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The fear of a medical emergency is enough to make you worried and shiver in fear. When you actually face a medical emergency, the idea is to get the best medical treatment. One of the best countries in the world where you can get medical treatment for emergencies like lung cancer surgery at an affordable price in India. The treatment is not only affordable in the country but maintains the standard international standards as well. Moreover, India is welcoming towards the guests as hosts. Al Afiya Medi Tour is here to introduce you to the procedure of getting a medical visa from places in Africa like Ethiopia.

To get set to apply for the visa for a medical emergency to India, you need to have many documents with you. Some of them include-

  • Oral polio and Yellow fever vaccination certificate- This certificate shall turn valid ten days after the inoculation.
  • Confirmed return air tickets
  • Two recent passport size photographs – The size shall be 37 mm x 37 mm.
  • Bank statements for the last three months- It is essential that the submitted statements are certified by the bank and must possess the applicant’s name, address, and telephone numbers.
  • Verified Ethiopia re-entry permit
  • Passport with six months validity along with one blank page for Visa’s endorsement
  • Copy of recommendation from your home country stating that the applicant can undergo medical treatment in India

Once you have these documents ready, you can go for applying to the website.

Steps for filing the visa from places such as Ethiopia to India in a medical emergency

  1. You shall visit the government-registered website- Further, you can open the regular Visa application.
  2. The second step is to fill out the details in the form including the name of the country, high commission, date of birth, nationality, and expected date of arrival in India, and Visa type, email-ID. After that, you shall enter the access code. Further, you can click on continue to proceed.
  3. You should know that the medical e-visa form comprises a total of 3 pages. It is important to fill each page and save information before proceeding.
  4. Next step is to upload your picture. The other option available is that you can paste your picture on a printed copy of the filled application form.
  5. Modify the content in case of an error and click on verify and continue after filling in the details correctly.
  6. You will finally see a new window containing a set of instructions. You are required to click OK to complete the registration.
  7. Further, another separate window will appear. This window will ask you to furnish the date of appointment for submission of the Visa application at the Mission counter. You can select the date at your convenience and confirm.
  8. Once you confirm the appointment, there will be another window bearing two options namely, print or save.
  9. Click the “save” button followed by the “print” button to receive the hard copy of the application form. 

After having the application in your hand, you can enter your signature and submit the Visa application with the required documents at the Mission Counter on the date of appointment between 9 hours to 12:30 hours.

The processing fee for a visa is around 92 US dollars or 2103 Birr from Ethiopia to India. The charges may vary according to the situation. Al Afiya Medi Tour is here to assist you in each step. You can connect with us at or drop an email at

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