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Ovaries are a pair of female glands which release hormones such as oestrogen. The eggs are in a female form inside of the ovaries. Moreover, they play an essential role in the reproductive functioning of a woman.

These ovaries are Oval in shape and lie in the pelvis on either side of the uterus of a woman.

Ovarian cancer happens when there is uncontrolled growth of cells that form the ovaries. If you’re here to learn about treatment of ovarian cancer, you’re at the right place! Al Afiya Medi Tour Will help guide you about ovarian cancer treatment in India.

 Ovarian cancer is generally undetectable till early stages. Therefore, regular screening becomes an important procedure for every woman out there. The main ovarian cancer treatment in India happens through surgery. If you are searching for a reliable source to reach India for this treatment, Al-Afiya medi tour will help you through it.

During surgery, the oncologist removes the cancerous tumours from the ovaries. Before any removal, the doctor will also assess the area your tumour has spread through. Most patients discover their illness only after it has spread into the entire abdomen and pelvis area. Thus, the surgery is determined by the area of the spread of the ovarian cancer. Besides, the surgical procedure will also depend on the general health of the patient.

During ovarian cancer treatment in India, surgery is followed by chemotherapy. Al Afiya Medi Tour will ensure the best treatment in the best hospital for ovarian cancer treatment in India at the lowest cost in India for patients from across the world.

How do doctors in India plan the ovarian cancer treatment for patients from Ethiopia?

Your doctor will follow a certain procedure for your treatment. What will determine the type of treatment apart from general health of the patient depends on this stage of the ovarian cancer. In general, the oncologist removes your patient’s uterus, ovaries, and both the fallopian tubes. Moreover, the doctor will also remove the other tissues that surround the ovaries in the abdomen. The extent of removal of the extra tissues will depend on the extent of spread of ovarian cancer in your patient’s body.

Before delving into any kind of treatment, the doctor will diagnose the type, stage, and grade of the ovarian cancer. Pre planning of the way of treatment is essential in cases of medical emergencies such as ovarian cancer.

If your patient is already suffering from ovarian cancer in an advanced age, the surgeon will prefer to perform the debulk surgery. In this case, the surgeon will initially remove the tumour as much as possible. Then, chemotherapy will be given to the patient.

Since there is a possibility of ovarian cancer spreading to other organs of the body as well, the doctor may perform additional surgeries. These surgeries involve appendectomy and omentectomy.  Apart from removing the fat layers that cover the intestine, the doctor can also perform cholecystectomy, hysterectomy. The treatment can include resection of bowel and other structures in the belly along with lymphadenectomy. There are much more details which will determine the course of treatment. For the best treatment, we are here to help you.

Al Afiya Medi Tour specifically guides the patients from Ethiopia to get themselves treated in India.

 Al Afiya Medi Tour introduces you to the common procedure of ovarian cancer treatment in India:

  1. The preparation: Pre-Procedure:

The process for pre-procedure will begin one or two weeks before your patient’s surgery. Your doctor will advise some tests for your patient to assess whether the woman is in a Condition to undergo surgery. These tests will help the patient and the doctor get aware of the overall condition of your patient.

The tests can include blood tests, which further include complete hemogram, liver function test, renal function test. Besides, the doctor will advise serum electrolytes, and coagulations profile.

Your doctor will perform a pap smear test at the end of the pelvic examination as well. In urine tests, the doctor will assess any presence of urinary infection.

The surgeon usually schedules your surgery depending on the results the above tests show. Further, one day before the surgery, the doctor will again advise certain tests.

These tests can include ECG former cancer screening, repeated blood and urine tests, chest x-ray, and other emerging studies that may determine the spread.

Your oncologist will also consider the toxic effects of the drugs before he initiates the surgical procedure. This is more common in patients who have undergone chemotherapy before the surgery.

The doctor considers the toxic effects of the drugs before the surgical process if the patient has undergone preoperative chemotherapy.

  1. The Main Part: During the Procedure:

The doctor will carry out the surgical procedure under general anaesthesia. At Al Afiya Medi Tour, we treat the patient in the best hospital for ovarian cancer treatment in India. He/she is thoroughly informed and prepared for the surgery.

The type of surgery your patient will undergo will be according to the stage of cancer she has.

Some of the ways are listed below –
  • In case ovarian cancer is in an early stage in your patient’s body, the surgeon will plan a minimally invasive procedure. But if the ovarian cancer is at an advanced age, the surgeon will plan an open surgery.
  • During the open surgery the doctor will make a large incision of nearly 20 centimetres. The surgeons perform this to remove ovaries and nearby tissues in the abdomen.
  • When your doctor plans a minimally invasive surgery, he will make many small incisions to insert the surgical instruments. The surgeon will remove the ovaries through a laparoscopic approach.
  • If you get to the doctor in an early stage, your surgeon will take several tissue samples from the abdominal area. The sample will also include lymph nodes and pelvic tissue to cheque the spread of ovarian cancer. A sample from the fatty tissue layer close to the ovaries is taken to detect the spread of cancer cells in the covering of the abdomen.
  • After the removal of the tissues from the abdomen, the surgeon will conduct abdominal washing or peritoneal washing. The surgeon adds sterile fluid in the stomach and then later removes it. Afterwards, the oncologist takes fluid to check the presence of cancer cells.

Your surgeon will initially remove the tumour as much as possible. This happens in case cancer cells are also present around the ovaries. De-bulking is the name of this process. In case, there is a removal of the affected lymph nodes along with the affected lymph glands.

  1. After the Procedure: Post-Procedure:

After your doctor performs ovarian cancer surgery in the best ovarian cancer hospital in India, your patient may experience some discomfort or pain once she wakes up. Further, to remove the extra fluids after the surgery, the doctor inserts a catheter in the open wound area. Your patient can take around 3-6 days to get the discharge. The doctor will discharge your patient after removal of the catheter.

Your doctor will recommend chemotherapy for your patient after the surgery. A combination of chemotherapy and surgery helps in treating nearly 30% of the women with advanced ovarian cancers.

In case of removal of both the ovaries during the surgery, your patient can experience sudden menopausal symptoms for a few weeks. The doctor may recommend hormone replacement therapy in such a case. After the discharge of your patient from the hospital, the doctor will recommend you to take care of the patient.

Your doctor will inform you about the recovery of the patient. It may take nearly six weeks for the patient to get back to a regular routine after the surgery.

The doctor will recommend no strenuous activity for your patient. He will also advise your patient to refrain from intercourse for at least four to six weeks after the surgery.

For the purpose of prevention of blood clotting in legs or chest infection, your doctor will recommend breathing exercises and leg exercises as well.

Your doctor will guide your patient about the importance of healthy food or supplements that would help to boost calcium and Vitamin D in the body.

The medical staff will advise your patient to quit driving for at least one to two weeks after the surgery.

Let us help you know the risks and complications involved in ovarian cancer treatment:

Though, you get the best ovarian cancer treatment in India, the presence of risks and complications cannot be denied. Al Afiya Medi Tour lists the complications that your patient might experience after her surgery.

Your patient may suffer from blood clots in the veins of legs or pelvis. Also, there may be damage to surrounding organs like bladder, bowel or ureter. Moreover, your patient may experience severe postoperative pain. We cannot deny the risk of an infection in the wound.

Why should your patient from Ethiopia get treatment in India?

India is a country which is a favorite sport for medical tourism for people around the world.

  • Extensive research for ovarian cancer treatment:

India has the best government and private hospitals which carry out extensive resources. The research on cancer treatment for ovaries includes conventional medicine along with supportive therapies. Since new techniques of treatments develop each day, the best ovarian cancer hospital in India uses the best of techniques according to the latest research. Indian hospitals also keep a track of international research as well.

  • GOI has a set budget for medical tourism:

The Government of India plans for extensive research and laboratory tests for ovarian cancer. It invests in medical tourism and upgrades the facilities at hospitals and places of residence as well. The amount of investment in medical tourism increases each year.

  • Low ovarian cancer treatment cost in India:

Despite offering international standards of treatment, best hospitals for ovarian cancer treatment in India do not make you bankrupt in general. They offer the lowest ovarian cancer treatment cost in India as compared to the cost in other countries of the world. The patients from Ethiopia can easily reach here and get themselves treated.

  • We assure international standards:

Indian hospitals do not compromise with the international standards set for the treatment of ovarian cancer. They assure complete hygiene and cleanliness, minimise the risk of infection and complications, and offer a thorough follow up to the patient.

  • We welcome our guest:

India is known for warmly welcoming guests in the hospital and the country. Not only do we take care of the patient, but offer complete smoothness of residence to the patient’s family.

Al Afiya Medi Tour guides you to the ovarian cancer treatment cost in India:

The cost of ovarian cancer treatment in India will depend on the condition of your patient. The surgery and the hospital the doctor will advise will also determine the cost of treatment.

You can easily avail the visa from Ethiopia to India under medical tourist visa, we will help you have that.

Though the process of applying for a visa is easy for patients from Ethiopia, Al Afiya Medi Tour will guide you in case of any confusion.

The cost of ovarian cancer treatment in India can vary from INR 3.5 lacs to 4.5 lacs.

There is an additional cost of the only ticket according to the members of the family travelling to India. There will also be charges for hotels and food. You should also consider the miscellaneous expenditure cost of treatment.

Here is a list of top hospitals in India for ovarian cancer treatment offered by Al-Afiya medi tour for Ethiopian patients

The best ovarian cancer treatment hospitals in India include Max Hospital and HCG Cancer Centre. Further, there are Fortis Memorial Research Institute and Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute.

Why choose us as your consultant?

Al Afiya Medi Tour is about the cultures of India and Ethiopia. Hence, we assure our esteemed guests from Ethiopia a smooth stay along with food in India. We are considered for our transparency and comprehensiveness during the course of treatment.

Even before you get into a deal with us, we will help you with your doubts and queries.

We choose to stay involved in each step with you and your patient so that you can go through the procedure of treatment for your patient without much trouble.

We hope that your patient gets well really soon and you have the best of health in the near future!

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