Treatment for Stomach Cancer in India


Stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer occurs when the cells of the lining of your stomach grow in an uncontrolled manner. These cancer cells have the potential to grow and spread to nearby organs. Stomach cancer can thus have fatal impacts on the patient.

The spread of stomach cancer can take place through the following:

  • Lymph vessels: Through lymph vessels, stomach cancer cells can reach the nearby lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are bean-sized structures and in good health; they help in fighting infections. In general, the stomach has a rich supply of lymphatic vessels and has multiple lymph nodes.
  • Through tissues: The cancer cells can multiply and invade the nearby organ.
  • Bloodstream: In the advanced stage, the bloodstream acts as the medium of spread for stomach cancer. The most common site of metastasis of stomach cancer is the liver. The other organs where cancer cells can reach include lungs, bones. Spread to these areas makes it harder for the oncologist to treat stomach cancer.

As fatal as its occurrence, stomach cancer is actually extremely rare. However, the worst part here is that it is among the biggest and most dangerous diseases which is difficult to diagnose at the initial stage.

We understand that there are times you might be searching for treatment for this dangerous disease. If you or any of your relatives are suffering from stomach cancer, we can help you with the best quality treatment for stomach cancer in India. Al Afiya Medi Tour assures assistance in each step of treatment.

What are the symptoms of stomach cancer? And how to treat them?

The symptoms of stomach cancer can be initially vague or inexistent. This makes the diagnosis difficult and late. Stomach cancer is usually diagnosed at a stage when it has already spread to the other parts of the body such as lymph nodes, liver, lungs. As the diagnosis gets delayed, the treatment for stomach cancer becomes difficult.

Although unclear signs of stomach cancer can still be detected by paying some closer attention. Here are the signs and symptoms that you need to be cautious about. The most common indications and signs of presence of the disease include:

  • Loss of weight of your body which you cannot attribute to other causes can be due to stomach cancer.
  • Your appetite becomes low.
  • There can be constant abdominal pain.
  • You may suffer from indigestion.
  • There can be vomiting either with or without the presence of blood.
  • Your abdomen may be swollen.

There are types of treatment that your oncologist can recommend. They can evidently be similar to the treatment of other types of cancer.

  • Surgical Intervention-

 For treatment of stomach cancer, your oncologist can remove either a part of the stomach or the whole of the stomach which has cancerous cells. In this surgical process, an oncologist inserts endoscope through your throat to your stomach. This helps in clearly viewing the area of stomach affected.

  • Chemotherapy sessions-

 Chemotherapy sessions can help in the process of treatment of stomach cancer. The presence of cancer cells in lymph vessels and lymph nodes in the patient even after surgery makes your oncologist recommend chemotherapy sessions for you.

  • Targeted Therapy-

Targeted therapy includes targeting the cancer’s specific genes, proteins, or the tissue environment that contributes to cancer growth and survival. Oncologists in the best hospitals of India usually go with targeted therapy for you.

  • Radiation Therapy-

Effective and impactful radiations can help you in recovering from stomach cancer. The oncologist can decide on radiation therapy for you depending on the condition of your stomach cancer.

 Step by step stomach cancer treatment in India  
  • The first step: Pre-procedure:

You will first get recommendations from your doctor for few tests. This will help in ruling out other conditions along with stomach cancer.

To confirm the diagnosis and the stage of your stomach cancer, your doctor may advise a biopsy. During the initial procedure, your doctor will begin by performing an upper endoscopy. The oncologist will insert flexible endoscope through your throat to your stomach to visualize extent of stomach cancer.

After the endoscopy, the doctor will get a sample from stomach and send it for biopsy. It helps in confirming the diagnosis and in determining the stage of cancer.

Moreover, your doctor will advise some imaging tests to plan the treatment for stomach cancer. These imaging studies help in looking inside your body and it Amin the amount of spread of cancer. Your doctor will get to know about the other areas or organs involved in cancer. These studies can involve x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, CAT scan, positron emission tomography scan, barium swallow, and endoscopic ultrasound.

Once all the tests and imaging studies have been done, the oncologist will advise the best procedure of form of treatment for you. Before beginning the actual procedure, your doctor will make you sign a consent form to continue with the treatment.


  • The Second Step: During Procedure:

We have already discussed the types of treatments your oncologist can traditionally choose from. According to the condition of your general health and the stage of your stomach cancer, your oncologist may go with any one of the following or a combination of the following-

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted Therapy
  • Radiation Therapy

Your doctor will proceed with treatment for stomach cancer depending on the site of origin of the cancer as well.  The other things like your age and general health will also contribute to the type of treatment your oncologist plans.

A good oncologist will begin with treating the infected area to control the spread, especially when he knows that the treatment cannot achieve a cure. Palliation can be the aim in such cases. Your oncologist chooses surgery when there are increased chances for a cure.

Therapies such as chemotherapy and targeted therapy can be given at a later stage of treatment. Your oncologist will decide about these therapies depending on your condition before and after surgery.

  • The step after procedure: Post Procedure:

After the cancer treatment including surgery or chemotherapy has been done, the patient along with the doctor has the additional responsibility of taking care of himself. You need to take care of your dressings over the wounds that can last for at least 10 days.

Your doctor can advise you to have painkillers through a drip into the bloodstream immediately after your surgery.  Further, you will get painkillers in the oral form once you get back to your home.


Essentially, you cannot eat or drink anything immediately after the surgery. You will be given all the fluids through a drip.

The most important advice your doctor will give you is to maintain a healthy life. Besides, you cannot at all avoid going through regular check-ups. In this case, regular check-ups will help you avoid any type of complications.

Risks and Complications that may arise during the treatment:

Your chances of recovery from stomach cancer will be higher if you get the diagnosis in the early stage.

You cannot avoid the chances of risks and complications in a surgery despite getting the best facilities. The maintenance of a healthy lifestyle can help you lower the chances of complications.

General complications can involve the development of infections, the presence of excessive bleeding, and excessive growth of the left-over cancerous cells. If the problem is a minor one, it can be treated immediately so that it doesn’t grow and become life-threatening.

 The cost of treatment for stomach cancer in India

The cost of treatment can vary according to the stage of your stomach cancer and the facilities you need. It will also depend on the additional therapies such as chemotherapy sessions, radiation therapy and targeted therapy that you need. Most patients also require physiotherapy and dietary consultations before and after surgery which will cause additional expense.

Approximately, the cost for treatment for stomach cancer in India ranges from $8000 -$12000. It can take a period of 14-21 Days. The cost of each chemotherapy session will depend on the drug or a combination of drugs used.

You can get nearby accommodation for you and the attendant in 50 dollars. The price can vary according to the number of attendants and the facilities you need. You can be assured of the food you will get as Al Afiya Medi Tour will connect you to the taste of Ethiopia in India.

You may also need to spend miscellaneous charges of 20 dollars each day.

Why should you get your treatment for stomach cancer in India from Ethiopia?

Diseases like stomach cancer can drain you physically and emotionally. Al Afiya Medi Tour is compassionate and empathetic towards you. The benefits of getting your treatment for stomach cancer in India through us are:

  • Low cost of treatment for stomach cancer in India:

India offers the best quality of services in medical emergencies like stomach cancer. We help you find the best hospitals and doctors. Despite these facilities of international standards, the cost of treatment for stomach cancer is comparatively lower than many other countries around the globe.

  • GOI increases investment in medical tourism each year:

The best part of medical tourism in India is the kind of investment and funds that GOI grants each year. The medical tourism department uses this money in upgrading health-related facilities along with facilities of accommodation and food for national and international tourists. You will feel home even if you are coming from Ethiopia to India for medical emergency like stomach cancer.

  • Well-experienced and trained medical professionals:

The medical professionals including the doctors and paramedical staff at Indian are according to the set international standards. Further, the medical institutions maintain the international standards set by the top-most medical guides. Each of the medical and paramedical professionals including doctors’ clear examinations and tests to reach certain stage in their careers.

  • High-quality research in field of cancer:

There is research in national and international laboratories which occur under the guidance of the top-most Indian oncologists.  Many international oncologists also lead and participate in such research. This facilitates the best treatment for you with upgraded technology and medicinal discoveries.

  • We have all medicines and tests available:

You will not need to wander here and there for your tests and medicines. It is because they are all available within the hospital and are built after a lot of research in national and international labs. Al Afiya Medi Tour will connect you to the hospitals that have all the medicines and tests.

  • We give a warm welcome:

Because of the ancient and welcoming culture of India, we are receptive and warm towards guest. Since Al Afiya Medi Tour is aware of the culture of Ethiopia, we will help you get the best taste in your food and near-by accommodation for you and your attendant.

  • Air connectivity between Ethiopia and India is smooth:

Al Afiya Medi Tour will connect you with the airlines that offer the best services. You will get smooth and easy travel because of well-connected air transport from Ethiopia to India. We want to help you have the safest journey each time you have to travel.

  • Oncologists and medical staff are always available:

Patients do need communication especially in the treatment of medical emergencies like stomach cancer. You can have a complication for which you will need immediate treatment. Doctors here are always available for that.

  • Al Afiya Medi Tour will always assist you:

We have international standards for national and international patients which we follow. Our team also guides you in getting your medical tourist visa with your original documents.   Besides, we would like to warn you against using fake documents. Fake documents will make you reach the blacklisted people and limit the chances of approval. Moreover, we are transparent and comprehensive in our approach. We have no hidden charges and contracts.



What are the best hospitals for cancer in India?

Here are the best cancer hospitals in India:

  • Artemis Hospital
  • Manipal Hospital
  • BLK Hospital
  • Apollo Hospital
  • Fortis Hospital
  • Max Hospital
  • Medanta Hospital
  • Yashodha Hospital
  • Global Hospital
  • Narayana Hospital
  • Dhirubhai Cancer Hospital
  • Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital

 We want you to get well as soon as possible. We wish you and your family the best of health.


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