Chemotherapy Cost In India Pleases The Rwanda People And Others

India is now a favorite destination for Africans in terms of medical treatment. The healthcare system suffers from poor infrastructure in countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopic, and Rwanda. Currently, the whole world recognizes the specialties of the Indian medical sector. Moreover, medical professionals come from the excellent backgrounds. Every foreign visitor will experience top-class facilities with respect to various critical diseases.

The chemotherapy treatment cost in India is the primary factor to choose this country over others. Along with world-class facilities, you will get the privileges of meeting competent doctors. The Rwanda Patients consider India to be a lucrative destination for medical treatments. However, the costs are much lower than in any of the developed countries. Hence, for the common people, it becomes an affordable yet quality affair.

Medical Tourism To India

The chemotherapy cost in India attracts millions of Rwanda Patients every year to take up medical tourism. Furthermore, several organizations conduct special medical tours offering incredible facilities. Al-Afiya Medi Tours is the most popular among these organizations to provide a comfortable healthcare facility to the Kenyans and Nigerians.

Get the most competitive prices available only in India. To undergo cancer treatment, an individual has to qualify the visa eligibility and enter India. Thereafter, he can cultivate several places in this country as per the suggestion of the doctors. Some travels and outings to new places have a positive effect on one’s health. Moreover, it always keeps the mind refreshed. Hence, Rwanda Patients love this nation so much.

You will come across every desired feature if you migrate to India for medical treatment. The interesting check-up and treatment using Naturopathy and Ayurveda distinguish India from other nations. Moreover, for rejuvenation, such ancient ways of medication are incomparable.

Chronic disorders take a severe turn in the absence of immediate attention. However, in countries such as Rwanda, the facilities are very weak. Hence, the doctors always suggest continuing the treatment in some advanced country. It was really a costly affair to travel long distances to receive world-class treatment. But with the latest medical tourism facilities, the problem got simplified.

The customized packages become more tempting for the Rwanda Patients when they arrive in India. The chemotherapy treatment cost is thus the star factor for selecting India as their preferred destination.

Why To Choose India Over Others?

Indian medical tourism gained prominence in the healthcare industry across the globe. Moreover, the phenomenal services of highly qualified doctors can bring new life to the affected persons. It is actually a magical experience to be a part of the exclusive medical tourism of India.

There are multiple reasons to choose India for medical treatment. Rwanda Patients undoubtedly have a brilliant experience when it comes to quality medical support. The cases in respect to cancers and critical surgeries are the most common.

Let us now have a glance at all the advantages that you can derive from this country.

  • Superior medical facilities and modern infrastructure
  • Excellent medical teams
  • Immediate assistance without waiting time
  • Affordable packages for every financial background
  • Super quality lucrative packages for chemotherapy
  • Options to go for traditional medical approaches like Ayurveda, etc.
  • Barriers of language is no longer a problem as more than 80% of staff are comfortable with English
  • Main focus on patients requiring immediate medical attention regarding severe chronic diseases
  • Providing comfortable as well as secured accommodation
  • Arranging special tour packages for exploring India
  • Quick facilities of medical visas and medical attendant visas

These are the primary advantages that any foreigner can derive from joining the medical tours from Rwanda to India. Furthermore, the hospitality of the medical professionals and health workers is remarkable. In India, Kenyans get special attention and never feel a lack of assistance and care.

Why medical tours?

The main purpose of conducting these medical tours is to wish for a speedy recovery for all the patients. Every physician tries to encourage cancer patients to believe in life again. One of the greatest hurdles, that is chemotherapy treatment cost, is not a problem anymore. The choice is thus very evident when you want a healthy life. India will give you immense satisfaction through fantastic treatment and world-class infrastructure.

Cost Of Chemotherapy In India

What is chemotherapy cost in India is the first question that comes to the mind of a cancer patient. Of course, the decision to availing of the medical benefits depends largely on this matter. However, the prices may differ according to the type of disease and level of criticality. Moreover, the charges are definitely more in case of surgeries. Therefore, you need to specify the exact services you want to get an estimate of the overall package.

For the Rwanda Patients, India offers incredible health packages and touring facilities. Other factors include the stage of cancer, required medicines and drugs, necessary medical equipment, and many more. Generally, standard chemotherapy requires around six cycles. For each one of them, the average cost is 650 to 1100 dollars. However, this is only an approximate Chemotherapy cost in India. It can definitely change according to the circumstances.

To get the accurate costs, you need to know the duration of the treatment. According to most oncologists, the average time for one sitting varies between half an hour to two hours. However, this is also a prediction before the beginning of the session. The final chemotherapy comes after a series of tests. It is important to learn about the exact stage. Sometimes, two cycles can also be sufficient as per the respective stage.

You can also get coverage of health insurance for certain types of cancers. However, it is not possible to cover all the costs through a single plan. Indian specialists will suggest the best plans for maximum benefits.

Visa Application From Kenya To India

No travel is possible crossing the borders if you do not have a proper Visa. For the medical tours to India, every applicant must be eligible for the same. Moreover, there is a set of conditions that you must abide by. It can be issued to any Kenyan on the basis of availability of the following conditions;-

  • The Indian Mission will scrutinize every document minutely. The medical visa is issued only on satisfaction of the bonafide medical reports and related documents.
  • Mission will also see that the country of residence of the patient permitted special medical advice. A foreign national willing to take the advantage of the Indian medical treatment. The Mission can also consider such a case and let him or her take the concerning privileges.
  • The visa is permissible only if the patient seeks medical support from a reliable or recognized or specialized medical institute.
  • Medical visa permits several crucial surgeries like joint replacement, plastic surgery, organ transplantations, ovarian cancer surgeries, chemotherapy, etc

Requirements visa application

Visa permits the entry of an individual into a foreign nation. However, when such a visit is for medical purposes, the visa is known as a medical visa. For a Kenya to India Medical Visa, you can take help from the embassy. The requirements to fill up the respective form is as follows;-

  • Fill the prescribed with the relevant particular. It must include the details for issuance of the visa, medical reasons, duration of stay, personal information of the patient and the family, etc.
  • Only the passport holder can sign the respective form. However, the sign on this form must tally with the signature on the passport.
  • You must submit the copies of the confirmed both-ways air tickets to India
  • Affix a passport-sized photograph on the Visa application form.
  • You must also enclose a valid re-entry permit to Kenya
  • Enclose copies of the national passport permitting full blank page endorsement
  • Evidence of residence in Kenya with detailed address

With every such patient, a maximum of two attendants is permissible. However, the accompanying individuals must have a valid Medical Attendant Visa. To apply for both these kinds of visas, the concerned person must be staying in Kenya at the time.

Process Of Obtaining Medical Treatment In India

India offers an economic package for any kind of critical treatment for the Rwanda Patients. Furthermore, they can enjoy the international standards in every step without hampering the budget. The chemotherapy treatment cost is the main factor when a person in Africa suffers from a severe ailment. However, after opting for the brilliant medi tours of India, they smile again.

Starting from applying for the medical visa to India, till the treatment gets over, it involves a huge process. To make the process successful, every staff connected with the system gives their best efforts. In the first step, the patient will submit the medical history. Furthermore, he or she will send the respective queries regarding the medical issue. This occurs before coming to India. The concerned person can discuss the matter over the phone with the manager of the healthcare unit. Moreover, he or she can also ask the query through writing an email.

After receiving the queries and other information about the patient, the senior surgeons and physicians will study them minutely. They form a detailed opinion and convey the same to the patient. The doctors will let the patient understand the situation clearly and provide the subsequent steps of treatment. For unbiased opinions of the medical case, around three experts review the reports. After confirmation of everything, they will call the patient to India. Moreover, the patient must reach the respective hospital as per the predetermined dates. In case of any change in the schedule, the person must intimate the doctors about the same.

Assistance and Satisfaction

On reaching India, the Kenyan will get the necessary assistance and constant support from the medical staff. Initially, the intermediary organization will take care of the visa approval formalities. Later on, he or she will get the benefits of comfortable accommodation and a safe journey. All the logistics-related jobs are also taken care of.

For several years, the Kenyans have been coming to India and appreciating the fabulous services. They never got any chance to complain about the carelessness of the staff. Every person involved in this medical system concentrates on the complete satisfaction of the visitors. Therefore, the prospective patients never feel tired of praising the responsible medical professionals.

Excellent Medical Networks

Al-Afiya medi tours involve extensive medical networks all over the country. You can also come across several intermediary organizations helping foreigners in various ways. This huge network includes medical practitioners, surgeons, nurses, clinical establishments, hospitals, etc. Kenyans can get easy access to all of them with the minimum effort. Furthermore, the chemotherapy cost in India will let every patient enjoy the facilities with a light heart.

The best medical institutions in India include the following names;-

  • Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital (New Delhi)
  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (Mumbai)
  • Medanta-The Medicity (Gurgaon)
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital (New Delhi)
  • BLK Super Specialty Hospital (New Delhi)
  • Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road (Chennai)
  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute (Gurgaon)
  • Artemis Hospital (Gurgaon)
  • Global Hospitals (Chennai)
  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospital (Kolkata)
  • Max Super Specialty Hospital (New Delhi)
  • Fortis Malar Hospital (Chennai)
  • Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital (Mumbai)
  • Manipal Hospitals Dwarka (Delhi)
  • Jaslok Hospital (Mumbai)
  • Jaypee Hospital (Noida)
  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Cancer Hospital (Kolkata)
  • Asian Institute of Medical Sciences (Faridabad)
  • Narayana Multi Specialty Hospital (Kolkata/ Ahmedabad)
  • HCG EKO Cancer Centre (Kolkata)
  • Millennium Cancer Center (Gurgaon)
  • MIOT International (Chennai)

There are several other hospitals on the long list. Moreover, all of these comprise advanced facilities and world-class medical infrastructure. To know what is chemotherapy cost in India, you have to keep a track of the hospitals and the available beds.

Concluding Lines

For Rwanda Patients, medical tourism is a life-changing approach. India offers all the best services for chemotherapy at an affordable price. Therefore, the medi tours and the incredible packages will support so many people to get back to life. The cancer patients suffer from acute pain and feel depressed. However, by facilitating small tours in India, they can see the beauty of the country. Moreover, they can also come across the remarkable sights for a mind-blowing experience of a lifetime. Hence, the intermediaries also arrange for the vehicles for a great experience.

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