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Lungs form an important part of human respiratory system.  Moreover, a human being has a pair of lungs. Each lung is present on each side of heart inside the chest.  Furthermore, the right lung has three main parts or lobes.  But the left lung has only two lobes. Indeed, each lung has a thin layer of covering called pleura.

Lung cancer develops when malignant or abnormal cells grow uncontrollably. In fact, it is dangerous and life threatening.

Cancer from lungs can spread to a nearby organ or any other place in body through the process of metastasis. Furthermore, the method of spread can vary.  Generally, it can spread with direct extension, by entering lymphatic circulation, by blood borne or haematogenous spread.

In some case, lung cancer is diagnosed during the last stage. Treatment at this stage is difficult and may be uncertain, especially when correct hospital and surgeon is not chosen. Hence at Al Afiya Medi Tour, we help you through the lung cancer treatment in India for you or your loved one in need.

Significant causes of Lung cancer:

Lung cancer is of major concern. It leads to a lot of new troubles that patient encounters first time in a life time. Many factors that are responsible for such condition are actually present in our daily lives and they often go unnoticed.

If you have been exposed to the following threats then there are lot of charges for you to develop a serious lung disease. At Al Afiya we make sure that if this is the case you get the proper treatment on right time.

Let’s delve into self-diagnosis, have you been exposed to any of these?

  1. Tobacco smoking- 85% of lung cancer are caused by chronic tobacco smoking.  Therefore, stop right away, if you fall into this category!
  1. Air pollution and passive smoking- Exposure to radon gas,  passive smoking are among the other causes of lung cancer
  1. Exposure to toxic chemicals- Toxic chemicals like asbestos, chromium, nickel increase the risk of human lung cancer.
  1. Genes have a control- If someone from your family had been diagnosed with lung cancer, your risk for the same increases.
  1. Past exposure to radiation therapy-Your risk for lung cancer will increase if you had a cancer and were treated with radiation therapy.
 Types of lung cancer that can be treated in India for our esteemed patients from Africa

Lung cancer usually sets in around the age of 70 years. It can be broadly divided into-

  1. Small cell lung cancer- Small cell carcinoma is highly malignant. Meanwhile, it mostly starts within the lungs. Besides, it can begin in areas like prostrate, cervix, and GIT. It doubles in lesser time. It has higher growth fraction. Moreover, metastases develop quickly in small cell carcinoma.
  1. Non-small cell lung cancer- Major lung cancers come under non-small cell lung cancer. Further, they can be classified into adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, large cell carcinoma. They are comparatively less receptive to chemotherapy. Therefore, surgery is done mostly and then chemotherapy is given. Stay alert. Do you notice any of these signs? If yes, then this is alarming. You should get yourself screened for lung cancer, if you experience following signs and symptoms-
  1. Coughing-If you are coughing for many days and months and the other causes have been excluded, you may have lung cancer.
  1. Blood on coughing-On or two episodes of coughing with blood may not be alarming. For this purpose, get yourself checked if it’s happening repeatedly.
  1. Wheezing and Shortness of Breath-Patient with lung cancer suffers from wheezing and shortness of breath. In this case, there is compromise of lung functions.
  1. Pain in chest bone and other bones-This develops as the lung mass presses the adjacent organs.
  1. Clubbing of finger nails-It can indicate lung cancer.
  1. Unintentional weight loss, weakness, and fever-These may indicate lung cancer.

It is important that you get yearly assessment of lung cancer done, especially if you are at risk.

Why it is best for African’s patients to get their treatment for lung cancer in India?

Lung cancer treatment in India is one of the best in the world. Furthermore, India is the most reliable state for medical tourism in the world. The reasons why residents of Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and other African countries prefer India are here:

  • Lack of medical facility in Africa-

Africa has regions rich in tribes and wildlife. Due to lack of investments and funds in medical sector, treatment for medical emergencies is unavailable or over expensive. Indeed, lung cancer treatment cost in India is comparatively lesser with more standards.

  • GOI keeps investing in medical sector-

The Government of India has always Invested in medical sector.

The government has set various health care institutions for treatment for lung cancer in India. Besides, these institutions with government and private initiative are at par with the international standards.

  • Indian Hospitals always have ongoing research-

The top hospitals for lung cancer treatment in India always keep carrying out research. Furthermore, they coordinate with international research as well.  Further, this makes hospitals and doctors provide best treatment for lung cancer in India.

  • Experience matters-

 The doctors for lung cancer treatment in India have years of experience and skills.  Especially, the paramedical staff and nurses offer the best services here.

  • Reception wins hearts-

Indian medical staff and general public receives African patients coming for treatment of lung cancer in India with open hearts. Al Afiya Medi Tour helps in getting you the best receptive place to stay in India.

  • Easy connectivity with Africa-

Most countries in Africa like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya have easy and affordable connectivity to India by air. Likewise, this facilitates African patients to get best lung cancer treatment in India.

  • Affordable lung cancer treatment cost in India-

Due to great investment and research in lung cancer care, the treatment in India is of international standards. Despite it, the lung cancer treatment cost in India is cheaper than the other international countries.

  • India is a land of medicine-

Before modern treatment and surgery, Indian Ayurveda treatment managed many serious diseases. Nonetheless, the existence and improvement in Ayurveda and Modern science make it a hotspot for treatment of lung cancer in India. Al Afiya Medi Tour helps you in  get treatment options, where you can also talk about complementary therapies and medicines.

Extensive procedure for lung cancer treatment in India for patients from Africa

  • The preparation before procedure- Pre-procedure-

The patient and the family can choose best hospital at affordable lung cancer treatment cost in India.

The doctors in our best facility advise admission and conduct few tests. These tests such as, ECG, ECH to rule out other disease.

The surgeon will before-hand have blood tests, sputum tests, Biopsy, bronchoscopy, x-ray, CT scan, PET scan ready.

The surgeon will enquire about any ongoing medicine. He will stop your blood thinners 10 days before the surgery.

The surgeon will make the patient sign the consent form. Furthermore, on the day of surgery or a procedure, the doctor will keep the patient empty stomach since morning.

The medical staff will put the best foot forward to remove the stress in the patient. Certainly, our doctors understand that the mental health is as important as the physical health.

  • The Actual Procedure-

The actual procedure depends on the stage of the lung cancer. The lung cancer may be at stage I, II, III, IV.

The oncologist may use surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy one by one.

The surgeon removes the lung cancer and a margin of healthy tissue. The surgery can take place as follows-

  1. Wedge resection-Surgeons perform Wedge resection to remove small parts of lung that contain cancer tissue. It also removes healthy tissue margin.
  1. Segmental resection- Surgeons perform Segmental resection to remove larger portion of lung

3. Lobectomy- Surgeons perform Lobectomy to remove entire lobe of one lung.

  1. Pneumonectomy- Surgeons perform Pneumonectomy is to remove an entire lung.

A surgeon performs Chemotherapy to help in surgery and radiation therapy to shrink and control a tumor.  To prevent recurrence after the surgery Chemotherapy is performed.

Radiation therapy in lung cancer treatment in India uses high radiation to shrink the tumor. It is given post the surgery. The doctor chooses from 3-DCRT, IMRT, SBRT, hypofractionated radiation therapy according to the patient’s need.

The doctor may use target therapy.  He can prescribe a drug to stop lung cancer and its spread.

  • Phase after the procedure- post-procedure-

The oncologist will call the patient for routine investigation after his discharge.  In addition, the doctor will get blood test, CT scan done after every 6 to 12 months. This oncologist may repeat this procedure for the first two years.

This prevents the chances of for the spread and lung cancer recurrence. In addition, the patient should stop smoking to decrease the chances of lung cancer recurrence.

The doctor will also advise to take a good diet. In this case, the diet should be rich in vitamin A to help in prevention of cancer.

The doctor will advise the patient to do regular physical activities. He may also advise some form of physiotherapy and supportive medicine to improve the health of the patient. The patient may need to take some prescribed medicines for lifetime.

The procedure not only costs economically and physically, but also hamper emotional and mental health of the patient. Furthermore, the doctor will advise the patient to live in a positive environment. In addition, the patient can get relief mentally through yoga, meditation, and watching comedy stuff.

How will you get medical visa to India from Africa?

Al Afiya Medi Tour will coordinate with you to get through visa process.

Keep the documents for identification and medical issues true. Fake documents cause rejection of visa and may leave you blacklisted.

You should visit the website and enter your contact details, name, email address, and other personal information. Verify and submit the information. Save each page for future reference.

Attach the documents for medical tourism and identity when needed.

After completing the form, submit and keep checking the visa status.

The cost of visa from Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia can depend on the circumstances. However, it is affordable in most cases.

Let us know the cost of lung cancer treatment in India for African patients:

There are various factors which affect the lung treatment cost in India. These factors can include the severity of disease and stage of lung cancer.

The lung treatment cost in India will also depend on the number of attendances with the patient. Furthermore, increase in facility numbers Will increase the cost of treatment. Moreover, Al Afiya Medi Tour is available to provide different range of package to you as per your requirements and demand.

In this cost, the patient stays for 7-8 days in the hospital. The patient stays 30 days outside the hospital. The surgeon performs surgery in this case within three to five hours under general anaesthesia.

  • For excision of cancerous mass from lungs in initial stage, the cost may vary from 7000 to 15000 USD. This happens in lobectomy surgery.
  • The cost of radiation therapy can vary from 3,800 to 5,800 USD
  • The cost of chemotherapy depends on choice of drug. It can vary from 300 to 600 USD.
  • Lung transplant surgery can cost from 32, 000 to 42,000 USD.
  • The cost of lifetime medicine can vary from 200 to 300 USD per month.

Al Afiya Medi Tour can avail food for you in 20-30 USD per day. Hotels near the hospital can vary from 18-50 USD. Miscellaneous cost of nearly 20 USD can also be there.

Know the best hospitals for lung cancer treatment in India for residents of Africa:

You may have heard of a lot of hospitals for treatment of lung cancer in India. The information will confuse you.

Al Afiya Medi Tour lists here some of the best hospitals for lung cancer treatment in India:

  1. Manipal Hospital
  2. Max hospital
  3. Global hospital
  4. Apollo Hospital
  5. Artemis Hospital
  6. HCG Cancer Hospital
  7. Medanta hospital
  8. Yashoda Hospital
  9. Aster Hospital
  10. Kokilaben Hospital

Al Afiya Medi Tour Is 100% comprehensive and transparent in it’s approach. It provides you with options to choose for best lung cancer treatment in India in an affordable lung treatment cost in India. The package includes highly skilled surgeons, world class technology that provide a very high success rate.

Contact Al Afiya Medi Tour to get better soon without wasting much time!

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