. Accordingly, the knee joint  will get a proper shape.  Medical staff will attach the joint to the thigh bone. This is done to have a better grip along with muscles and ligaments.

  1. After the surgery for joint replacement surgery in India: Post-procedure:

The medical surgeon will advise your patient to visit the hospital for six months after surgery. Moreover, your patient can always call the doctor for assistance. Afterwards, the patient will require no major assistance in walking. Your patient will make regular visits to the medical staff and physiotherapist.

Physiotherapists can help you to recover from the joint replacement surgery in India.

The professional will advise you to avoid heavy movement like running or jumping. The patient can, however, perform normal activities.

Moreover, it is advisable for the patient to avoid gaining weight. The patient can take a list of exercises from the physiotherapist.

Further, let us introduce you to the risks and complications:

The medical staff will need to take a lot of precautions during the surgery. Similarly, the patient shall take care to avoid sources of infections.

It is advisable for the patient to avoid doing any kind of exercises. The patient shall avoid moving legs in excessive amounts. Your patient shall avoid climbing too many stairs. The purpose is to avoid putting more stress on the knee or hip.

You should make sure that your patient’s room is clutter-free. There shall not be any care-free attitude adopted while recovering.

How can physiotherapy help after joint replacement?

The patient feels uncomfortable at first. The physiotherapist initially advises you early postoperative exercises. You can begin the following exercises with your physiotherapist-

  • Quadriceps Sets-

First, tighten your thigh muscles.  Then, try to straighten your knee and hold for 5 to 10 seconds. The patient shall repeat these exercises approximately 10 times during two minutes.

  • Straight Leg Raises-

Your patient shall tighten the thigh muscle with the fully straightened legs on the bed. Then there shall be lifting of the patient’s leg. Hold them for 5 to 10 seconds. The patient shall repeat these exercises periodically until full strength returns to your thigh.

  • Ankle Pumps-

Your patient shall move the foot up and down rhythmically.  The patient shall contract calf and shin muscles. Further, your patient shall perform the exercise for 2 to 3 minutes, 2 to 3 times an hour.

  • Hip Bending Stretch-

Your patient shall bend his or her knee and bring the operated leg toward the chest. Further, repeat these exercises three to four times per week.

Why should you from Africa choose joint replacement surgery in India?

  • There is a lot of investment in medical tourism from GOI

The government of India invests a lot in medical tourism every year. GOI sets a target for investment in the medical tourism sector. Minatory funds help in upgrading technology, equipment, and extensive research.

  • Doctors go through a lot of training:

According to the set international standards, the medical institutions have standards maintained. Doctors clear examinations and tests and reach a certain stage in their careers. Hospitals have upgraded research and technology systems to provide great experience to the doctors.

  • Hospitals with high grade facilities:

India has hospitals that have cleanliness and hygiene. They have equipment for joint replacement surgery in India in knee and hip hospitals in India. These help in proper surgery, avoiding risks and complications, and proper recovery.

  • Research and Availability of Medicines and Tests:

Indian hospitals availability of tests and medicines that have been built after proper research. We do it here in national and international laboratories. We assure African residents will not have to go anywhere else for their medicines and tests.

  • India is receptive towards guests:

It is in our blood to receive guests at home and hospitals. We receive international guests with all care and love. Further, we ensure a warm environment for stay, and food that suits your tongue.

  • Air transport is easily available:

Africa to India has easy connectivity with air planes. This makes you and your family travel easily from Africa to India.

  • Medical staff have 24×7 availability:

Medical staff in knee and hip replacement hospitals in India will always be there for you. Moreover, you will never have any question unanswered. Doctors ensure communication. Communication helps the patient come out of fear and complications.

  • Decrease in cost:

Al Afiya Medi Tour will help you find the best knee and hip replacement hospitals in India. These costs help the patients from Africa visit India and choose a well-skilled surgeon.

  • Al Afiya Medi Tour ensures international standards in hospitals:

We maintain international standards in hospitals for national and international patients. Therefore, India is the best place to visit for hospitals in case of medical emergencies. These emergencies like joint replacement

Let us introduce you to the visa process for patients from Africa:

India easily grants permission for visa for medical tourist. Al Afia Medi Tour can help you through the process. You and your patient will apply for visa under medical tourist.

There needs to be a surety on your behalf that the information you provide is correct. You shall begin with entering your name, contact details, your email address in the website. Further, you shall save the information on each page before proceeding further. 

Moreover, proceed with entering your reason for medical visa and the contact details of anybody you know in India. If you do not know anyone in India, you can provide the details of the website you are contacting through.

You shall verify the information and submit the form. Your family can check the status of your visa from the visa status option.

The cost of visa from your place like Rwanda, Ethiopia can vary according to the ongoing circumstances. The cost can be around a few thousand dollars.

In case you are confused with the formalities, you can contact Al Afiya Medi Tour.

Furthermore, let us delve into cost of joint replacement surgery in India:

The cost of surgery in knee and hip hospitals in India can vary from USD 4000 to USD 11000.

The cost of individual joint replacement can vary. The patient will take almost 7 to 14 days to get back to normal.

Robotic knee surgery can take the investment of around USD 8000 to 9000.

Further, the cost of a hospital nearby can vary from 20 to 50 USD. The cost of food can vary from USD 20 to 30. Miscellaneous costs in India per day can be nearly 20 USD.

Why should you choose us?

We cater especially for our esteemed guests of Africa. Al Afiya Medi Tour assists completely in the process.

We assure transparency and international standards of procedure. We comply with the set agreement and assure trustworthiness.

Al Afiya Medi Tour also helps in choosing the best hospitals and doctors. We stay connected throughout the complete processes.

Allow us to be you to best knee and hip replacement hospitals in India:

We have a complete list of hospitals. There is a choice of doctors available as well. The artificial joint can help you work smoothly for 15-20 years.

Further, the names of the hospitals include Fortis Hospital, PD Hinduja Hospital, Manipal Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals.

Moreover, there are Max Hospitals, Columbia Asia Hospitals, BLK Super Speciality Hospital. Others are Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Shalby Hospitals, and Artemis Hospitals.

Allow us to help you have safe treatment in India. Al Afiya Medi Tour can guide you towards the process and take you through the journey smoothly.

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