Adult Kidney transplant in India

A kidney transplant is a serious surgery done, where a healthy kidney from a living or dead donor into a person whose kidneys have stopped functioning. Adult kidney transplants in India are done to treat end-stage kidney disease.

Our kidneys are two bean-shaped organs. It is a vital part of the urinary system and helps to filter and eliminate toxins, minerals, and fluid from our bodies by producing urine. When kidneys stop function it cannot filter the fluid and waste start accumulating in our bodies.

End-stage kidney disease occurs when the kidneys have lost 90% of their ability to work. Patients with end-stage kidney disease can continue with dialysis or get an adult kidney transplant in India.

Kidney transplants have several advantages. The surgery can improve the quality of life of the recipient; reduce dietary restrictions, and lower treatment costs. The kidney may come from a living relative or donor, or deceased donor.

The success rate from living donors is higher than a deceased donor. The adult kidney transplant success rate in India is very high. The success rate from dead donors is 85 to 90%. The success rate from live donors has a success rate of 90 to 95%. Kidney transplant patients can lead a normal life after the procedure. They will need to be monitored by a team of specialists.

Adult Kidney Transplant cost in India

The average cost of an adult kidney transplant in India ranges from Rupees 7 to 10 lakh in an adult Kidney transplant hospital in India. The cost includes pre-transplant evaluation and post-transplant treatment and recovery. The adult Kidney transplant price in India depends on factors like –

  • Organ recovery and transportation rates
  • Dialysis costs before surgery
  • Hospital charges
  • Surgeon charges and the type of surgery
  • Length of stay and hospital room
  • Health complications

Main Cities for Adult Kidney Transplant in India 

India offers world-class treatment for kidney transplant hospitals. Hospitals in India provide complete care and support to the patient during the transplant. Patients are assured of quality care with the latest method adult kidney transplant hospital in India.

Some of the cities where you can get the procedure done are:- Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Kerala, Pune, Gujarat, Ahmadabad, Tamil Nadu, Gurgaon, South India

Adult Kidney Transplant in Delhi

Delhi has one of the best hospitals in the country for an adult kidney transplants in India. The team of Nephrologists, Urologists, and transplant surgeons ensures the patient receives comprehensive care. Careful monitoring by the trained staff at transplant ICU ensures minimal post-operative infections. The best adult kidney transplant hospitals in Delhi are:-

  • BLK Super Specialty Hospital
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
  • Max Super Specialty Hospital

Adult Kidney Transplant in Mumbai

Several hospitals in Mumbai treat people requiring kidney transplants because of end-stage renal disease. The transplant specialist is experienced in performing complicated transplantation procedures. A team of experts explains the risk and benefits of the procedure to the patients for smoother transition post-transplant. Top adult kidney transplant hospitals in Mumbai are:-

  • KokilabenDhirubhaiAmbani Hospital
  • Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital
  • Fortis Hospital

Adult Kidney Transplant in Bangalore

Hospitals in Bangalore perform living donor transplants and dead donor transplants. During the procedure, one kidney replaces the two diseased kidneys. The hospitals use the latest technology to provide the best possible care. Adult kidney transplant hospitals in Bangalore are:-

  • Narayana Medical Center
  • Columbia Asia Hospital
  • Manipal Hospital

Adult Kidney transplant in Chennai

Hospitals in Chennai provide treatment for end-stage renal failure. Hospitals here have dedicated teams using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. Strict post-transplant monitoring helps patients recover completely. The best adult kidney transplant hospitals in Chennai are as follows:-

  • Apollo Hospital, Greams Road
  • Global Hospital
  • Fortis Malar Hospital

Adult Kidney transplant in Kolkata 

Kolkata has one of the best hospitals in East India. Adult kidney transplant hospitals in Kolkata have adopted a combination of technical excellence, infrastructure, and warm hospitality. The top nephrologists in the city plan the treatment with minimal discomfort. The topadult renal transplant hospitals in Kolkata are:-

  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospital
  • Amri Hospital
  • Fortis Hospital

Adult Kidney transplant in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has several hospitals that treat patients having acute renal failure. Hospitals have advanced facilities for hemodialysis, kidney transplant, and round-the-clock monitoring at post-transplant intensive care. The hospitals ensure the transplant procedure is smoothing efficient and reliable. The top hospitals for renal transplant in Hyderabad are:-

  • Yashoda Hospital Center for Nephrology and Urology
  • Apollo Hospital
  • Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology

Adult Kidney Transplant in Kerala

Kerala has one of the most comprehensive kidney transplant programs in the country. The hospitals have some of the best treatment and diagnosis facilities. The teams of specialists at the hospital ensure complete pre and post-evaluation of the recipient and donor. The best kidney transplant hospitals in Kerala are:-

  • Kerala Institute of Medical Science, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Amrita Instituteof Medical Sciences, Kochi
  • Carithas Hospital, Kottayam

Adult Kidney Transplant in Pune 

Hospitals in Pune have some of the best facilities in the country to treat renal failure and end-stage renal disease. The highly experienced medical and surgical teams at these hospitals ensure the patients receive excellent care both before and after transplant. The top hospitals for a kidney transplant in Pune are:-

  • Jupiter Multispecialty hospital
  • Ruby Hall Clinic
  • Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital

Adult Kidney Transplant in Gujarat

Patients with acute kidney failure either need lifelong dialysis or a kidney transplant. Gujarat has good medical facilities. Patients are provided affordable and advanced care. The best adult kidney transplant hospitals in Gujarat are:-

  • Apollo Hospital, Ahmadabad
  • Bhailal Amin Hospital, Baroda
  • Sal Hospital, Ahmadabad

Adult Kidney Transplant in Ahmadabad

Ahmadabad has always had the best medical infrastructure in Gujarat. Hospitals carrying out kidney transplants have world-class facilities. The hospitals have an experienced staff and provide personalized care. Some of the best adult renal transplant hospitals in Ahmadabad are:-

  • Navarkar Surgical Hospital
  • Zydyus Hospital
  • CIMS Hospital

Adult Kidney Transplant in Tamil Nadu 

Tamil Nadu is known to have the best medical infrastructure in the country. Several cities in kidney transplant surgeries. Hospitals maintain follow the required protocol and proactively prevent complications. The best hospitals for an adult kidney transplant in Tamil Nadu are:-

  • Apollo Hospital, Greams Lane, Chennai
  • Coimbatore Kidney Centre, Coimbatore

Adult Kidney Transplant in Gurgaon 

Gurgaon has one of the best kidney transplant hospitals in North India. Several hospitals provide quick and affordable kidney transplant operations. The personal touch from their trained staff helps to reduce stress and anxiety associated with the procedure. Some of the best adult kidney transplant hospitals in Gurgaon are:-

  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
  • NH Narayana Super-specialty Hospital, Gurgaon
  • Medanta the Medicity, Gurgaon

Adult Kidney Transplant in South India 

South India is known for its great health infrastructure. Hospitals in South India have teams of qualified and experienced doctors. The patients are monitored by a team of physicians and surgeons that monitor patients before, during, and after the kidney transplant. The best adult kidney transplant hospitals in south India re:-

  • Yashoda Hospital Center for Nephrology and Urology, Hyderabad,
  • Apollo Hospitals Enterprises, Chennai
  • Fortis Hospital, Bangalore

Top Adult Kidney Transplant Hospitals in India 

The premier adult kidney transplant hospitals in India are:-

  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
  • NH Narayana Super-specialty Hospital, Gurgaon
  • Global Hospital, Chennai
  • Medanta the Medicity, Gurgaon
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
  • Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi
  • Manipal Hospital, New Delhi
  • BLK Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi
  • Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
  • Asian Institute of Medical Science, Faridabad
  • Venkateshwara Hospital, New Delhi
  • Apollo Hospital, Chennai
  • KokilabenDhirubhaiAmbani Hospital, Mumbai
  • Jaypee Hospital, Noida
  • Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital, Mumbai

Best Adult Kidney Transplant doctors in India  

The best adult kidney transplant doctors in India are:-

  • Dinesh Khullar MBBS, MD, DM, Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi)
  • Vijay Kher, MBBS, MD, Dm(Nephrology), MNAMS (Nephrology), Medanta – The Medicity, Gurgaon
  • H.S. Bhatyal MBBS, MS, MCh, BLK Superspeciality Hospital, New Delhi
  • Jain MBBS, MS and DNB(General Surgery and Urology). DharamshilaNarayanaSuperspeciality Hospital, New Delhi
  • AmitKhosla, MBBS, MS, M.Ch. (Urology) NarayanaMultispeciality Hospital, Jaipur
  • SharadSheth, MBBS, MD, MCPS, MNAMS, KokilabenDhirubhaiAmbani Hospital, Mumbai
  • ArunDhoshi, MBBS, MD, Saifee Hospital Mumbai
  • Kishore S Babu, MBBS, DCH, MD (Pediatrics), DNB (Nephrology), Manipal Hospital, Bangalore
  • Satish M Rao, MBBS, MD, and DNB (Nephrology), Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai
  • Ravi Bansal, MBBS, MD, and DNB, PushpawatiSinghania Research Institute, Delhi
  • YogeshChabria MBBS, MD – General Medicine, DM – Nephrology and DNB, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi
  • MohitKhirbat, MBBS, MD- General Medicine, DNB- Nephrology, W. Pratiksha Hospital, Gurgaon
  • Salil Jain, MBBS, MD- General Medicine, DNB- Nephrology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Delhi
  • SarithaVinod, MBBS, MD, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai
  • Tapas Kumar Saha, MBBS, MD, MCh, DNB-Nephrology, Narayana Health, Kolkata.

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