Adult Liver Transplant In India

What is a liver transplant? Liver transplantation is a method with the help of which a liver is being transmitted to another person. A healthy person can donate the liver who needs it. Adult liver transplant in India is done in many big cities. An unhealthy person who needs treatment due to liver failure can avail liver from a healthy person. A liver transplant is done by a surgeon. To know more about liver transplants in India and the best cities in India have a look below.

The best adult liver hospitals in India

When we talk about the best adult liver transplant hospital in India there are many. The cities that conduct this transplantation are Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai Kolkata, Kerala, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Tamil Nadu, South India, etc.

  • The Narayana super specialty hospital in New Delhi is considered one of the top hospitals for a liver transplant. All the type of medical facilities is available to the patient. It is one of the best hospitals for adult liver treatment in India.
  • Global hospital in Chennai is also one of the best hospitals for a liver transplant. All the types of medical treatment available here will make your treatment successful. It is the 4th largest hospital in the entire world.
  • Fortis hospital in Gurgaon which got established in 2001. The international faculty reaches here and supports the art of technology.
  • Narayanamultispeciality hospital in Kolkata is also one of the best hospitals for a liver transplant. This hospital has well-educated doctors who can make the patient comfortable and provide successful surgery.
  • Fortis Center for Hepatobiliary Science and liver transplant in Bangalore is one of the best hospitals with skilled doctors and staff.
  • Fortis hospital in Mumbai is one of the best and renowned hospitals. Best liver transplantation is done by the expert using the surgery method.
  • Yashoda Hospital in Hyderabad is also one of the best hospitals for liver transplantation. A comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach is provided by the doctors.
  • CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad is also one of the best hospitals. Adult liver transplant surgery in India requires experts which are being provided by these hospitals.
  • Amrita Institute of medical science and research in Kerala is also one of the best liver transplant hospitals.
  • Sahyadri hospital in Pune is also one of the best hospitals to provide better service.

These are the top 10 adult liver transplant hospitals in India. Choose the best from it.

Adult liver transplant in Delhi

The adult liver transplant in Delhi is conducted in various hospitals. The most trusted one is BLK Max hospital, Narayana super specialty hospital, Fortis Escorts.

All the above-mentioned hospitals are the best in Delhi for a liver transplant. The doctors provide surgery to the patient who wants to transplant liver. The advanced treatment with regenerative medicines has a 99% success rate.

Adult liver transplant in Mumbai

The adult transplant hospitals in Mumbai are Fortis hospital, Apollo hospital.

The comprehensive liver transplant mission aims to provide health care services to people suffering from liver problems. The hospital will take care of a small portion of the liver and will make you a healthy person ever.

Adult liver transplant in Bangalore

In Bangalore CMI hospital, Manipal hospital is best for a liver transplant.

The hospitals generate faster an original product. They can provide you with a liver donor. The transplant service is quite genuine. The original return will give you a better result.

Adult liver transplant in Chennai

The best hospitals in Chennai are Apollo hospital, Gleneagles Global hospital, etc.

The hospital provides with best surgeons for the liver transplant process. They will cure the disease and will transplant the liver in a more precise and accurate way. 

Adult liver transplant in Kolkata

The best adult liver transplant in Kolkata is Apollo hospital, Narayana hospital.

These are the well-certified hospital in Kolkata. As we know liver is the internal organ of a human being. So the surgery should be performed in a better way.

Adult liver transplant in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, the best hospitals for liver transplants are Yashoda hospital, AIG hospital.

They provide adult liver transplantation using technological devices. They take care of the patient and are one of the best liver transplant hospitals in the entire city.

Adult liver transplant in Kerala

In Kerala institute of medical science, aster medicine It’s the best hospital in the entire city.

The liver transplantation and surgeries are done by experts will amaze you. It is the largest liver transplant program in entire Kerala. Other services are also available in these hospitals.

Adult liver transplant in Pune

In Pune Sahyadri hospital, Birla memorial hospital is the best for liver transplantation.

These hospitals have multispeciality facilities. The transplantation of organs uniquely takes place by experts.

Adult liver transplant in Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, the best hospitals are Rela institute and medical science, Apollo hospital.

Liver transplantation can be a failure in certain conditions. But the doctor present over here takes care of the matter and solves the problem easily. The coordinators are also friendly and take care of the patient uniquely.

Adult liver transplant in South India

In South India, the best hospitals available are Amrita institute, CIMS hospital, Fortis hospital, etc.

The adult liver transplant is done in exceptional cases. The above-mentioned hospitals coordinate with patients and provide better service as always. They can hire an expert for this process.

Best doctors available in India

Adult liver transplant surgery in India required the best doctors. Get the best doctor in India for a liver transplant.

  • Dr. Annie Arvind is one of the best doctors with five years’ experience. The doctor is specialized in kidney, liver, and cardiac disease.
  • Dr. Rekha Thakur is one of the best doctors and is specialized in laparoscopic surgery, obstetrician, etc.
  • Dr. KaushalYadav has 12 years of experience. He is an expert in surgical oncology, liver transplant.
  • Dr. SanketGoyal has 10 years of experience. He is an expert in pediatrics and Neonatologist.
  • Dr. Saurabh Joshi is also an expert in kidney transplants, liver transplants, and urology.
  • Dr. Saurabh Chandra having 15 years of experience. He is an expert in orthopedics, liver transplants.

The adult liver transplant cost in India is quite high. The cost depends upon the city and doctor. It also depends upon the technology used by them.

How much is the cost of a liver transplant in India?

When we talk about adult liver transplant cost in India in rupees it is around 20 lacks. The evaluation is done at the time of surgery and recovery period. The success rate of liver transplants is almost 95%. India is the third-largest medical destination in the entire world. You can visit the top hospitals at an affordable price or liver transplants. Adult liver replacement cost in India is high in some city and in some city it is low. There are various government hospitals where the liver transplant is done. Plan your surgery according to your capital and undergo positive results from it.

Bottom line

Get to the top doctors for liver transplants in India. Get all the benefits to enjoy your day at full speed. A doctor can give better service. The hospital can give better service if you spend your capital on it.

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