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Selecting a cancer treatment centre is one of the complicated decisions when someone is diagnosed with cancer. Going through several statistics

Selecting a cancer treatment centre is one of the complicated decisions when someone is diagnosed with cancer. Going through several statistics, seeking referrals from families and friends and exploring hospitals in the required area is a daunting task.

A lot of patients feel powerless, defeated and feared. They face a threatening medical condition and often do not know where to go for accurate information, assistance and comfort.

The international Health Workforce Alliance, which sponsors solutions for those countries that do not have sufficient health care systems, have reported that Sub-Saharan Africa faces a high shortage of medical professionals and lack sufficient health care coverage for people who require medical treatment.

This is one of the best news for a continent with a significant disease burden and the high world rate of infectious diseases like malaria, HIV/AIDS, etc. As per the reports, Africa accounts for 24% of the international burden of diseases and possess only 2% of the total supply of doctors and less than 1 % of total expenditures on international health.

The health care system in most of the African countries is not sufficiently funded. For instance, Nigeria, the wealthiest county in Africa, spends only 4.6% on health care.

Reasons why Africans are looking for medical care in India or treatment for cancer in India?

Since the year 1990, India has been exhibited as an international leader in medical tourism. It is defined as the people travelling to a place other than where they usually reside to receive medical treatment in that country.

India brags highly qualified doctors along with state of the art equipment, and the cures are approved by WHO and the US Food and Drug Administration. Besides the best quality medical services offered by the doctors and the hospitals, patients also reach India as the medical cost are pretty cheaper when compared with the US and UK.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death, with one in every six people dying as per World Health Organization. Africa reports about 25% of the total cancer cases in the whole world. For the treatment of cancer in India, oncology in India has seen several global patients who are preferring to get the best treatment in the country.

The best cancer hospital in India believes that the cancer treatment available in the country is superb. Oncology-based medical tourism cases are seeing a steep rise, which has led to most hospitals and healthcare providers keeping an aim for high and best quality treatment and services.

The hospitals present in India are well equipped with skilled doctors, medical staff and hospital infrastructures to assist the patient in getting the healthy and best treatment. Alfiya Medi Tours has made a partnership with various famous and best cancer hospitals in India that offers the best quality healthcare in the whole oncology department. Some of the best hospitals in India are Yashoda hospitals and Apollo hospitals.

All of these hospitals offer the best quality healthcare facilities for African Friends. The oncology department is under the guidance of the needs of the patients and the best technology, latest medical process and world famous medical experts.

The cost of cancer treatment in India is meagre compared with some of the developed countries combined with the best global airfares. This makes India one of the best destinations for cancer treatment.

Choose Alfiya Medi Tour group for getting the best treatment for cancer in India:

Alfiya Medi Tours is one of the best medical tourism facilitating companies that has partnered with some of the best in the industry to ensure that clients in cancer treatment are taken good care of.

  • Highly reliable and the best quality: The services and the facilities that are offered to patients is of the optimum level in every aspect.
  • Affordable cost: Get the best in terms of both affordability as well as healthcare quality. The best value for the cost is given to consumers by offering the best service at an affordable price.
  • The first consultation with no cost: Obtaining the first opinion is one of the essential steps in your healthcare journey, and depending on your reports, you are offered opinions from some of the top-notch doctors and consultants without any change.
  • Best value-added packages: Travelling outside the country is one of the problematic affairs. Get all guidance through all your necessities like a medical visa, air ambulance, medical loan, and accommodation.
  • Good coverage: The medical tourism sector offers the clients the maximum options with international coverage in terms of the healthcare providers.

So, because of all these facilities, India is lately seeing a steep rise in the inflow of cancer patients from Africa.

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