Guide To Breast Reduction Surgery In India

Do you want to know more about breast reduction surgery in India? You must have already come across this term called breast reduction. We are all living in times when aesthetics also matters a lot. Many celebrities who have undergone breast reduction surgery, flaunt it publicly. Today, you will get the best and most genuine information on breast reduction. Breast reduction surgery is an operation to remove extra fat, tissue, and skin from the breast. Most women who have large breasts avail themselves of this surgical procedure. It can also lead to back problems, and back pain. The excess weight can stop you from pursuing several activities.

Most women who get it done, in India are satisfied with the results. Men also undergo this surgery? You seem to be surprised, but it is true. There are men who suffer from gynecomastia. They have to undergo this surgery. It is a major surgery. So, you should avail yourself of the best surgeon. Otherwise, complications might arise. Moreover, the cost of breast reduction surgery in India is quite low. So, many foreigners also avail of this facility here.

Why Does One Need To Go For Breast Reduction Surgery?

Many people are opting for breast reduction treatment in India today. There are many reasons behind their decision to do so. You will know about them in detail today. However, getting surgery is not the first step. You or any of your known people showing an interest in such a process is not enough. Before surgery, you have to go for a consultation. Meet the surgeon to convey your medical history. There may be situations when you might have a lump inside or other medical conditions. The surgeon will also ask about the medical background of the incumbent. You have to tell the surgeon everything. Emotional issues are not to be kept hidden as well. Moreover, the surgeon will also take photos of your breasts. You need to be open about your surgery, to the surgeon.


Now, surprisingly women are not the only candidates for such surgeries. Men who have a condition called gynecomastia, also go under the knife. It is a condition of over-enlargement of the male breast tissues. The condition may also occur, when a boy is going through his teens. It is a benign condition, and nothing to be scared of. It may be due to changes in hormones inside the male body. Certain medicines may also cause the condition. The medicines that may cause this are antidepressants, antibiotics, prostate cancer medicines, or cardiovascular medicines. Moreover, the use of illegal drugs, like anabolic steroids, or marijuana can also cause gynecomastia. The surgeons mainly ask the patient to go for blood tests, urine tests, and X-ray to diagnose this condition.

In the case of females, surgeons often ask them to go for a Mammogram. Additionally, you have to stop taking certain medications. You might have to stop smoking as well, during the course of the treatment. The cost of breast reduction surgery in India and is reason enough to not delay the process.

Benefits Of Breast Reduction Surgery In India

After undergoing breast reduction surgery under the best surgeons, your quality of life will improve. A successful breast reduction surgery can relieve you from pain in the neck, back, and shoulder. There are several advantages of breast reduction. You can actively participate in sports, wear all kinds of clothes, and get relief from skin ailments under the breasts. Moreover, you will have increased self-confidence. In the case of males, they will not feel ashamed because of the shape and size of the breast. They will also have increased self-confidence. Most people irrespective of whether they are male or female, suffer from issues while sleeping. Breathing issues may also arise due to excess pressure on the chest. Now, you can say bye to all these problems. Consult a doctor now. The cost of breast reduction surgery in India is extremely low, and anybody can afford it.

There are some of the best hospitals and doctors who are capable of performing this surgery in India. There are a few factors, that you need to consider while choosing your medical treatment plan and surgery. The hospital you choose is important. It can have direct effects on the quality of surgery. Physician costs, room fees, medicine costs, and post-surgery care costs are other differentiating factors. Al Afiya Medi Tour Consultants is one of the top consultants whom you can choose for medical tourism to India. The affordable cost, short waiting time for a visa, and zero-waiting time for surgery are the biggest draws.

Why Should Rwanda Patients Choose India For Healthcare Treatments And Procedures?

The health infrastructure in Rwanda is not so good. If you happen to read about the African nation, you will find only OPDs and community healthcare facilities there. Moreover, the doctor-patient ratio is extremely poor. You cannot even access nurses and paramedics at any point in time. Before, the genocide of 1994, things were worse. The government is trying every bit to improve the situation. However, surgical procedures are not yet of the level that one would expect them to be.

Therefore, most African nationals, like Rwandans are flocking to developing nations. India stands on top when it comes to health infrastructure. The hospitals in India are well-equipped to handle all kinds of advanced diagnostic tests, and also surgical procedures with elan. The low-cost breast reduction treatment in India is a bonus. The Government of India is promoting India as a Medical Tourism destination, today. It aims to improve the economy of the country as well. Add to it, the best doctors and surgeons who have studied Medicine and surgery from abroad. Thus, these features make India one of the most coveted destinations for treatment and surgery. The cost of treatment and surgery in India for Rwandans is almost one-tenth of the cost of what other countries charge. Al Afiya Medi Tour Consultants can help Rwandans improve their quality of life.

India – A Top Medical Tourism Destination

India occupies the top spot when it comes to medical tourism in India. The high-quality medical infrastructure is a true attraction for Rwandans and other African nationals as well. India has over 500, NABH and JCI accredited healthcare service providers. Moreover, Indian doctors are known globally for their prowess. Going by statistics, over 10 percent of doctors practicing in the UK and US are Indians.

The cost of treatment is extremely low as well. Thus, Rwanda nationals can afford the treatment. If they spend $4,000 here, it is equivalent to $40,000 in other nations like the US or the UK. Moreover, travel and accommodation expenses are lower than that of other countries. Neighboring countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan also depend on India for medical treatment. If you are a Rwanda national reading this, you would know that there is a waiting time for surgery elsewhere. One has to wait for weeks, before getting a life-saving procedure done. Additionally, racism is also at play.

Moreover, Rwandans and other foreign nationals are flocking to India, as the visa process is extremely fast. There are medical visas and medical attendant visas as well. Additionally, the government has recently launched the e-medical visa and the e-medical attendant visa as well. Now, medical tourism is open for nationals from about 166 countries. India also ranks well above the other developing nations, in terms of communication capabilities. The English-speaking population is quite large here. So, you can communicate with doctors, nurses, paramedics, healthcare providers, and consultants with ease. Rwandans are also welcome for medical treatments and surgeries like breast reduction.

Al Afiya Medi Tour Consultants

Al Afiya Medi Tour Consultants play a huge role in the medical tourism industry. It is a NABH- accredited body that aims to alleviate the stress that medical tourists go through. Rwandans can now consult the consultants and fix an appointment with a doctor online. You will connect with the best surgeons in India. Look for the best hospitals via consultants to get the surgery done. As soon as you post an inquiry, Al Afiya Medi Tour Consultants team springs into action. Within a short period of time, you will get all the information. Al Afiya Medi Tour Consultants also coordinates your journey from Rwanda to India. The consultants will establish face-to-face contact with your doctor once you arrive in India.

Now, you cannot fend for yourself in a foreign nation. The consultants will assist you in getting the cheapest flight tickets, hotel or guesthouse accommodation, car rentals, and local food. The government allows two medical attendants to accompany the patient. Now, you shall be able to relax and lie down for the surgery. The process is hassle-free, due to the close coordination of the consultants. You will be able to get surgical help from the top doctors in New Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai, amongst other metro cities. The cost of breast reduction surgery in India is one of the biggest factors driving medical travelers. The quality is a close second.

International standard healthcare and medical tourism in India for patients from Rwanda with the Al Afiya Medi Tour Consultants is now available.

How To Get Medical Visa From Rwanda To India?

Now, getting a visa from Rwanda to India is extremely easy. Moreover, the government has also started e-Visa for both the patient and the attendants. Some of the documents that are required are a duly filled-up form, a passport size photograph, financial background documents, a referral letter from a local hospital, an invitation letter from an Indian doctor or hospital, and a passport having adequate validity. The fee for obtaining an e-Visa is USD $ 80. The visa allows triple entries for post-surgery follow-up and consultation. The visa allows the patient a window of 60 days. If the patient or the medical attendants need to extend the visa, then they need to visit the local FRRO office. You can now bring two of your family members or friends when coming to India for breast reduction surgery.

Top Hospitals For Breast Reduction Surgery In India

Now, you can read about some of the top hospitals offering breast reduction treatment in India. Special surgery packages for Rwanda patients in India is available at the top hospitals and by the best surgeons.

The cost of breast reduction surgery is USD $2,500-3,000 in India. Whereas, it is above USD $ 15,000 in the UK and US. The best hospitals in India can provide you access to the best surgical procedures. All these hospitals also have 24x 7 emergency care departments as well. Complications may arise, as with any other procedure. However, the doctors and surgeons in India are well-equipped to handle such cases. Fortis Healthcare is considered amongst the best hospitals for breast reduction surgeries in India. Max Super Specialty Hospital in Saket is another such renowned hospital, that offers such surgeries. Moreover, the best surgeons will be performing the surgeries. You can be rest assured that your life is in the best hands today.

Best doctors

The top surgeons can perform the operation under the best conditions. The team of nurses and other medical staff inside the operation theatre are experienced as well. Now, you can lead a great life after the surgery.

You ought to know about the best doctors too. Dr Atul Shah at Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai is counted amongst the top surgeons for such procedures. Dr. Anil Behl has also done many such surgeries with 99 percent success rate. He can be contacted at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon. Other renowned hospitals where you can get this surgical procure are Fortis Hospital, Noida, S L Hospital, Mahim, and others as well. The hospitals offer the best infrastructure and make breast reduction surgery in India a breeze.

Now, you can undergo this procedure at low rates. Increase your confidence by undergoing any of the procured that your doctor suggests. You need not spend a lot of money any longer, while in India. Get your tickets today.

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